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Kansas State Wildcats fans get rowdy at Bramlage Coliseum, where the Wildcats romped to a 75-56 win over West Virginia.


MANHATTAN, Kan. — The deep-purple Octagon of Doom turned eight kinds of crazy when Bob Huggins returned with his West Virginia team Saturday afternoon. Check out the thread of in-game updates as the Mountaineers lost their third straight:

Thanks to 54-percent shooting and 20 points each from Southwell and Gipson, K-State buried WVU. Marcus Foster also scored 15 points in only 13 minutes for the Wildcats (14-4, 4-1), who have won all three meetings since West Virginia became a Big 12 member. The Mountaineers (10-8, 2-3), who shot a season-low 32 percent, got 21 points from Harris, along with 16 points and 11 rebounds from Staten. Troubling facet for the WVU point guard—he had seven turnovers against three assists.
KANSAS STATE 65, WEST VIRGINIA 42 (5:44 second half)
Remember when Huggins said his team “wouldn’t lay it down” like last year’s team? Well, today has the markings of a relapse. Kansas State suddenly looks like an offensive juggernaut and five of the nine West Virginia players to see action haven’t scored through the first 34 minutes.
KANSAS STATE 57, WEST VIRGINIA 34 (11:55 second half)
A 10-run put K-State up 55-30, relegating this one to laugher status. Now, what can West Virginia do to contain the embarrassment? Southwell has 20 points and Marcus Foster has scored 11 after playing only four minutes in the first half. … Updated data: Terry Henderson is 0-of-5 in 19 minutes, Juwan Staten has a season-high six turnovers and K-State leads 17-5 in assists.
KANSAS STATE 49, WEST VIRGINIA 30 (15:21 second half)
“We don’t guard,” said Bob Huggins after Monday’s loss to Texas. And his team is proving him right throughout 25 minutes today. Kansas State is making 62 percent of its shots overall. Gipson has 12 points, frequently catching the ball within arm’s reach of the basket, and the Wildcats are 8-of-14 from deep.
Welp, West Virginia didn’t accomplish much during the first 20 minutes, allowing the Big 12’s worst-shooting team to make 58 percent. That includes a series of open looks from 3-point range, where the Wildcats sank 5-of-10—quite a bit better than their 31-percent season average. … Combine poor defense with the Mountaineers’ worst offensive half of the season (30-percent shooting, eight turnovers) and the score differential makes perfect sense.
Twice WVU engages the halfcourt trap and twice K-State shreds it—getting a wide-open corner 3-pointer from Southwell, followed by a Southwell-to-Iwundu alley-oop. Southwell—the star of K-State’s narrow win at WVU last year—has been stellar, producing 12 points on 4-of-5 shooting with three rebounds and two assists.
KANSAS STATE 28, WEST VIRGINIA 15 (4:29 first half)
The Wildcats aren’t missing their foul-plagued leading scorer one iota. In the span of two possessions, K-State’s Will Spradling outwrestled Devin Williams for a rebound and K-State showed offensive patience to work an open 3-pointer by Wesley Iwundu. After Harris forced a 3-pointer that Shane Southwell deflected, Southwell leaked out for a layup. This game is looking a lot like WVU’s last trip to Manhattan.
KANSAS STATE 20, WEST VIRGINIA 13 (7:51 first half)
The Wildcats’ motion offense is generating open looks—or is it WVU’s stagnant defense? Through 12 minutes, K-State is 8-of-12 shooting, and West Virginia hasn’t answered, starting 4-of-13 and going more than five minutes without a basket. Thomas Gipson has eight points on 4-of-4 shooting, most of those right at the rim.
KANSAS STATE 15, WEST VIRGINIA 11 (11:55 first half)
K-State’s top scorer Marcus Foster gets handsy on the wing and picks up his second foul with 13:16 left in the half. One possession later, D.J. Johnson gets his second foul, thanks to Devin Williams pump-faking from 18 feet and then driving the lane. … K-State is 6-of-8 from the floor and 3-of-5 from 3-point range.
 WEST VIRGINIA 8, KANSAS STATE 5 (15:56 first half)
Eron Harris apparently left his slump in Morgantown, where he had gone 1-for-13 from 3-point range in his last two games. Well, he has more 3-pointers in the first three minutes today than he had in the losses to Oklahoma State and Texas. He drained one from the top of the key off a pass from Terry Henderson, followed by one from the right wing off a drive-and-pitch by Juwan Staten.
K-State tumbled out of The AP Top 25 on Monday after losing at Kansas. But the Wildcats promptly knocked off Oklahoma and could spring right back into the rankings with a follow-up win over West Virginia today. Bruce Weber’s team has come miles since dropping its season opener to Northeern Colorado.
Today’s game is part of Legends Weekend at K-State, with 42 lettermen returning to campus for various events, including a halftime shoutout. For college basketball historians with a memory that stretches back a half-century, K-State will honor its 1964 Final Four team.
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  • wvrefugee

    Who else is tired of Huggins blasting our students and fan base on the pre-game radio show???? Go somewhere else if you're not happy here!

  • mad hatter

    when someone disagrees with the other posters about huggie, and a HOF coach, we are protrayed as "not really true eer fans".. well i view you people as ones stuck in a mediocrity zone, in which you drink the kool-aid and agree agree agree with huggins.
    well i don't , and i am a fan, and if someone doesn't hurry up and address our coaching problem, we will land in a huge black hole so deep the big 12 may consider booting us out.
    Huggins, at his salary, should have done a lot better job hiring assistants, coaching , recruiting, and presenting himself in a better light to the public...
    WVU deserves better lots better, and he just keeps saying he';ll fix it,,, well, we aren't even close, accept it, we're not getting better , we are getting worse and Huggins is about to lose this team as he did last yr,
    and in the off season he once again will run off three or four, and we'll stay young , so he'll have the same excuse next yr.

  • Eers4ever

    I feel bad for the kids. I blame this mess entirely on the head coach and his staff.

  • Woodchuck

    Hey the girls are awesome!

  • Woodchuck

    Girls won!

  • Tim C

    Folks, we have a serious problem in the BBall program. Something is drastically wrong with this team. They either have no heart or no talent...... Huggs teams usually play hard defense but this team is soft on defense. The guys don't know where to go on defense half the time. Is that a result of poor coaching or poor BBall IQ? Their motion offense lacks both motion and offense. It's obvious some of these players are not putting in the time in the gym. Their game is deteriating as the season goes along.

  • Jack

    Coach Beilein emphasized recruiting players with character. Why would anyone recruit players that are not eligible academically or have a criminal record. Makes no sense. A team should play hard from start to finish and you hope they can be competitive. No one wants to be embarrassed. Paying coaches millions of dollars and spending millions to upgrade the facilities, they should have a better product on the field and the court.

    • BigMo

      Jack, I agree with your post. Coach Beilein understood WVU's limitations, it's advantages and how to win in Morgantown. The basketball practice facility was wasted on Coach Huggins plus the outrageous salary he is paid. Coach Beilein was a class act that did not fit in with the guys that wanted coach Huggins back. The Mike Garrison appointment as president opened the door for this hire. Huggins friends in Charleston, which are on the BOG and administer the Ruby Trust pushed the hire. Of course they were helped by the past AD and the governor. I think Hoppy refers to him as Mojo. Now we have a coach that carries significant baggage from the past and can't seem to win with his own players. It's the typical WV story that has played for years. Politicians and people with some power making bad decision for the hire of another good ole boy. Oliver Luck caves to the same pressure and signs the long term contract. Fans suffer the consequences.

    • mad hatter

      i think Luck gets a kickback from both holgie and huggins,,, no one in their right mind would give out such contracts unless there is a reward,,, right oliver.

  • Ole Sasquatch

    Lot of chasing on defense. I suggest using more zones. Also, I don't like our big men outside chasing on defense when they are suppose to be rebounding. Also, I don't see any sense in trying to block a shot after they have already shot. Now you can't get a rebound or block out. Kansas St. & Texas had a ton of wide open shots, due to good passing and overplaying on our behalf.
    Mentally we need to be a lot tougher. Right now Staten is the only man on the team. Willaims is getting there. Everyone else is whining. Watkins needs to realize every shot he takes should go into the center of the basket as opposed to just throwing it up. He does have good timing on shot blocking but you have to bounce back on your feet and rebound right away. Offensively - we don't have good offensive plays and despite what a lot of people say, we are not taking good shots. We have shooters if they are open long enough; and they take their time. Adrian and Dibo try to shoot too fast. Harris needs to lose the happy feet on offense. I want to see dominant physicality from our people without the fouls. Coaches need to be able to teach that. I don't like to see a team smiling and laughing while they are beating us. Our players should take that personally. If they don't, they simply don't have what it takes.

  • Will

    The reporters are scared to ask him real questions in the post game conference..

  • William

    Only way to FIX IT -
    Fire "Sweatsuit" Huggins!

  • Troll

    Just checked the Marshall - Tulsa post maybe you Herd folks should go over there and post it's empty now, besides they don't seem to be doing any better than WVU.

  • mad hatter

    the girls beat okla, and marsha lost, so today wasn't a total loss

  • cutty77

    No Bench points other than Gary Browne. You can't play in any Conference with 6 maybe 7 true Basketball Players. This Teams legs are gone from all the minutes they are playing. Staten looks very good i might add.

    • The Wisetalker

      But didn't Huggins comment earlier that he didn't need many players to win?

      Yeal...I thought so.

  • The Wisetalker

    Huggs will "Fix it"

  • leroy j gibbs

    Carey for men's basketball coach