BUFFALO, W.Va. — After being told not to drink the tap water for the second time in a week, residents in parts of Putnam County received another “all clear” from West Virginia American Water Company on Saturday.

The second advisory was lifted for Buffalo, Frazier’s Bottom and Pliny on Saturday afternoon following additional flushing of the water lines and testing for MCHM, the chemical that leaked into the Elk River on Jan. 9 and made it into the water supply for more than 100,000 WVAW customers.

It was a repeat for that part of Putnam County where the do-not-use order was first lifted Wednesday, but reinstated on Friday to, water company officials said, “exercise the utmost caution.”  They said test results for MCHM, following the lifting of the first order, found higher levels of MCHM than the one part per million (ppm) the Centers for Disease Control recommends.

The leak happened at Freedom Industries on Jan. 9.  It was Friday, Jan. 17 before customers in all WVAW zones, in parts of the affected nine counties, were cleared to start the flushing process and resume regular tap water usage.

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  • I'm honest at least

    Don't worry our wonderful government will tell us soon........we all know the scum and crud eventually rises to the top.

  • 19WVU76

    How many times do they have to clear it before it's all clear? Can someone clear that up for me?

    • susanf1218

      The answer is unclear, but clearly this is a murky matter!

      • wvtd

        the owners of freedom industries should go to prison for a very long time but they have probably left the country.