As varying reports circulated about Jets quarterback Geno Smith being removed from a Virgin Airlines flight in Los Angeles, the details remained a he-said, they-said situation.

Either Smith was defiant about ending a cell phone conversation before takeoff and had to be ordered off the plane by the captain (as the airport official alleged), or an airline attendant unplugged Smith’s headphones and “threw them down” (as a supposedly pro-Geno source told ESPN New York). Whatever transpired, Virgin reportedly refused to rebook Smith, who left the airport via car service, according to the omnipresent eyes of TMZ. (In Morgantown, the folks at the Daily Athenaeum weren’t such tattlers.)

Back on the East Coast, Jets beat writer Rich Cimini wrote a quick-turn column on what Smith—who this season posted the lowest passer rating of any NFL quarterback with more than two starts—should learn from the incident. Cimini does the best he can, considering he was asked to glean real-world lessons from an event that only carries weight in the tabloid galaxy.

Smith wasn’t arrested and no incident report was filed, meaning it’s unlikely he’ll enter the disciplinary domain of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. And for positive spin, the episode elevates Smith to the pantheon of Alec Baldwin, who was booted off an American Airlines flight in December 2011 for continuing to play Words With Friends on his smartphone after the cabin doors closed. (Come to think of it, Baldwin’s blowup also occurred at LAX. Maybe it’s time for celebs to try the Orange County airport.)

Baldwin’s incident hardly became an impairment. Heck, within five months, he was charming the National Press Club with details of his runway regrets. Maybe Roc Nation will soon bring Smith to a banquet near you.

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  • Bross

    Hey Allen,
    Welcome to a week ago! This goes along with the news that gas just hit a $1.25 and Noel Devine has us in his top three for college choices. Try doing news that isn't over a week old!

  • cutty77

    This Just in. Virgin Airline told Geno they were sorry what happened,they could of done a better job. Just think if WCRC would do this. lol

  • Allen

    I see the sporting world has nothing else to write about until LOI day the NFL draft. Snooze.

  • Dave

    Sure thought Allen was a better writer than this. TMZ wantabe?

  • tw eagle

    the richest man in the world will be the one that finds the cure for STUPIDITY . . . yes, they picked on you cause you are black . . . and that outburst in Austin was because of someone in the stands . . . smiths idiocy is as much a "black eye" for WVU as pac mans proficiency at assaulting women . . .

  • leroy j gibbs

    Geno has the w vu curse

    • I said it

      No, he has a job...

    • tw eagle

      the WVU curse ? this turkey was waayyy stupid before he ever saw the hills of West Virginia . . . the only thing close to being a curse are coaching staffs that continue to troll the bottom of the barrel ( character wise) in search of "talent" . . .

      • TLC

        Are u real or do u just say stupid stuff for a laugh?

        • tw eagle

          am I real ? do you mean do I think smiths actions that have been made public paint him as an ignorant egomaniac ? yes , this I do believe . . . he's probably a little smarter than jonny football , but smith doesn't have the talent to overcome his ignorance - I doubt that you are happy , but I don't care . . .if you want to keep accepting his feeble excuses for less than stellar conduct - that is your privilege . . . I personally cannot accept the fact that anyone , other than a 12 year old who hero worships this turkey , would even try to justify his conduct . . .

          • tw eagle

            AAAhhhh . . . I was so wrong to think smith could do anything wrong . . . just got the true scoop . . . the fault lies entirely with the personnel on the plane . . . it appears that the union president for the VirginAtlantic airline personnel had bet their retirement account on the Jets to make the playoffs after the Jets drafted smith . . . this removal from the flight was to embarrass smith and exact some "revenge" for costing the crew all their retirement monies . . . SEE , now this was stupid and for a laugh. . . you tlc , and all the other 12 year old fans who worship smith can take this joke and make it your "truth" . . .

  • Tony

    I'm shocked this article was published. Not because of Geno Smith and his incident but because as I was reading it, it felt like I was reading something on TMZ's website. The way Allen wrote it is very tabloidish. His writing was probably easily influenced because he had probably just finished reading several tabloid style articles before he embarked on his own. This type of journalism has previously been foreign to the high integrity MetroNews network. I'm surprised the Vice President, Hoppy Kercheval, allowed this tabloid article to be published in its current form.

    • cutty77

      What do you expect from WVRC? They brought on Nolan Noreckie about how over-rated Geno was.The Final NFL QB ratings. There 40 or 41 QB's rated. Geno came in number 21,the only Rookie QB rated that high this year,and higher than alot of QB's He won 3 out of his last 4 games. But i never did see this anywhere on here. The Jets Finished 8 an 8. Out of 32 Teams only 11 Teams had winning records,they rest were 500 or worse. So The Jets and Geno did OK.

      • Harpers Ferry

        He had one of the lowest QB ratings in NFL history. His one good game this past year was against a horrendous Tampa Bay team. The defense is why the Jets were 8-8. They won 8 games in spite of Geno Smith, not because of him. Stop being such a homer.

        • cutty77

          I guess you can't read The NFL final stats. I'm maybe a Geno Suporter,but your Stupid. Its hard to over come Stupidy.

          • gv

            Overcome is one word, not that you are stupid or anything.

        • Greg

          I actually saw Geno play in person this year against the Carolina Panthers. He had a few bad plays but overall he played well despite a half dozen dropped passes from Santonio Holmes alone, getting sacked probably 8 times, no running to support him, and flubs by his special teams. Jets defense played OK at best but wasn't anything special. And in regard to this incident, let's let the facts come in before we condemn him why don't we? I'm sure someone with nothing better to do caught in on video on their cell phone. This is probably much ado about nothing at all

  • The Wisetalker

    Who cares?

  • RogerD

    As of late, Baldwin's fate hasn't been so positive. I believe he lost his Citi-Bank contract and his spot on MSNBC. These character flaws do come back and bite you at some point.