CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Two members of West Virginia’s congressional delegation seek answers from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control.

Second District Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito and U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin sent a joint letter to the CDC on Thursday asking it to further explain whether pregnant women should drink water in the Kanawha Valley following the contamination crisis that impacted thousands of residents in nine counties.

Capito and Manchin requested CDC Director Thomas Frieden answer their questions by Tuesday, Jan. 21. They claim the CDC has released confusing information about the acceptable levels of crude MCHM that leaked into part of the state’s water supply last week.

MORE: Read the full letter from Capito and Manchin.

“We are deeply disappointed in the CDC for recommending a screening level before receiving all relevant studies and information, which has resulted in confusion, fear and mistrust among Kanawha Valley residents,” the letter reads.

The CDC issued an advisory Wednesday recommending pregnant women in the nine-county region continue to drink bottled water until the levels of crude MCHM have left the water system.

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  • HOSA

    Freedom Industries files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy; lawsuits against company on pause

  • HOSA

    The Koch Brothers and the Teaparty Republicans want to eliminate all enviorenmental regulations so corporations can pollute the enviorenment freely in their quest for big bucks, without consequences. When will republicans wake up and realize that the people they are voting for, do not have their best interests at heart?
    Nearly every House Republican voted in support of HR 2279, including WV representatives, David McKinley and Shelley Capito. Only five Democrats voted in favor. Unbelievably, one of the five Democrats who supported this bill was WV’s Nick Rahall. The bill passed the House with 225 supporting votes and 188 opposing votes.
    The bill shifts the cost of clean up efforts onto the public.
    The bill also weakens the government’s power to force corporations like Freedom Industries to carry insurance designed to cover the cost of potential clean up efforts. Republicans claim they passed the bill because protecting citizens from the harmful effects of toxic spills is just “wasteful government spending.” The bill would shift the burden of the cost of clean up after such spills away from the companies responsible, and onto the public.

  • WV4ever

    Finally, Manchin is showing his true Republican colors! I have said this for years. Shelly, I am above working people, has fooled so many people just because she is anti-Obama and acts likes she is for coal. She is for coal operators, not the miners! No more kool-aid, people!

  • rick

    Yes...i believe we will soon have two Rebublican Senators in DC. Don't like Government until they need it. They should be getting answers from the chemical companies.

    • Uncle Unctuous

      Yes, lots of individuals and entities have things to answer for.

  • Aaron

    I listened to the Doctor's explanation from the CDC and he said essentially that with no know data of how the chemical would affect a fetus, it was common to issue do not drink advisories to pregnant women. That sounds reasonable to me.

  • Chris

    I guess Joe realizes who the next Senator from WV will be. I would love to see the look on Tenant's face when she saw this "endorsement" from Manchin.

  • stophating

    Whenever either of these clowns says something--you can be certain it's for one reason---to further their political careers in someway.

    Manchin wants everyone to forget that he is a gun control supporter, and Capito wants everyone to forget that she hates the working class.

  • STevein GA

    You can't blame WVAWC for this problem. They went with what they were told from the first moment on. They were lied to by Freedom as well as the rest of the valley.

  • Frank / Moundsville

    No, it was Freedom Industries and WV Water, and the state DEP that caused "confusion fear and mistrust".

  • medic1260

    Hey Shelly " I don't want the EPA" Capito Now you want answers from another Big Government Agency ......... hypocrite

  • Woodchuck

    I would like to see these two drink the water!

    • Harvey

      They have certainly spent enough time in their political careers drinking each others Kool Ade.

    • Jeremy

      good one