MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — By the time Texas wrapped up a far-too-easy 80-69 win at the WVU Coliseum, Mountaineers point guard Juwan Staten rattled off his team’s long list of failures.

“We couldn’t make shots, we couldn’t guard, we couldn’t do anything right tonight,” he said.

In that particular sentence Staten didn’t mention rebounding, but there were other sentences about West Virginia’s inability to keep Texas off the glass, where the long and tall Horns dominated 49-30.

“They have a big team, a lot of wide bodies in there. They carve out a lot of space,” said Staten, who had been one of top rebounding guards in the nation yet grabbed only half his average. “I was getting six rebounds a game, but I couldn’t grab one today because every time I went to get one someone was knocking me off my path.”

While Staten made his typically broad impact—scoring 23 points, dishing five assists and losing only one turnover—he didn’t have much help. He made 9-of-14 shots from the floor, but the rest of his entourage combined to sink only 17-of-55.

“I’m not going to get down on my teammates. I’m the leader of the team, and I take a lot of responsibility for that,” he said. “I feel like there might be something I can do a lot better to help my team.”

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    oh yawn yourself TW, you sound exactly like one of the butt hurt Marsha fans that only come on here and have crap to say about WVU, no way in hell are you a fan of WVU and your basketball ignorance is astounding, anyone blowing Kevin Noreens horn as a good player most definetly does not know anything about B-Ball, go back to huntington to your crack house




    @tw, norreen is the worst player on the floor, all you people that keep blaming ole Huggs are ignorant when it comes to basketball, how in the world can you blame Bob for the team not making shots, and that is why we lost last night because they could not hit the backboard with the ball last night, SMH

    • tw eagle

      OH yawn , you sound like Huggins last year after games . . . Kevin Noreen is not the biggest , fastest , or best shooter on the WVU team . . . what he IS , is the only player who shows up every night and gives 110% effort . . .
      There is arguably enough talent on the WVU team (now) to be a .500 team . . . IF they played like a team . . . if only the ball hogs talents were as good on the floor as they are at running at the MOUTH . . .

      Zeke from Cabin Creek sais less in four years at WVU than the ball hog said in another excuse filled diatribe . . . SHUT UP &
      start being a TEAM PLAYER . . .

      you're the coach Huggins , FIX IT ! ! !

  • ernie

    This team is a lot like the 2004 team (the year before the elite 8 team). We live and die on the perimeter. But just wait until next year. With more inside help and experience they will be a great team.

  • madhatter

    i really hate to think where we would be without staten,...
    He has made the biggest turn around since last yr than any other player at wvu, ever.
    He's mature, he's under control... he's a leader, he scores, he rebounds,,, man, what more can he do for us,,,thank God he's at wvu.

    • Barry

      I agree. This team would not be near as competitive without Staten.

  • tw eagle

    is Huggins really going along with this one-man side show ?

    my take on WVU : Williams is a 'creampuff'.
    biggest guy on team , don't like contact and wants to shoot from 15-17 feet . . . around the basket , his 3 footers usually miss the basket by 5 feet . . .

    Harris is lost in space . . .

    Henderson hits a few & never sees the ball again ( see the ball hog / I'm the star)

    Dabo & Adrian seem to have no role except to feed ball to ball hog

    Watkins plays like he knows BB , ball hog don't like him on the floor - he don't pass it right back

    Noreen good inside , not great , but steady hard worker

    Brown losing confidence with too much time on bench . . .

    WVU , with this "one horse" game of BB seems destined for a "meltdown" . . . I can't imagine the Mountaineers (other than the ball hog) putting in an effort much longer . . . could there be another 'palace coup' - with Mountaineers leaving because of the 'ball hog ' ?

    • Pruntytown

      Interesting that the only player you lable as "hard worker" is white. I guess the black players are just lazy.

      You must have a great BB IQ to think Noreen is good inside, how many points/rebounds does he average per game?

      • Stan

        I agree, he sounds racist to me too. The only person he didn't have a nasty comment about was the only white guy, and possibly the worst player on the team at that.

        • tw eagle

          AAhh, I'm so crushed , at your shrt sighted stupidity . . . thanks for the thought though . . . kiss kiss kiss

      • tw eagle

        you don't need an IQ (sic-it's a pun) . . .to post personal evaluations . . . bringing race into a post makes you the racist . . .
        must I "balance" the adjectives so that my posting , in your estimation, isn't racist . . . ? . . . didn't they get through to you during your stay in Pruntytown ? or are you a teenie still there doing time ?

        • Pruntytown

          I am sorry to point out YOUR racial bias. Since it is obvious by your evaluation of 18 and 19 year old kids that you don't understand basketball, I shouldn't have waisted my time responding.

          • tw eagle

            well , in the future DON'T respond - you have absolutely nothing of value to add to this bulletin board . . . if I'm biased , that makes you radicalized racist . . . take your nonsense to jesse Jackson & al Sharpton and try to sell it . . .

    • Bill

      I agree, something is wrong in Mo'town!

      • The Wisetalker

        Huggins will "fix it"...