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Former West Virginia quarterback Ford Childress has enrolled at Trinity Valley (Texas) Community College.


MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Quarterback Ford Childress, who withdrew from West Virginia last week, has enrolled at Trinity Valley Community College in Athens, Texas, about a three-hour drive from his hometown of Houston.

The 6-foot-5 Childress, reportedly suspended by coach Dana Holgorsen before leaving WVU, is a rising sophomore who could parlay a productive season at Trinity Valley into a chance to play at another four-year program.

“He is here and enrolled in classes and we are excited to have him,” Trinity Valley coach Brad Smiley confirmed Thursday.

As of Thursday night, West Virginia’s athletics department had yet to issue a public statement verifying or explaining the departure of Childress.

Trinity Valley finished 10-2 last season, won its conference title and ranked No. 5 in the final NJCAA national poll. The Cardinals also romped over Mesa 72-23 in the Heart of Texas Bowl, registering the second-highest point total in junior college bowl history.

“We were top-there in the nation in total yards, passing yards, completions—for a quarterback that’s going to be pretty attractive,” Smiley said. “If a guy wants to throw the rock in Texas and play in an uptempo offense, we’re going to be the school.”

Trinity Valley sent 19 players to Division I in 2013 and 16 the previous year.

“We’ve led the country the last two years in D-I signees, and the first thing players who come to junior college want to know is who’s got the connections to get me out,” Smiley said.

Childress was a three-star prospect coming out of The Kincaid School in 2012, ultimately choosing West Virginia over offers from Arizona and Arizona State. After enrolling early he was charged with a DUI in April 2012 and wound up utilizing a redshirt season. Last fall, Childress initially was passed over for the starting job before replacing Paul Millard as the starter in Week 3.

He led WVU to a 41-7 win against Georgia State, but was ineffective in the following week’s 37-0 loss at Maryland. It was revealed after the loss that Childress played through a torn pectoral muscle in the game—an injury that sidelined him the rest of the season.

His passing totals were 36-of-63 for 421 yards, three touchdowns and three interceptions.

“He’s already burned his redshirt, so why sit out when he can come in here and develop as a player?” Smiley said. “He’ll be here for spring practice, play next season and then go sign with somebody.”

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  • Crystal

    I wish him the best of luck! WVU is not for everyone.

    • Capt Obvious

      Great answer. If you don't like your situation, cut and run despite all the state has given to him for free while he was here and he can't earn nine friggin credits to do his part?

      He owes us nothing. Walk away boy!

      • Mountain Man

        Well said. Good bye loser!

  • Capt Obvious

    Has that JUCO seen the Maryland tape?

  • blugldmn

    Good luck young man...

  • Troll

    To bad everyone forgets these are just kids, some adapt right away and some have trouble adapting. I for one hope that Ford adapts and does well in the future, get yourself straightened out and prosper, thanks for representing WVU and good luck in your future endevors.

    • WVUfan69

      They are not kids They are adults, young as they mey be. When you can vote, go to war and go to jail, you are an adult.

      • Big rick

        You obviously lack a college education wvufan.

      • Matt M

        I can tell you, when I went to college I was a kid, not an adult like my age said. Give the guy a break.

      • Troll

        Really, that's your guidelines? I was in the service, could go to war and kill but could not consume alcohol because apparently I was still a kid.

  • Frank / Moundsville

    OK, now on to all those JUCO picks Dana thinks are going to save his sorry coaching hide........4-8,
    C'MON MAN!

    • jwg66

      The JC players are a needed move to balance the roster from attrition. A significant number of recruits from the last 3-4 classes (yes, this goes back to Stew) either never enrolled or are no longer on the team.

    • J the C

      Frank, you're a fool. Bring back B.S., the traitor?

    • J the C

      Wow, now we don't have a QB!

      • richard

        We didn't have one all year. Why worry now? We don't have a coaching staff either.

  • Dub V Fan

    With past off the field problem and recent suspension, sounds like Ford wasn't ready to be our dependable QB. Good luck to him though.

  • Mister Man

    Thanks for giving it a shot, Ford. Good luck to you.

  • Jeremy

    Who cares about Ford Childress? Give it up people. Not the end of the world. He wasn't that great anyways.

    • Harpers Ferry

      You know who else is not great? The rest of the players on the team and definitely the coaching staff.

      • Wow

        Chances are any kid on the team is better than you, well maybe not as good as bad mouthing kids.

    • wow

      I would say his parents care about him. Good luck Ford. The same could be said for you, who cares about Jeremy. His posts aren't that great anyways.

  • cutty77

    I'm happy for Ford. Because he made the Right Move. Never has WVU had This Much Drama around The QB Position,and this all Started When Trickett came to WVU. A High School Skills QB trying to play D-1 Football. But this one is on Dana and His Staff. He never would of Been playing for FSU,if it wasn't for Rick His Dad,and at The End His Dad ran him off.

    • dbm

      The drama started when he couldn't make it two months without getting arrested.

      He needs to grow up. He can do that in community college. Getting away from Holgorsen is just a bonus. He might land at a school with a decent coach.

  • pghmountaineer

    Good luck to you Ford. Hopefully you'll get coached up and in a system where you skills are utilized and refined.

  • richard

    i'm sure he came to wvu wanting to do his best and help wvu win. it just didn't work out for him. he had his problems it seems. sounds as if he got into some things he shouldn't and was punished for it. got mad and left. good luck to him. it's time to move on .

    • Rich

      Well said.

  • WVcoal

    Does anyone know why Holgerson suspended Ford before he left WVU?

    • Joe

      He was on academic suspension. He was gonna have to sit out first four games.

    • DAVE

      he was suspended for .not being a trickett

    • dan

      he couldn't stay off the booze

      • richard

        So? Neither can Holgorsen.

      • Marco


  • steve

    William-a person no one wants to be around

  • William

    That's Great -
    Get far away from "The Man In Black" Holgerson
    He's not the type of guy I would ever want my son around!

    • Jephre

      Neither are you, William.

  • Carson

    What a bust. And to think, he was supposed to have the torch passed to him from Geno.

    • HillboyWV

      Well he still has time. He is young and maybe he can get this thing turned around. Lets hope he does.