CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Yeager Airport felt the sting of the water crisis as some airlines canceled flights and others scrambled to find alternative accommodations for pilots who required overnight stays in Charleston.

“When we realized there was no drinking water, showering and things, we immediately started working with local airline managers,” said Airport Manager Rick Atkinson. “We were able to get some of those crews coming in that night accommodations in Barboursville.”

Atkinson said the airport lost a few overnight flights from Washington, D.C., and Chicago when United Airlines declined to use the arrangements.

While individual airlines had to make new lodging arrangements, Atkinson said the airport and the Barboursville hotel helped facilitate shuttles.

The bigger impact was felt by passengers caught off-guard when they landed in the early aftermath of the water contamination.

“The biggest impact to travelers was the restaurants were not open,” he said.

The airport’s zone was cleared for flushing Tuesday afternoon, and Atkinson expected the process would take several hours.


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