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CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Kanawha County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a call Friday afternoon at Freedom Industries. A plant employee reported a threat made to the business around 1:55 p.m. Friday. The complain stated a man called the company’s office and said he was, “on his way to teach everyone there a lesson.”

Kanawha County Sheriff’s Office dispatched several deputies to the scene as a precaution.  Authorities say nobody arrived to carry out the threat.  Deputies will remain on the scene as a precaution to insure the safety of company employees.

Freedom Industries plant along the Elk River in Charleston was identified as the source of a chemical leak which led to a widespread water emergency in a nine county region.

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  • Brain>Conservative

    The chemical plant probably made the call to the police themselves- because they know the type of tense situation this toxic chemical spill has created- and because they likely have no security of their own- or wanted extra.

    Now the citizens of Charleston get to pay for the deputies as well.
    Sure is a great deal for (trumpet sounds) FREEDOM INDUSTRIES!!!

  • Anet

    ...led away in handcuffs.

  • Anet


  • Anet

    2nd in command @ EPA recently l

  • HOSA


    • Brian

      That's fine with me. And should be with all you boneheads who have voted straight ticket Democrat for the last 70 years. Quit crying and start dealing with the heat of one bad decision after another. You people are idiots!!!!!!!

  • Dave, just Dave.

    Doesn't take long for the whiners to show up. You would have lots of fun on the Mayflower.

    • Brain>Conservative

      It doesn't take long for the defenders of the corporation responsible for the chemical spill to show up. (Who ever speaks up for the 'powerless' corporate communists, right? Thank goodness they have you.)

      Shouldn't the free market which gets tax breaks step in and buy everyone's water and pay for everyone's hospital treatments?

  • Rick crank

    I think the state govenour is doing what is wright foe counties that's effected.

    • dude

      You need to use your spell check before you post. Leaving post with bad grammar makes everyone in the state look like we are uneducated. Just saying...

  • Jason412

    Why does this chemical facility have no armed security of it's own?

  • Larry

    Hey Freedom Industries, the June 29 Derecho called, it said thanks for making it irrelevant.

  • Shawn Williams

    How is this even news? Maybe he was coming over to show them..... how to turn off the faucet of the poison.... the company was spilling into the drinking water of hundreds of thousands of WV citizens.

  • Carmen

    Gupta can't hold a candle to the all knowing County Commissioner Kent "I never met an issue in which I wasn't expert" Carper. What a Joke he is

    • Cigarman

      He's a media ho

  • Craig

    I think it was Dr. Gupta from the Kanawha/Putnam/ surrounding areas/ etc/ and near and far health dept. I swear this man jumps into the news no matter what the hell is going on. Hey doc, shut up we done just fine before your socialist health dept took over everything.

    • Brother where art thou

      I wonder if I can get away with saying this: You sound like one of those liberal JEWS that lobbies the Congress...

    • wvtd

      and you sound very much like a liberal/socialist loser. I am right.

    • Rodney Hytonen

      um...NO, "we" Didn't.


      NO more FASCISM. <--(look it up,
      as CREATED by Mussolini -
      FOX doesn't get to define words.)

      The root cause?
      Too. Much. Capitalism.

      Every functioning society contains some of each. Those terms only describe PARTS of a society or economy. One CANNOT successfully be implemented by itself.
      Attempts will fail.
      Russia (The USSR) proved it for one -
      We have proved it for the other.

      • Al Einstein

        "Um?" Did you really start a post with "um?"

  • Larry

    I'd say the only "lesson" they will need will be one on how to file bankruptcy after this.

  • curious

    Probably just someone from the EPA .