PRINCETON, W.Va. – A Mercer County woman who sexually abused a 4-year-old will spend no less than 15 years behind bars for the crime.

Kimberly Cox, who previously pleaded guilty to first-degree sexual abuse and sexual abuse by a custodian,  was sentenced Monday in Mercer County Circuit Court

Cox apologized to the family of the victim, saying she was sorry for her actions. The victim’s grandmother said Cox got what she deserved.

Judge William Sadler called the crime “despicable.”

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  • RTT

    Hey Skeptic, what if this was your child or grandchild, would you feel different. An adult can defend themself, what about a little child. A lot of sick people in this world.

  • Hillbilly

    We need to dust off ole Sparky in Moundsville and put him back into service .

  • jenny

    only bringing back the death penalty will curtail people from these crimes

  • chasmo

    skeptic: "?" for you ~~~ yet the government allows the killings of unborn babies ????

  • Skeptic

    Oh lord, more death penalty advocates. You people don't trust the government, except in putting people to death. Go hang yourself.

  • chasmo

    mauldawg : YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY CORRECT !!! let the people of wv decide , after all , its our tax money keeping these POS alive

  • mauldawg

    The only thing that will stop scum like this is the death penalty.