MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Amid the consternation that arose from West Virginia’s horrid 3-point shooting—4-for-25 horrid—against Texas on Monday night, it’s noteworthy that Texas was the worst 3-point defense statistically in the Big 12.

Come Saturday in Manhattan, Kan., West Virginia faces the best.

Kansas State is holding opponents to 26-percent 3-point shooting, by far the stingiest total in the Big 12.

Point guard Juwan Staten, after watching WVU repeatedly clank long jumpers against the Longhorns, said the offense needs to diversify.

“When the 3-point shot is going well for us, I think we can ride with it,” Staten said. “But when it’s not I, I think we have to find something else to do. I think we need to get shots closer to the rim. Maybe get fouled and go to the line. I think we tend to live and die by the 3, and we need to find other ways to score.”

Scoring in any fashion hasn’t come easy against K-State, which allows a league-low 60.1 points per game (11th-best nationally). Part of that is attributable to the Wildcats playing at a deliberate pace that holds down the number of possessions; but they also have a penchant for cutting off dribble drives, which forces opposing offenses to work deeper into the shot clock.

“They do a great job of help (defense) and sitting in gaps,” said West Virginia coach Bob Huggins.

Last season’s trip into the Octagon of Doom was especially gloomy for West Virginia, which trailed by 21 in the second half and fell 71-61, starting a seven-game skid to close the season. The Mountaineers’ five holdovers from that game—State, Eron Harris, Terry Henderson, Gary Browne and Kevin Noreen—combined to shoot 1-of-10.


Tipoff: Saturday, 1:30 p.m. in Manhattan. Kan (Big 12 Network)

Records: The Wildcats (13-4, 3-1) stand 9-1 at home with impressive victories over Oklahoma State, Gonzaga and George Washington. The loss, however, was a stunner: 60-58 to Northern Colorado—oh, that UNC—in the opener. West Virginia (10-7, 2-2) has split its first four Big 12 games in unusual fashion, winning twice on the road and losing twice at home.

RPIs: K-State is No. 35 and WVU is No. 87.

Coach: Since falling out of favor at Illinois, Bruce Weber (353-167 overall) has kept K-State on the rise, going 40-12 in his second season.

Kansas State top players: Freshman shooting guard Marcus Foster has made an immediate splash, topping the team in points (13.9) and minutes (29.1). He’s a versatile threat, leading K-State in 3-point tries and free-throw attempts. … Swingman Shane Southwell (11 points, 4.9 rebounds, 3.1 assists), forward Thomas Gipson (11.2 points, 6.2 rebounds) and guard Will Spradling (7.0 points, 2.4 assists) return after playing big minutes last season.

WVU roster notes: Juwan Staten’s superb season (17.1 points, 6.2 assists, 5.9 rebounds) hasn’t gone unnoticed. “Staten can get by anybody,” K-State’s Weber said in scouting the Mountaineers. “His numbers against Oklahoma State were phenomenal and that was against some of the better guards in the country. We definitely have to do a good job on Staten, especially in transition. We just showed highlights on him and it was just him going by people 1-on-4 or 1-on-5, just beating whole teams to the hoop.” … With Eron Harris (17.1 points) stuck in a shooting slump, Terry Henderson (12.2 points) is emerging as WVU’s most dangerous off-the-ball threat. … Devin Williams (9.6 points, 7.6 rebounds) was a non factor against Texas, producing two points and zero boards while struggling with illness.

Line: K-State favored by 4.

Prediction: K-State 74-64

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  • Teddy

    I expect WVU to win the remainder of their games AND the conference championship IF----we let the women's team play for the men's team!! OOOHHHH YYYEEEEAAAAHHHHHH!! But seriously folks---this is painful to watch. Two years of football follies and now the second year of basketball bloopers. I don't have the answer but I certainly hope someone in a position to do something about this train wreck does.

  • leroy j gibbs

    This is the day we turn things around and go on our winning streak!

  • William

    How bad does it need to get before "Sweatsuit" Huggins gets Fired?
    He is one of the worst coach's in WVU history!

  • leroy j gibbs

    All I can say is Let's go mountaineers!

  • Master of One

    Everyone is invited to come to Morgantown and watch:

    Oliver Luck’s “OLLIES FOLLIES” and his



    The dynamic Duo….Bob “Sweatsuit” Huggins and…Dana “The man in Black” Holgorsen

    You and your family will get to see…

    Your favorite Mountaineer teams lose…week after week after week…guaranteed!

    Hear Bob Huggins in his smock pullover sweatshirt cuss like a drunken sailor and watch him continually throw temper tantrums.

    See the dysfunctional basketball Coaching Staff that looks like the “Land of Misfit Coaches”.

    Watch a crazed $500,000 a year Joe deforest parade the sidelines with his hat turned around backwards.

    Watch Dana Holgorsen over & over again throw a $1200.00 headset to the ground and destroy it.

    Watch AD Oliver Luck occasionally sneak into games and then spend most of his time keeping tabs on Junior.

    Watch WVU radio announcers Tony Caridi and Jay Jacobs announcing ball games that no one in West Virginia can find on the radio…or the internet.

    Watch the basketball team run up and down the court and then try to find “West Virginia” on the front of their jerseys which is printed in “White” which is the exact same color as their “White” jerseys.

    Watch Eron Harris run up and down the court in his bright fluorescent Green socks.

    Watch as the Mountaineer basketball players focus upon “development” rather than “wins & losses”

    All of this and much more for only $25.00 plus $20.00 parking and only $ 9.00 for each beer.

    • ShinnstonGuy

      LOLOL. This is by far the funniest thing I have read in a while. Thank you!

  • Dave

    Most teams will have a game like the loss to Texas. It's the parity in college basketball. The Mountaineers have shown signs that they can be a good team. I have to believe as a Mountaineer fan, this team and Bob Huggins will get it back on track.

  • Hailey

    That's great news...WVU can go to their strength, the big men under the basket, Noreen may score 25 today

  • Pat

    Have to admit I stopped watching the Texas game when it was apparent we couldn't rebound. It was definitely a step back from Oklahoma state. Hope this one goes better.

  • don

    I see this game as a precursor for the rest of the season. If we take another whipping like we just took from Texas (also a very young team) then the chances of a winning season are very slim. Up until the Texas game I have been optimistic about this group but after watching complete domination by another young team I am beginning to think we are simply playing in the wrong conference as we may have some talented guys but just not big 12 talent. I hope they prove me wrong but we'll see.

    • The Wisetalker

      Huggs will "Fix it"

  • mad hatter

    i see they have beaten gonzage, okla , okl stat, and destroyed tcu at tcu,,,, hummmm and we're gonna right our ship sat...

  • Bryan

    Really Hatter?!? Some of you crazy fans seem to forget that Huggs took the team to 5 strait NCAA tourneys. Bad years happen, especially in a new conference. Go watch something else if you don't like what you see

    • mad hatter

      ha ha ha, drink that kool=aid and enjoy mediocrity, cause that's what you get when you have huggins asleep at the wheel
      i won't settle for ok, i want us competing for a big 12 championship every yr, or at least in the top three,, and i'll voice my opinion, unless you disagree with the first amendment.

      • Hailey

        Evey game I watch I slowly lose faith that Huggins can right the program....13 straight losses to ranked teams, those are more up to date stats

        • The Wisetalker


          Huggs needs more time to develop his young patient. Just think how great this team will be next year...

      • sput

        we like when you voice your opinion so you can stay in the running for the dumbest comments and to prove that you are in the running to see wuo knows the least about sports keep them coming

      • Aaron

        You don't have a first amendment right to voice your opinion here. Metro news can shut you up anytime they want.

        • mad hatter

          then why don't they shut you up

  • mad hatter

    i wish i had something to be optimistic about this team, but i see a total blow out by kstate.

    we might cling for the first ten minutes, but it will be over at half time.

    so sad, huggins has made an embarrassing mess of wvu BB... why don't the old man just fade into the sunset and let someone else bring our tradition of winning back to wvu.
    sad.. embarrassing, maybe two more wins this yr, thank you bob huggins.

    • stevewvu

      hey mad hatter you should be optimistic in the fact that you are old and miserable and probably won't be around much longer...therefore you will be put out of your misery you no good marshall troll.

    • Aaron


  • kyler

    going with my whole team hoping for a win or at least a good game.