POCA, W.Va. — After 24 seasons and four state championships, Poca head football coach Bob Lemley is stepping down.

The Dots, who went just 1-9 this past season, have made the playoffs just two times over the past 10 years. Lemley ends his career at Poca with an overall record of 141-128.

Under Lemley, Poca won state championships in 1994, 2001, 2002 and 2003. Poca also finished as state runner-up in 1996.  Lemley’s all-time playoff record finishes at 23-7.

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  • ThatGuyOverThere

    No, it is a great day to be a Dot...Coach (and I use that word lightly) Lemley was not a leader, I played for him 4 seasons. I know what a leader is having served 8 years in the military, Bob Lemley was not a leader, he was not a good coach, he needed to retire after his 3-peat back in the early 2000's. Kids would not play for him simply because of who he was and how he was. It was sad to see better athletes in the stands on friday nights than on the field. Good riddance Bobby, you needed put back on the shelf years ago.

  • J

    It's a sad day to be a true Dot!! Coach Lemley is a Great man!! He will be missed terribly !