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Daejuan Funderburk

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Standout safety Daejuan Funderburk watched first-hand last November as West Virginia surrendered 47 points in an overtime loss to Texas. Now the three-star recruit aims to help the shore up the Mountaineers’ defense.

Funderburk became West Virginia’s 20th commitment for the class of 2014 on Saturday, spurning at least 16 other FBS offers including Miami, Florida State, Pitt, Nebraska and Arizona. He told Rivals he was excited about the opportunity to compete for early playing time in the Mountaineers’ secondary.

His lead recruiter was WVU receivers coach Lonnie Galloway, who continues to mine the Washington, D.C., area for talented signees.

Rated by Rivals as the No. 41 safety nationally, the 6-foot-1, 188-pound Funderburk had committed to Temple last summer but reversed course after two months amid a flurry of heightened interest from power conference programs. He headed to WVU on Friday to begin an official visit.

Rivals senior writer Keenan Cummings announced Funderburk’s decision via WVSports.com.

“Funderburk is a bigger safety prospect, and he’s a hitter who will come down in the box and let runners and wide receivers know he’s there,” Cummings said. “He has good speed and a complementing change-of-direction and should be a fit at free safety or potentially nickel back. He needs to stay disciplined in coverage, but has a lot of upside in Morgantown.”

The Mountaineers have two other safeties in this class, including Northeastern Oklahoma A&M junior college transfer Keishawn Richardson, who enrolled earlier this month. Four-star safety Dravon Henry of Aliquippa, Pa., also committed Dec. 9.

Another safety, New Smyrna Beach (Fla.) prospect D’Cota Dixon, previously said he planned to visit WVU next weekend.
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  • mad hatter

    let's see, Malzahn won the broyles award, he was HC at Ark state
    he was OC at Aub, ark, and tulsa

    seems like he was qualified to be in major college football.. what has cogdell done on the college level other than play?

    • Jimi

      he got his first coaching job because of his High School QB it was a package deal they wanted the QB and they offered him the job

    • Allen

      Do not most college coaches start out in High School?

      Nehlen began his coaching career at Mansfield High School and then at Canton High School then McKinley High School. He was then hired as an assistant at Cincinnati University. Seems he did the same as Cogdell. I would be shocked if there were not 1,000 more that started the same way. You seem uneducated on how coaches get started. They are not born into college coaching.

    • Matt M

      Did I miss something? Was thus story about Cogdell?

    • B.R.


  • mike g

    Really? Let's see without research, the head coach of Auburn went straight from HS to OC for a D 1 school. The HC at Arizona State went straight from HS to coach at WVU. Worked out well for them and the school. Happens all the time.

    • mad hatter

      your date is faulty,, you seem to make things up as you go...

  • mad hatter

    when we start hiring coaches straight out of high school,, you know we are in trouble.

    Can you imagine penn state, pitt, syra. ala,texas, okla etc hiring high school coaches?

    NOw i'm not saying cogdell is a bad coach, he will just be in over his head for four or five yrs, until he catches up,,,,
    So as with holgerson, cogdell will be a work n progress trying to learn his trade on the big time level... we have stooped to a new low

    • Oh Did Ya?

      Art Briles from Baylor was hired out of high school. He has done ok.

    • Troll

      We? When did you start having a say on the hiring? Bury your head back in the sand or the Joan C. Edward Stadium turf doesn't matter which one just go away.

  • WV Grad

    Good choice young man. Let's get the Mountaineers in high gear and go huntin' in the Big !2!

    • BigMo

      You need your money back on that degree. Big!2. LOL

    • mad hatter

      what's the big 2?

  • Keith chambers

    Try and get Mack brown

  • Jim Koon

    I want more information on these athletes. We get all the ability on the field, we see the video, but we have recruited people of this caliber since Rich Fraud. who never made the grade in the classroom, and many, under Stewart, who never made it to the field. I personally would rather have a full team of 3 stars with brains, than a roster of athletic talented players. It is the major reason we have no depth now. And another question, it appears we are now up to 20 signees for 2014, is that not 4 more than we had room for? Who is leaving?

    • Jon

      Childress, Avery williams, Carswell. Coaches always oversign and get rid of players who are valuable to the program. Year to year scholarships, greedy and immoral but that's the way of college football.

      • Jon

        * not valuable

  • Mike

    We need guys with the stamina it takes to FINISH games. I don't think that heart is an issue.

  • Dub V Fan

    Really like this pick up. Looking at his video, reminds me of another Karl Joseph type player.

    • B.R.

      Hopefully he can defend the pass.

  • mad hatter

    let's be real,, we;re a 45 th ranked class.
    ranked sixth in the big 12, i hope the young man helps immediately.
    With the last two yrs. we have been worse than terrible on def. and off. and special teams stunk..
    Holgerson has ignored defense, and it certainly shows...Next HC we hire, let's hope Luck hires one who was a successful HC else where,,, Have we learned our lesson with holgie,, well, we hired cogdell with absolutely no college experience...
    But somewhere over the next ten yrs..i am hoping we turn this thing around,,,holgie will be here thru 2017,,, how low can we go.

    • Keith chambers

      Mack brown

      • Jim

        Rich Rod?

    • The Wisetalker

      We cannot go any lower...we are in he Abyss right now

  • Ike

    Don't forget Jaylon Myers. Glad to see the staff address the needs on the back end. This will allow for a complete re-shuffle and may move Dillon and Joseph up to outside backers. A little more help on the D line and I think this defense will be able to attack. Lets hope so. Coaches are doing a good job recruiting. Keep up the good work and bring us a couple big surprises to close out this class. You should use Fords spot to get another defensive player too.

  • Bob

    Welcome Daejuan to Mountaineer Nation. You are part of a special recruiting class that will help restore us back to prominence where we belong.
    All the best to you, newest Mountie.

    Denton, Texas

  • Grant

    Last year's class, this one, and next year's classes all look very good. Hopefully, it translates into results on the field (and I think it will)

    • Rufus

      These kids are picking wvu over the best on the ACC and sec and big 10. I always look to see who else offered. Really liking 2014 and 2015 class

    • dbm

      Middle of the road in the recruiting rankings by all major services. Why all the excitement?

      • Doug

        The last middle of the road class produced Pat White and Steve Slaton.

  • stevewvu

    Nice! Another great recruiting job by WVU's coaches. Let's Go Mountaineers!!!

  • Mike

    'Thunder Funder'

  • MountainMover

    Video on Daejuan ooks impressive.