DODDRIDGE COUNTY, W.Va. — An investigation is underway after nearly 200 animals were taken from a Doddridge County home Friday. Humane officers said the animals were living in inhumane conditions.

Officials spent several hours at the site and left with 104 cats, 19 dogs, one ferret and 55 birds.

Charges are possible against the owner but authorities said they want to help her find better living conditions. She was cooperative. She said she rescued most of the animals.


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  • Jacob

    She rescued and then abused them. We need stricter animal welfare laws.

  • Concerned

    Who do you talk to about adopting some of the birds?

  • Roswell

    She "rescued" most of the animals? How nice. She was cooperative (while they were putting a straightjacket on her). Off to the funny farm.

  • wvtd

    it sounds like she has mental health issues.

  • northforkfisher

    These places make me sick to hear about. Here where I live we have a couple of houses who run kitty mills. They will not have there cats fixed, so they have kittens having kittens. If that is not bad enough, all of the cats are inbred, sickly with sore eyes, and several other diseases.
    The cats roam the neighborhood looking for food because they can't feed all of them. If I have my dog out it has to be on a leash, that doesn't apply to the cat owners.
    The one lady accuses people of stealing the cats. If one dies, or if a stray is along the road she brings it home .

    • Digi13

      This sounds more of a horder than a breeder running a mill. She surrendered everything willingly, so that says she had the best interest of the animals in her heart, just afraid to ask or didn't know who to ask.