CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Thousands of West Virginia American Water Company customers will get a break on their water bill after flushing gallons of water through their home plumbing. WVAWC has agreed to give a 1,000 gallon credit to each customer affected by the water emergency.

However, in most cases, West Virginia American only provides water and a customer’s sewer treatment is handled by another company. Since sewer rates are based on water usage those customers will be hit on the sewer bill.

“We are not able to arbitrarily give free service to anybody because of the bond covenants” said Charleston Mayor Danny Jones.

The mayor is a member of the Charleston Sanitary Board, which is a separate entity from the city.

“Where the water company makes seven to ten percent, the sanitary board actually loses money so we don’t have the ability to give a discount.” said Mayor Jones at a Tuesday morning news conference. “I wish we could, but it’s not within my power.  I’d wave the whole fee if I could, but I just can’t.”

The order affected about 100,000 West Virginia American customers and a large number have other sewer service providers.  Putnam Public Service District has 1,300 customers who were affected by the outage.  They plan to match West Virginia American’s credit so those homes will not be charged anything for the chemical spill.

“I guess we would have a different set of bonds,” said Putnam Public Service District Communications Director Scott Jones. “Plus this only affects a portion of our customers.”

Other public service districts who have customers impacted by the water emergency haven’t indicated if they will extend a discount to customers forced to flush their lines.


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  • Jack Frost

    forward your sewer bills to Freedom

  • cutty77

    Charleston is a shrinking Town,so Danny gives nobody a Break. Remember the user fee,where was it started at. Thats right Charleston. Drive out toward Southrige which is all most all in South Charleston. You will see countless Charleston Cops giving any kind of ticket they can get by with. But The South Hills people voted Danny in, so they get what they deserve.

  • Patrick Lawson

    They love to over charge also. Last month I had a $28. Water bill but my sewer was $41. They refused a credit. My sewer has ALWAYS been less than my water.

  • bulldog95

    Really, if you think about it, 5 days without taking a shower or bath would be about the same as flushing it all out. I take a 5 minute shower, sometimes less. Its almost a week later, thats 35 minutes of water use. With the instructions to turn this on and that on, it might break even, or come close to it. I might end up flushing an extra 100 gallons of water, nothing thats going to cause me to go broke. The average shower uses 2 to 3 gallons a minute.

  • Rodney Hytonen

    Typical of our privatized, deregulated "small government" country - and the worst of the corporatism is West Virginia.

    Watch what DOESN'T happen to "Freedom" or any of the MUCH more seriously -DAILY- polluting industries running wild in this state, and turning a natural paradise into a toxic, dirty, 24/7 noisy ugly industrial wasteland. It already hurts to breathe in much of Doddridge country.

    There's a very good reason they won't disclose what's IN those thousands of cancer ponds that are giving people nosebleeds, and eventually, cancer. Of course, not until they've moved onto the next frack and 'gone bankrupt' (reorganized or been 'sold' to another driller or land/lease speculator,) leaving towns to replace our roads and the destroyed infrastructure under them, with no jobs or tax base left.

    But by all means let's invite and "attract" all the toxic abuse from the states smart enough to ban it. Eventually even Texas will (towns are already starting.)

    But not extractionist -worshipping West Virginia - even when they're stripping the land like a stolen car in a chop shop and shipping it off to China, India and Japan; soon enough leaving us to bid for our OWN gas against Japan's $15 an Mcf (ours right now is around $4,) and also leaving us with cancer, and our grandchildren dependent on THEM for water -at whatever price unlimited greed sets, when they know you can't refuse.

  • jm

    looks like a good time to sue the city of Charleston............ Or at least report them to Pat Morrisey...........would this not be taking advantage of the situation and price gouging both...........

  • BS

    I believe this is another big fat lie by a politician. I have never heard of a municipal bond issue that re-payments are based on usage. I have only seen bonds that repayments are fixed. And the PSC would not allow them to operate in the red. I hope someone investigates this and exposes him.

  • Stuart Simms

    I would suggest that these individuals who don't qualify for this discount keep record of their water usage. Their attorney will need this.

  • Dave, just Dave.

    Municipal sewer services are the biggest rip off in the state to begin with, not cost effective or efficient at all.

  • Aaron

    I find it hard to believe that the city is losing money on sewer. If that's the case then they need to request a rate increase from the Public Service District. Anything less would seem to me to be mismanagement by the Sanitary Board.