WILLIAMSON, W.Va. — A Mingo County man is charged with child abuse for allegedly biting his ten-month-old stepson to stop him from crying.

State Police arrested Bobby Lee Thomas, 20, of Gilbert, on Wednesday evening after being called to Appalachian Regional Hospital for a report that a young boy had been bitten several times.

A charge of child abuse by a parent creating injury was filed against Thomas who was arraigned in Mingo County Magistrate Court.

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  • chasmo

    what a POS !!! just maybe an inmate will BITE into him so the court system will not have to deal with him.. what a piece of POS . hey , let him drink some water and see if the water is " good " .

  • steve

    Maybe bubba will bite him on the back of his neck in the cell tonight

  • griff

    If I had someone biting me several times I believe I would cry too. That's ok hopefully he will be in jail a looooong time & will make a lot of "friends" while he is there

  • Brian

    Bobby Lee, probably named after the confederate general. Must be "short".

  • Maxeer

    Its Mingo county.....it always amazes me how these toeheads make it thru life alive....POS

  • Wixcheew

    Someone needs to bite him like
    a hungry lion bear etc. How about

  • midge

    Just goes to show you the mentality level of people.


    a sick sick person to bite a child !! let alone one that young