CHARLESTON, W.Va. — New water distribution points are being added every hour in parts of nine counties where a State of Emergency is still in effect following Thursday’s chemical spill in Kanawha County.

The state issued a Do Not Use advisory Thursday evening for all West Virginia American Water Company customers in Kanawha, Putnam, Boone, Jackson, Clay, Logan and Roane counties along with Culloden in Cabell County.

Various businesses began offering water Friday morning along with county emergency officials at certain locations. The state DOH has water tankers ready to be set up once a site list in finalized and 75 truckloads of bottled water from FEMA are scheduled to arrive at the National Air Guard Base at Yeager Airport Friday afternoon. That water will also be pushed to distribution sites.

Below is a list of several distribution sites. You must bring your own containers to receive water and some locations have limited hours and a limit on gallons available.

Putnam County
Chapman Funeral Home in Hurricane
Bring your own container

Good Shepherd Baptist Church
Tiger Lane, Scott Depot
Bring your own containers

Hurricane Fire Department and Walmart
8 a.m. – 8 p.m.
free water up to 20 gallons per person

Teays Valley Christian School
Bring your own containers

Teays Valley Church of Nazarene
Bring your own containers

Tri-County YMCA
Opening for showers and drinking water distribution
Bring your own containers

Lincoln County
Duval, Hamlin fire departments

Kanawha County
Aldersgate United Methodist Church
Bring your own container

Cedar Grove VFD
Bring your own container

Eastbank Fire Department
2507 1st Avenue in Eastbank
Bring your own container

Elkview Crossing Mall
A water tanker has been set up
Bring your own container

Gestamp Plant
MacCorkle Avenue in South Charleston
Bring your own container

Glasgow Fire Department
Handley City Hall
Bring your own container

Pinch VFD site for agriculture and livestock needs
Old Clendenin Lumber Yard also known as Blue Creek Boat Launch
Bring your own container

Riverside High School

WVDOH Offices in St. Albans
McCorkle Avenue and Walnut Street
Bring your own container

Cabell County
Culloden VFD
3rd Street
Handing out free bottled water and filling containers – bring your own container

True Blue Salon, Karma Salon and Apex Salon in Culloden
Offering free shampoo service and water
Bring your own jug

Milton Water Plant
8 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Bring your own container

Roane County
City of Spencer
Behind Municipal Building

Currently Kanawha County just has water buffalos and water tanks available.

They are currently working to get bottled water to place throughout the county.

Elderly and disabled can call the Emergency Management Center and the situation will be evaluated if water can be brought to your home. You can reach emergency officials at 304-746-8828.


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  • Gregory S Dean

    I live in Dunbar WV and was wondering when and where there will be a water distribution point?

  • jfk

    QUESTION?! why is there only ONE location in the city of charleston?! there are at least 4 locations in St.Albans but many SA residents have water. This simply makes ZERO since!!! and
    to make it clear I live in South Charleston.

    • TheFungoKnows

      St. Albans is on their own water system. They have a PSD or something like that. That is also why they have 4 distribution centers. They are doing a great service to the valley.

      • jfk

        so the city of St.Albans is providing that water? if so that is a great service!

  • Charlie

    I work for the State and we were allowed to get water. So stop crying.

    • Jim

      And we are not glad you work for a division with heart.

      • Jason412

        Jim, since you had to go to work today shouldn't you, ya know, be working? Or are my tax dollars paying you to surf the web and complain about your job while you're on the clock?

        • Jim

          Every heard of a thing called breaks and lunch. Probably not.

  • Dale

    Has anybody heard if the WV Guard will be delivering water to homes that have been effected by the do not use order on water?

    • Jason412

      Dale, from everything I've heard on the news and from listening to Hoppy's Talkline I don't think they'll be going house to house, as of now anyways. They're setting up distribution points at strategic areas.

      I'm not sure what the plan is for those who can't get to the distribution points.

  • Jim

    Since I had to come to work today I can not go and get water. Thanks Gov. Tomblin. This State worker will remember you in the next election.

    • Tim

      I wish Gov. Tomblin could find out who you are Jim. and FIRE YOUR SORRY BUTT. You should be thankful for your job. But then again i am sure your dad or uncle Jim got you that state job any way.

      • frankie

        He cannot be fired because he is gay and that would be discrimination.

        • James Lane

          What job does he have that makes it impossible to get to a distrubution center? Even if they closed early, which they haven't, you can't go on your lunch break? Jeez.

    • griff

      boo hoo

      • Jim

        Grow up. Are you still in High School.