WVU’s latest commitment, Kendrell McFadden, is the No. 12 safety and No. 236th overall prospect in the class of 2015, according to Rivals.


MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — The Miramar-to-WVU pipeline expanded with Friday night’s surprising commitment of 2015 prospect Kendrell McFadden.

Rivals ranks the 6-foot-3, 178-pounder as the 12th-best safety in the 2015 class and the No. 236 overall prospect nationally. He became West Virginia’s fifth early commitment for next year, even though the Mountaineers weren’t listed among McFadden’s top five of Florida State, Miami, Alabama, Texas A&M and LSU.

Such is the mercurial nature of high school recruiting.

In an interview this week with the Miami Herald, McFadden said family members presumed he would commit to Miami and were excited he planned to play close to home.

“It was like, ‘Oh, you’re committing to UM, you’re committing to UM.’ And I just started laughing,” McFadden told the Herald. “I was like, ‘I don’t know what school I’m committing to yet. We’ll find out Friday.’ Even some of my family members don’t know.”

He also held offers from Ohio State, Florida, Clemson, Notre Dame, Louisville and Kansas State, but WVU’s ties to Miramar (Fla.) High have been strong in recent years, thanks in part to the school’s head coach Damon Cogdell being a West Virginia alum. Mountaineers coach Dana Holgorsen hired Cogdell on Wednesday as a defensive assistant, the same day McFadden’s high school classmate Kahlil Lewis committed to WVU.

West Virginia running backs coach JaJuan Seider has long been in contact with McFadden, who transferred to Miramar just last month from McArthur High School in Hollywood, Fla.

A high school cornerback, McFadden could have the speed and length to stay at that position in college. Yet Rivals recruiting analyst Keenan Cummings said at a program like West Virginia—which is desperate for defensive help—McFadden also projects to be a first-year contributor at safety.

McFadden becomes the fifth junior to pledge to West Virginia’s 2015 class, joining Lewis, receiver Jovon Durante (Miami), running back William Cameron (Durham, N.C.) and tight end Stone Wolfley (Morgantown).

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  • Boomgrounder

    Coach Cogdell and the Mirimar pipeline continues to flow! Great recruiting by Coach Seider! We will be glad to have you aboard when you arrive in Morgantown in 2015 McFadden. The time will fly!
    Let's Go Mountaineers!!

  • former '71 'Eer player

    Let's be gentlemen about it all. If 'our' Mountaineers want to run with the Big Dogs in the Big 12, then 'we' need to recruit and sign the Big Dogs.There's a huge difference between committing and signing. Been thru it twice with my sons. WV is in a uphill battle with the elites of the conference, Texas, Oklahoma, Texas Tech, and OK State. What will make a player being recruited by those teams travel East to Morgantown? Each kid wants his family and friends watch him play. Most high school players have short umbilical cords and stay close to home. Let's hope WV has 2 or 3 great recruiting classes to be competitive in the conference. I remain, a loyal Mountaineer.Let's go Mountaineers.

  • donutfiend77

    Cogdell strikes again!!!! Love this new coach!. Welcome to Morgantown Mr. McFadden!!!!!!

  • Chris

    This should bring wvu into the top ten for this recruiting class.

    • madhatter

      u idiot ,, he's in next yr's recruiting class

      • joe

        He said this recruiting class .He never said this years recruiting class.Why are you so quick to call someone an idiot.And if he did mean this years class then so what. He made a mistake.So can we call you an idiot the next time you make a mistake.

      • Mister Man

        Ha ha ha ha!!!! You called someone else an idiot!!!!

        • Micah

          I am crying laughing so hard at those posts. Called him an idiot!!!!!! Lmao

  • Dub V Fan

    Let's not get too excited. This kid actually signing with us is over a year away.

    • I say

      Exactly. And if Dana is let go at the end of the season . . . .

  • Greg


  • BigLarry

    My but can catch a wedgie better than this guy can catch a foozeball!
    Big Larry do LYFE!

  • madhatter

    if he lives up to his commit to wvu, it will be a huge plus for our defense. keep em coming.
    it's a shame he can't come this semester, but iknow he's just a junior.

    • Midter Man

      How could his living up to his commit to WVU help Marshall's defense?

    • Steve

      Go away mad're nothing but a hater

    • WVU 1964

      Great job coaches.. Coach Cogdell hiring is paying off dividends already, amazing...( madhatter ) why do you keep saying ( our..we ) when you make reference to WVU you are not of the team the way you talk and then wanting to use those pronouns as you do , you are a hater of the school and all it stands for.... There is no indication you care about the school the faculty anything to support the school... Just hate and more hate.... You, Big Larry , William , Big Tom the same junk in almost ever article that is posted ... I hope these young recruits who is wanting to come to school here don't read the junk you guys post on here .. You all if anything is a disgrace to the state of West Virginia if you live here ...( Sick, sick) .

      • madhatter

        you;re just another one eyed mutant inbred hillbilly who refuses to believe in the reality of OUR athletic situation, who is happy with mediocrity and are not true mountaineers, or you would stand up and voice your true opinions.
        when dana and huggie were hired, i was standing onthe front row applauding their hire, now , not so much...

        • N2DRT

          madhatter still pees the bed

        • WVU 1964

          Madhatter you are not a Mountaineer fan , you are a hater... Anybody who talks about the school, the people, who come in here to play sports, the coaches ,downgrades, degrades, criticizes, will say stupid things as you say are a HATER.... I am not a armchair coach . I have been around sports a long time WVU fan graduation class of 1964. ( Masters ) worked and retired officiated , coached, I don't think your resume being an armchair coach would touch the surface of my knowledge and experience.. If truth be known you may have never been even in Morgantown let alone seeing a game in person , other than on TV... Ask yourself what do you pay into the university ...nothing have no calls to say we,our, us, just another deadbeat who think you know it all armchair coach....HATER))

          • NOTWORTHIT

            Everyone just needs to be the people all us True West Virginians have been brought up to be and ignore the idiots on this page. Those people who make stupid comments arent worth the time you put in typing your messages to respond to such comments. They are probably 600 lb fat asses that cant even get outta bed to get the gun to make everyone around thems life better.

          • WVU 1964

            Madhatter you are uneducated think you know it all armchair coach... Also a HATER

          • madhatter

            wvu 1964,,, you are just another example of inbreeding.. sad, really sad

      • Kevin

        Very well spoken WVU 64! Those guys just need to quit using this website for there hate and discontent.

  • GoEers

    Big Time Recruit! Congratulations to the coaching staff!

    Let's Go Mountaineers!!

  • Steve

    Nice! Welcome to WVU!!

  • WVA-1

    He is a junior, I hope he stays committed, perhaps a decent season will keep him committed but I bet he changes his mind. He would be a welcome addition to the West Virginia family. I hope recruits realize how WVU players are viewed in the eyes of the people of WV for the rest of their lives, like family.

  • WVU_93

    The Florida recruits were the driving force behind some of the best teams, glad to see the pipeline open and thriving again.

  • Outdoor Man

    We're getting the players....let's hope we have the coaches to make them great!


    Nice read, hope it comes true, however my hunch is some of these early commits flip. On the other hand maybe we get some that flip to us... ain't it great?

  • Justin Taylor

    insane wat coach jajuan seider and damon cogdell is doin right now in sofla !!! LETS GOOO!!!