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West Virginia forward Jonathan Holton, who had 11 points and 15 rebounds during the Gold-and-Blue preseason scrimmage, won’t be be allowed to play this season by NCAA.


MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Junior college transfer Jonathan Holton, his eligibility in limbo since enrolling at West Virginia in late August, won’t be allowed to play this season, according to coach Bob Huggins.

The NCAA denied Holton’s waiver request to play this season, Huggins announced Thursday night, meaning the forward can only continue to practice with the team this season. Presuming the 6-foot-7 forward continues to keep pace with his coursework, he will still have two years of eligibility remaining beginning with the 2014-15 season.

“I know Jonathan is disappointed by not being able to compete this season,” Huggins said in a statement released by the university. “But he has had a terrific attitude in practice and will use this redshirt season to work on his game and become a better basketball player. We look forward to Jonathan having two full seasons of eligibility remaining.”

Holton, who was expelled from Rhode Island after a stellar freshman season, transferred to Palm Beach (Fla.) State Community College as a sophomore but had not earned his two-year degree at the time he enrolled at WVU.

Huggins has been reluctant to discuss any details of Holton’s case, citing academic privacy issues, so the announcement resigns WVU to using its nine scholarship players the rest of the way. The Mountaineers (10-5, 2-0 Big 12) had been holding out hope of adding Holton’s rebounding and interior defense to the current rotation as the meat of the conference schedule approaches.

After Holton posted 10.2 points and 8.1 rebounds per game as a freshman at Rhode Island—earning Atlantic 10 All-Rookie honors—he was arrested on charges of video voyeurism when two female students said he secretly recorded their sexual encounters and posted the videos to Facebook. Holton was dismissed from the school in March 2012 and eventually pleaded no contest to one count of the felony charge in May 2013. He was sentenced to two years probation and ordered to undergo mental health counseling.

Holton has been prohibited from having contact with the victim. Any violation of his probation could subject Holton to the maximum felony punishment of up to three years jail time.

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  • madhatter

    one more time and i'm done with this subject.

    If we didn't recruit this caliber of players, the NCAA would have no reason to be involved.

    If we choose to recruit individuals who have a storied criminal past, or are borderline academic qualifiers, then yes we will have to follow the rules and subject ourselves to the authority of the NCAA.
    Can i make it any simplier.?:>>> even dp should be able to understand, no , wait, that isn't going to happen.

  • D.P.

    Grant-You are 100% right! As my Father once told me "Never get into an argument with an idiot-you can't win." How very, very right he was! One of these days, VERY SOON, I'm going to quit wasting my time with these Wackjobs!

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      • scott

        he compretends just fine...whatever that is

  • rekterx

    Did Huggs actually believe that Holton would become eligible?

    Or was this whole thing a game Huggs played in order to bring Holton into the fold and to divert the fans wrath onto the NCAA?

    I do not know. But nothing would surprise me.

  • squad

    we will be fine this year and then win it next year

  • rekterx

    In the following article written by Allan in September we are lead to believe that we were waiting for the NCAA to "clear" Holton.

    I suppose that the idea of "clearance" could contain the notion of waiting for the approval of a waiver. But I think that most people, when they hear "clearance" are thinking in terms of initial eligibility. And maybe at that time that was the issue.

    But if that was the issue at that point then at some point WVU was informed that Holton was ineligible and a waiver was then applied for. In other words, at some point, we did hear from the NCAA.

    Or it was known all along that he was ineligible and the waiver was applied for early on.

    At any rate, I think the way this thing was reported has lead people to some wrong conclusions about what has been at stake.

    And it could just be a matter of certain people (like Huggs) saying very little about the issue and allowing people to make assumptions that were not true.

    • madhatter

      if i remember correctly, when huggins recruited and signed this guy, he had two pending felony raps facing him.
      Huggins said , he had to scoop him up quickly as other teams were wanting him

      If we knowingly sign players with felonies hanging over his head, who's fault is it , the ncaa or bob huggins?At the time of signing , did huggins have any idea what he was facing over eligibility and academic standing with this guy? I guess that's a question wvu and huggins needs to answer, but i will say , the $10,000 a day man will not clear this up..
      So we debate and point fingers, and realize that it was O.Luck and Bob Huggins who led us down this path and only those two can straighten out his matter with the public.

  • scott

    the issue isn't eligibility, its the fact it took 5 months for the NCAA to rule on a waiver.

    • madhatter

      the issue is, the quality of our recruits

    • Ryan

      They may have been waiting on his first semester grades. When he committed to WVU in the spring of 2013, his JUCO coach said he needed to take summer school classes before enrolling at WVU, so he was already on the academic eligibility borderline. My best guess is that he didn't pass enough classes or that some of his credits didn't transfer. To be eligible, I think he needs enough credits to be a junior since this is his third year in college.

    • rekterx

      When was the waiver applied for? Five months ago? Two months ago? I don't know.

      No one has reported when a waiver was applied for.

      I agree that five months, however it actually unfolded, is ridiculous. But we really don't know who did what and when they did it except that now the NCAA has denied the waiver.

      • scott

        regardless, had to be rules ineligible first, then a waiver applied for and denied. no matter the time line, as i mentioned above, 5 months is too long for something that should be very simple to determine.

        • rekterx

          Agreed. Five months is long, too long. But we still don't know who did what and when they did it.

          In other words, did WVU do anything to stretch this out? Was it all the NCAA?

          We really do not know. Do we?

          We don't know what happened and who did what and when they did it.

          All we had was Huggs repeatedly telling us that we should hear from the NCAA very soon and a lot of people made a lot of assumptions concerning what was going on, that the whole thing was in the NCCA's court. And we really do not know that.

          • WVU 1964

            ....By the way that is Big Larry in in disguise using the name madhatter, at first I thought it was Big Tom but as he goes a lone , the more it sounds more like Big Larry bscause Tom is not very smart at all, about as much as a bucket of rocks... And if it is Big Tom with two degrees from WVU they could be for cleaning hog pens and cleaning out cuckoo clocks..

      • madhatter

        if we would upgrade our recruiting standards, and recruit upstanding citizens, we wouldn't be dealing with the ncaa.. that's the problem, everyone overlooks for what reason this whole mess started in the first place.
        Plain and simple , don't recruit criminals and academically challenged student athletes... this mess started with us not the ncaa

        • Mister Man

          Marshall had nothing to do with it.

        • squad

          sure.,,and in what dream world? we're in the big 12 now big boy. if you were in the a10 a long time ago, must be outta your mind saying we wouldn't have to deal with it. coach k, b, pitino, every single one of em deal with these deals every single just keep on with your huggins bashing and will can meet at the weenie roast..

          • scott

            hes confused....he usually bashes Dana on Fridays...maybe its a daily double.

          • madhatter

            no they don't , you're generalizing to make your point, but your point is invalid.

            plain and simple, don't grab the bull by the horns...

  • madhatter

    now if i assume the pro huggins opinions,,, i would say,,, hummm , the ncaa screwed us again, and if this were ND, he would have been able to play,,,, it wasn't that i recruited a couple of eligible players, it was the opposite, but people will believe anything i tell them so i am gonna say , it's the ncaa's fault..
    now if i drag this program into the mud,, like the last 3 and half yrs.. i'm gonna blame it on bloggers who challenge me and my motives, and i am gonna be consider the winner of this debate by the sheep of this board, as they will follow me off the cliff no matter what i say...
    well sports fans of wvu,,, sometimes it's a bitter pill but let's face reality,,, our BB program is trending down hill,, we use to compete very well in the big east, once considered the best BB conf in the land,, now, we are bottom feeders in the big 12..
    so bloggers n posters,, steer me in the huggins direction and send me some huggins kool-aid.

    • wvian

      Wow, I bet your an awesome positive person in life. (Sarcasm) Our program is doing just fine with a very young team. We will have Macon and Holton next with Harris, Staten, Adrian, Browne, and Williams. C'mon that's a great team.

    • justin

      what are you talking about? let it go man

    • scott

      hatter, your issue is with the coach and the coach alone. and if youre actually watching the games and understand it, you can see they are much improved. currently 2-0 in Big12 with a big matchup saturday. so, either off the wagon or on, because this time next year, itll be filled up.

    • J the C

      You couldn't be more wrong, mad. You abviously know nothing.

  • justin

    stoopid ncaa

    • Hop'sHip

      Penalty for taunting! You are hereby tossed from this discussion and are prohibited from future posting until you make nice with the powers that be.

  • rekterx

    Let's clarify something here folks.

    We lack a lot of details but some things are now clear.

    WVU was never waiting on the NCAA to declare Holton eligible. Get that fact straight in your head.

    The fact that WVU had applied for a WAIVER means that WVU knew he was ineligible. Applying for a waiver meant that WVU was asking for an exception to a rule(s) that they already knew made him ineligible.

    Bob Huggins recruited an ineligible player. Bob Huggins asked the NCAA to make an exception. But Holton was always ineligible. No one was waiting to hear if Holton was eligible. WVU was waiting to see if the NCAA would make an exception.

    Let's get the story straight. Let's hope the WV media stresses the story in the correct manner.

    Bob Huggins recruited an ineligible player. That's the story.

    • madhatter

      FINALLY someone came on this board and stated the reality of the situation.... but noone on this board wants to accept it..they want to bash anyone who tries to state the truth,,,drink the huggins kool=aid, and be happy.
      now , if you haven't been already, there will be many posters who say you're an eer hater, basher, not a loyal fan,,, sad,,, when truth hits a poster right between the eyes, they go into denial

      • Cigarman

        I'm pretty sure Hugs doesn't drink Kool aid!

    • justin

      find a new team hater

    • Capt Obvious

      He actually recruited 2 ineligible players. Macon and Holton last season. Our boys are about to see how vulnerable they are down two schollies.

      • Hop'sHip

        What's worse? Ineligible players or incapable players? I think its easier to make an ineligible player eligible than to make an incapable player capable.

        • Scott

          Well said

          • Hop'sHip

            Someone might suggest that we get players who are both eligible AND capable to which I say " Who do you think we are? Quicken....err.....Duke?"

  • wvajoker

    "the fact is, you will accept mediocrity, i won't, you stick you head in the sand, i face life head on"
    Madhater, you face life head on??? That is a contradiction. You cannot accept the fact that you are mediocre so I have to assume tthat you cannot accept yourself. Um, that sounds like a lot of us, we can't accept you either.

    • madhatter

      i realize you are now taking psy 101 which makes you an expert , however, you , my friend , are in fact mediocrity , as you accept losing seasons ,and fail to determine logical reasons... now logical reasoning isn't in psy 101 so , i realize you are completely in the dark until you take another class.. grow up

  • Mike in Teays Valley

    Glad to see we have a few true eer fans out there! Sheesh, I am a UK grad but I was born and bred a Mountaineer! have one kid that graduated from WVU and another in school now. We can all second guess but I believe Huggs has this program poised for a nice four year run.

    While the NCAA is admittingly a longshot this year, I have not given up! An upset Saturday, followed by a win on Monday would really juice our RPI which is as good as 59 depending on which source you check. The ESPN BPI is around 40, so don't give up just yet.

    I believe this team is gelling and could make some noise.

    Keep the faith you true Mountaineer fans, I for one am for what it is worth!

    Next year could be very exciting.

  • D.P.

    William and madhatter-you TWO LOSERS are just like the NCAA-YOU ALL SUCK!!! Why does it take half of the season for the NCAA to determine a player isn't elgible? Reading Hugg's comments a few days ago, it looked as if he were under the impression Holton WAS going to become elgible. I'm certain he wasn't hearing voices to have concluded this! Hopefully this doesn't hurt the morale of the team who also probably thought he would become elgible.

    I do agree with Grant and Allan that this team (even if Holton would have become elgible) probably isn't going to reach the "Big Dance" this year. But, it just really, really pisses me off that the NCAA jerks teams (WV is one of many on a yearly basis) around like they do!!!!!

    • madhatter

      dp , grow up

    • madhatter

      dp, if you would have kept up with the situation you would have known why the ncaa just now acted , you idiot.

    • Grant

      Thank you for agreeing with my comment, but don't feed the trolls, no matter how hard it maybe. Our response is the only reason they comment.

  • Whatamoroon

    Let's face it, Holton would have wasted a full year of eligibility had he played this year. When was the last time any player contributed immediately without at least 10 to 15 games under Huggins' system. He does in fact deserve one more chance but I would say he is on a very short leash given his priors. He has not made any headlines here yet I might add.

    • J the C

      I agree, whatamaroon, and I love that screen name. The season's half over. He can learn so much about the system, and what coach expects by practicing with the team. Besides, I don't think this is THE year. Our team is so young. But next year...go 'eers!

  • David Warnick

    How about recruiting athletes instead of criminals.

    • justin

      how about you find a new team you hater.. people like you bring down the good things in life