PRINCETON, W.Va. — A former Mercer County teacher faces an April trial on sex charges committed against students after a judge rejected his guilty plea Friday.

Jonathan Kirk, a former teacher and coach at Pikeview High School, was set to be sentenced Friday by Judge William Sadler. Kirk pleaded guilty last November to one count of sexual abuse and six counts of displaying obscene material to minors.


Jonathan Kirk

Judge Sadler rejected the plea and set the case for an April 15 trial. The judge said the plea bargain with prosecutors did not take into account Kirk’s role as a teacher, a position of trust. Most of the crimes allegedly took place on school grounds with teenage girls.

Kirk faced up to 20 years in prison in the plea bargain but now the case goes back to the original 18 felony charges. If convicted, Kirk could be sentenced to up to 100 years in prison.

The original charges include using minors in filming sexually explicit conduct; showing them obscene materials; sexual abuse; and soliciting a minor by computer.

Kirk remains in the Southern Regional Jail on $100,000 bail.


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  • Queef

    What a great guy. I support everything he's done.

    • Bobo Binkey

      I agree 100%, Mr. Kirk had his way with me a couple times, and I enjoyed it. As long as the molestation was pleasureful I see nothing wrong with it, whether the girls were underage or not.

      • Chief Queef

        Same with me. He's touched me on multiple occasions and I actually enjoyed it. He's a very peaceful pedophile. We should thank him!

  • WVWorker

    What happens if you get a few perverts on the jury and they say they have a "resonable doubt". He counld end up being aquitted. No case is a sure thing and 20 years is better than taking a chance that he could walk. You avoid the expense of a trial and forcing the victims to testify.

  • Felon

    Usually on these you have a family member or loved one defending the person.....seems this guy doesn't even have that....good, he can spend his life alone in PC (protective custody, which means he's alone 24hrs a day and locked in his cell for his own safety)

  • Frankly

    Send him to jail and introduce him to 'Mongo.'

  • Larry

    I would hate to be the defense lawyer that has to represent this guy, how can you try and argue for someone this twisted

    • Chief Queef

      He is not twisted! He had good intentions!

  • marine1

    This is a despicable animal who violated a sacred trust. These are children and this sick SOB has smeared all teachers and administrators with his self-serving crime.

    We only see the tip of the iceburg

  • Wow

    Great job judge, if he goes to jail and the is outed for what he is, he won't make it long. Not that I have a problem with that. He is truely not worth our tax money to feed.

  • northforkfisher

    There is some things that a plea bargain is okay for, sexual abuses of a minor should not be one. I'm glad to see the judge not accepting the agreement.
    Hopefully justice will do right by the victims, but that don't take the mental pain away.

    • Rick

      They accept plea bargains to keep the victims from having to testify.

      • Grant

        Exactly. I want the guy locked away for good too, but I hate to see these girls having to testify and face cross examination.

  • Digi13

    Bravo for you judge! You have set a great example! I hope others follow and that the prosecutor gets a reprimand for that plea bargain!

  • Hillbilly

    Off with his head !!!!!

    • mtmanstan

      Both of them!

  • WV Patriot

    Good for the judge to see that 18 years in prison was just a slap on the wrist. We trust teachers with the lives of our children, to grow and develope them. The harm this man has done to these kids is irreparable and the judge did right in rejecting the plea agreement. When and if this pedophile ever gets out of jail, he should no longer be able to molest a child again. This pedophile sentenced the children to a life of being a victim of one of the most horrendous crimes imaginable.

    • The bookman

      They should also publish the name of the prosecutor who agreed to the plea agreement. He needs to answer some questions to the public!

      • Grant

        Perhaps the families agreed to it to keep the girls from having to testify.

        • The bookman

          Perhaps, but the original charges of filming a minor and computer solicitation suggest there may be evidence that does not require direct testimony. The prosecutor needs to answer to the public why he would agree to such a reduced charge.


    Good for the judge.