The map turned all blue Friday afternoon with the Do Not Use order being lifted in Clendenin but areas of Putnam County remain under a "limited contact" water order.

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — West Virginia American Water Company turned its map all blue Friday afternoon. Meaning its Do Not Use water order had been lifted for all of its customers in the nine-county region impacted by the Jan. 9 chemical spill.

But there is still a problem in Putnam County where Friday morning test results showed a higher level of the chemical crude MCHM.

The company advised customers in Buffalo, Pliny and Frazier’s Bottom “not to drink and have limited contact” with their water.

(See latest zone map here)

WVAWC said:

“New water sampling results indicate additional flushing and sampling is required in this area until water quality sampling data can be determined.

While investigating a customer complaint, new sample results indicated a split sample result with one reading above 1 ppm and one reading below 1 ppm at a fire hydrant on a dead-end water main in Buffalo. To exercise the utmost caution, crews have conducted additional flushing in the area and will analyze additional samples collected before this notice can be lifted.”

Buffalo High and Buffalo Elementary schools sent students home early as a precaution.

Also Friday morning WVAWC lifted its Do Not Use order for customers in the Kanawha zones of Elkview, Pinch, Quick, Young’s Bottom, Wills Creek, Eskdale, Leewood, Ohley, Pond Gap, Coal Fork, Pointlick and Campbells Creek areas.

Clendenin was the last area cleared.

WVAWC has also issued a number of boil water advisories because excessive flushing by customers has drained water tanks in several regions.

Those boil water advisories are out for parts of Sissonville, Nitro, Cross Lanes and the Upper Kanawha Valley including Riverside, Paint Creek and Pratt.  

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  • Shawn

    Was there a website that has sampling results posted on it? I thought I saw one, but can't remember where......

  • leroy jethro gibbs

    what a cluster

  • Ed Wouldn't

    I wouldn't drink it or prepare and cook food with it. I'd also have reservations about bathing infants in it as well.

  • garbage water

    After this debacle, how would anyone with half a brain think this water is safe? Oh, don't worry, you may still smell something, but it's OK. Oh, don't worry, it's less than 1ppm (we think), but it's OK. Oh, we don't have any real standards telling us what the safe level is, but it's OK. Oh, only pregnant women and you children should not drink it, but it's OK for the rest of you. Is anyone buying this???

  • Chris

    Are they going to tell us when the chemical is testing at zero ppm?

    • Ed Wouldn't

      It's never going to happen. This chemical is now going to be a part of this area's drinking water forever.

      • AnxiousEER97

        I don't think that is accurate.

    • Rich

      I sure hope so.

  • concerned

    What a tragedy! Our elected officials failed us! The DEP needs to quit hiding in the loopholes. Some of these tanks have been there since the 30s-40s and then in the 60s! Oh right, not regulated!! There should be a disaster plan for every chemical that enters our state. Lawmakers: dissociate yourself from the coal industry and chemical industry or its time to be ousted. The next generation is a force to be reckoned with! We are sick of your lies. We are sick of your dirty politics. Our health is more important than corporate bottom lines. Shame on all of you elected officials!

    • leroy jethro gibbs

      wait till some terrorists get wind of this.

  • incredulous

    Kent Carper never misses an opportunity to run his rat faced mouth. I want him to come out and tell everyone why he was asleep at the wheel and never had a water plan for Kanawha County.

    Hey Kent Carper, your silence is deafening.


    • IW

      Skint Carper is to busy preparing a lawsuit against anybody that has a few dollars to line his pockets. He doesn't have time to be worried about us peons.

    • concerned

      Time for "king" Carper to be dethroned!

  • wvtd

    what is in the water tanks that needs to be sterilized? GOD help us all. who knows what effects this chemical will have on us in the future?

  • maggiedog


  • Vinman

    No way this water is going to be "safe" for a long time. Much longer than one week.

  • Larry

    This pretty much sums up how we feel about our allegedly safe water...uncertain.

  • incredulous

    How was it safe, then unsafe again???

    • concerned

      Maybe the Center for disease control should only be given access to our water and see if their recommendations change!!