CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The Kanawha-Charleston Health Department approved the re-opening of seven restaurants in Kanawha County on Saturday evening while the county is still under a do-not-use water order.

Health Department Director Dr. Rahul Gupta said the establishments had presented a plan that included a separate reliable water source on site. Gupta said the health department mad on-site visits to each business before approval was given.

View list of reopened restaurants

Gupta said allowing the restaurants to reopen while the ban was still in place was a matter of health and economics. He said residents have had a difficult time preparing food at home with the order in place so opening the restaurants would give them another option. He added the move also was an economic one for the area.

Gupta expected other restaurants to be approved for re-opening Sunday.


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  • WV Hillbilly

    Harrisonburg, VA has a population similar to the City of Charleston itself. Comparing populations within city limits. They have had the good foresight to construct 3 independent water sources for their treatment plant, which is actually on a hilltop, not near a stream. They pipe water for miles from a mountain lake near the WV line and two separate rivers. Why hasn't a city the size of Charleston, with so many threats to a single water source, not done the same? With proper monitoring and independent sources, they could have immediately shut down the Elk River intake, opened an unaffected source and reduced the down time and amount of flushing by an immense degree. Once again, West Virginia seems to half-a.. much of what is done!

  • joe

    You'll have to ask the Commissioner of Agriculture and Water Farming that question.

  • Flaghorse

    So what about the livestock in this situation? How is the farming community being affected?