WASHINGTON, D.C. — The U.S. Senate could vote again as early as this week on a reworked proposal to reinstate the long-term unemployment benefits that expired at the close of 2013 for about a million Americans, including an estimated 6,900 West Virginians.

If the bill makes it to the U.S. House, First District Congressman David McKinley (R-WV) said he will support it, as long as it comes with a way to pay for it.

“As a matter of policy, I’m okay with extending it, if it’s paid for,” said McKinley.  “You just can’t keep passing this obligation on to our future generations so that they have to pay for this.”

Last week, the full Senate approved a procedural move to allow for debate on the extension.

Then, answering objections from Republicans, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) replaced the original version of the extension bill, a three-month, $6 billion extension with no funding source, with a ten-month extension that would be fully funded.

However, the bill’s movement stalled when Reid said Republicans would not be allowed to offer amendments to the legislation.

McKinley said a lot of people depended on the unemployment payments they’re no longer receiving.

“It’s not all their fault (they’re unemployed).  The economy is very soft because of the lack of regulatory reform.  The tax structure is broken.  There are a series of things that these people are victims of as a result of this economy and this administration,” he said.

House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) has indicated opposition to the extension that expired at the end of last year.  It provided a maximum of 47 weeks of emergency unemployment compensation (EUC) once an unemployed worker had reached the limits of state-funded benefits.  In West Virginia, the state covers 26 weeks.

The extended benefits were first implemented in 2008 following the recession.

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  • Michelleruizrodriguez

    Let's take there pay checks vec. That tax payers pay for them to drive gas free and dinners and party's see what they would do then Albany is a joke had a boss's that was a congress man and all they do is party and drink.....on governments clocks nice and we suffer for being layers off losing home no food it's sad

  • kaa

    some of us lose our jobs due to no fault of our own but are being punished for it... Boehner needs to get it together. how do you thing any of them would feel if they had to live on unemployment for 1 month. its not fun being unemployed most of us would much rather be working and earning just enough to pay bills and buy groceries. i.e. not live in the street...

  • kaa

    hey,, wvworker.... you're a complete idiot!!!

  • tom

    If john boehner think's the people of this country are gonna blame obama's, then he is way out of touch with reality.Im not a fortune teller but i can see alot more blue states in the next 4 too 5 year's.

  • JOHN

    It's great that the Republicans have FINALLY decided to help these unemployed families, after having them suffer throughout these three months while they continued playing "party politics". Since last December, many of these families have had to face evictions, home foreclosures, personal bankruptcy, and homelessness, while waiting for an extension of their former unemployment benefits. While it's a good thing that SOMETHING was finally done on behalf of these poor people; however, in two months they will be in the exact situation again with no benefits. The Republicans has agreed to a five month extension (retroactively), in just two short months the benefits will have run out. Where is the logic and sense in that? After putting these families through hell and back, they're placing them right back where they were previously. Why is it that there never seems to be a "budgetary problem" when giving million of tax payers dollars to finance Corporate Welfare, and Foreign Aid, or Bank or Airline bailouts, but there always a debate when having to help the poor in this country? I think that This Extension Bill should have been for longer than just two more months for these unemployed workers, who are struggling to provide for their families.

    △ ▽

  • Gary

    I can honestly say this last time I voted for Joe and Obama. I couldn't have been more wrong. I hoped for change all I got was republicans and big oil/coal corporate behaviors where they could care less for the common man. As long as the rich are taken care of and they take away even our right to privacy then this will just escalate into a real big problem. 10 Minutes these asses could have passed this. If it was for a raise for them that would have went through no brainer. I think when their next raise vote comes up we the people not the politicians should vote on it. That would probably get the point across that it's the little guys that make the strength not the big companies and the rich. They may have the money, but where are the back bone. They man buy votes but we are getting real tired of not being heard. This will only get much worse and I have to accept blame for voting for a piece of crap president and a string puppet for a senator. I sit in shame everyday over that decision. There really is a no win way to do this anymore. Republicans tax your hind end off and let corporates run wild without restriction while democrats force their rules and opinions on the others that don't like them. What happen to this country? Where did it completely disintegrate? All I know is people are starting to go hungry and losing homes and that didn't fair well for royalty during the French revolution. If something doesn't change soon the little man that is the backbone will break and then they without hope this country will be more out of control than it was during the 60s.

    • tom


  • joann

    you know i just love it when congress won't pass an extension for us unemployed but they will pass a raise for themselves and you people who go along with congress are just as bad as congress i guess you don't mind paying them for doing nothing but you mind paying for people that really need that extension to live. you people that think someone shouldn't get an unemployment extension, better hope you don't loose your jobs and have to depend on that unemployment check to pay your rent, pay your bills and buy food and gas for your car to look for a job. so before you go saying stuff about people who need that extension stop and think about it. it could be you someday.

  • James

    How to pay for it.!!!! Bunch of BS to me. I have worked and paid taxes for over 20 years. Laid off in November can't find work. And I only get 26 weeks of help. Where did all the money go that we have paid into it. ??? But people can lay off on welfare all their lives and get free everything.worthless. This state and country is worthless.

    • tom


  • Keith

    I also would like to tell of my experience the other day on the train. I was on my way downtown and i was sitting in the back seats on the train. There were 4 guys sitting two seats ahead of me and i could hear them quite clearing talking. I could not believe what i was hearing come out of their mouth. They were talking about robbing people because they were sick of people turning them down for work. The men were saying that they could care less about catching a case. I did not know what that meant until i asked a friend about it. It means to go to trial on a case. That totally floored me because i did not think things could get that bad for anyone. They also talked about going to the suburbs to commit these crimes because they said thats where the money is. I do not know if anyone out here is listenimg but it seems that we need to put people back to work, we need to extend these UI benifits. Its sad that some do not care about others situations. Lets start helping our fellow human being out.

  • Keith

    I would just like to say a few things. First of all the rich do not care about anyone but themselves, but they have something to lose. Now take someone who has lost everything, they have nothing to lose. People never put themselves in anothers shoes because they are only concened about their own well being, but in time they will learn when you have someone that has nothing to lose, it effects everyones life. When you put people in desperate situations then expect the unexpected. If a person has nothing to lose they may resolt to stealing, putting a gun to someones head to put money in their pocket, breaking into a person home who has money and then it would not matter to that person what you thought about him wouldnt matter now would it. Stopping people from getting UI may not effect th e country right away but in time it will. From retail stores raising prices because of more thefts, your insurance going up because of more home invasions, and the pain and suffering you may incur during a robbery. Although i,m not saying this is the right approach by any means, i just want people to think about things. Think about what millions of desperate people might do, not saying the will, but rest assure that a lot will. We gave iraq over 200 billion dollars and we give at least a 100 billion a year to other countries and someone has the nerve to put UI benifits down. Hopefully your wife or kids or other family member does not ever have fo come home teling you a story of someone stuck them up because they did not have any food on their table. And please do not tell me you have a gun too. Wake up people because it,s going to get a lot worse before it gets better. Just check the crime polls next month. And for all of those uncaring people out here. If a person does not have money, they can not take a bus, they can not get the job because the employeer called but the phone was disconnected, and now they have to get on welfare to at least put food on the table, or i forgot, they can not get on welfare because they do not have a home address. Just a thought for those who do not care. But one day it may come back to haunt you.

  • LW

    I went to school and got my high school diploma. I didn't go to college because at the time I graduated (1984) no one at high school (counselors or teachers) "pushed" for high school graduates to go to college, at least not at my high school. I've worked since I was 15 in an office setting ALWAYS. My last job was with a very prestigious oil and gas company in Houston, TX, starting out as the Office Administrator, then on to Human Resources. I worked there for 12 years until my boss (the VP of HR) came to my office and these were her words "we're letting you go because we're taking this position in a different direction"...really? What that meant was "you don't have a college degree so we need to let you go to get someone in here who does". I was laid off making $58K a year that didn't include my 401K or my benefits. So they needed to get a "college degreed" person in that position who they can pay "much" less to in order to make numbers look good at the company and also show they hire ONLY college degreed employees. I was and still am very capable of working in an office setting. I've worked reception, office manager, sales and marketing, customer service and human resources. No, I don't have a college degree but I damn guarantee you I can run circles around a recent college graduate who has NO experience in an office setting BUT they have the certificate from a 4 year college and I don't. I have applied to job after job to no avail...no one calls or emails me for an interview for the last year I've looked and sent out at least 5-10 resumes A DAY!! My problem is to all of you who say, "go to college", "move somewhere where you can get job", "yeah I'm getting up every morning to go to work to pay for your "free" food, unemployment benefits, etc". LISTEN UP!!!! I damn well worked 30 years and earned THOSE BENEFITS!!!!! They're mine!! YOU didn't earn them for me and YOU ARE NOT EARNING them for me now!!! I believe I've earned my own Unemployment and Emergency Unemployment until I get a job!! Now if you're talking about the lazy A$$es who never worked a day in their life and want free food, rent, etc...WHY are we giving them this stuff out for free? I don't know that answer and I don't know WHY or HOW illegal aliens get FREE STUFF from the USA??? WHY?? ALSO, WHY are people who have millions (actresses, actors, signers) give to other countries??? When we have people in our own USA who are starving? OK - I could go on and on but I think my message has been made....peace out.

  • kristine

    We are the people.. for which it stands. I have a pencil, I have a phone, I have a voice. Stand up..for the people.. NOW..or we shall vote you out in the next election.. We will, put you in the unemployment line with the rest of the million people that are out of work.. NOW! Stop..promising..Stop..Debating..Act..NOW!

  • bruce jones

    Wow I have only been on it 26 weeks I'm a welder by trade in the steel business this time of year things are very slow another month things will pick up because erecktors can't put up steel fabricated buildings and structures in cold or incomplament weather the steel just setting in shops and trailers waiting to be shipped when people can put it together I just need a life line until then I can't pay my bills keep phone on to look for a job or put gas in car to even look for a job now and almost homeless 1 more month I will be please help me been working 35 years and this is the worst I have seen things I'm not an abuser of unemployment but I know there are some that are but punish them not people trying to do the right and positive thing sincerely!!!!!!!! Please help!!!!!!!!!

  • kristine

    This is a perfect case of our Government officials holding the American people hostage. Are they really considering it's people..or is it a case of winning or loosing. Not passing or extending UI benefits unless they are paid for at the sake of future generations..is ridiculous. It is imperative that the consideration is about the people and their children currently..not in some distant future. Don't promise us the American dream..make it happen..Now!

  • kristine

    John Boehner..has to go..American people need the unemployment extension. People, are loosing their homes, can't feed their children, pay their bills...heat..water, etc. Nor, can they put gas in their car to get to a job. So, if they don't agree..there will be more people signing up for welfare. Either way..it is better to help those in need. give the people the UI extension.. We need to keep this economy going forward. Help the people! We must stick together or divided we shall fall!