MADISON CREEK, W.Va. — Residents of one Logan County community will have another route out this week when a new causeway, crossing the Guyandotte River at Madison Creek, opens to traffic.

“It’s pretty neat to see when you go down there and look at it,” said Carrie Bly, spokesperson for the state Division of Highways, of the structure which is called a causeway and not a bridge because the water from the Guyandotte River will actually flow through culverts along part of it.

“It’s going to be safe to cross and we’re hoping residents there are going to use it as the primary route,” said Bly.  “Because we are still doing work along Madison Creek Road where the slide occurred.”

A December mudslide along Madison Creek Road cut off access to the Madison Creek community for almost two weeks.  Boats were used to ferry in supplies and carry out residents.

As work continues on the nearby Route 10 improvement project, which will provide another permanent way into the area, residents will be encouraged to use the causeway.  “The causeway is temporary,” said Bly.  She estimated it could be in place for a year.

The causeway was scheduled to open to traffic on Monday or Tuesday.

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  • ShinnstonGuy

    How long will this fix last? If it will last ten years, then I say we let the current roadway just sit there and work on more immediate issues. We are in a highway crisis here people!

    (If it won't last that long, then go ahead and fix it of course.)

  • Ed Wouldn't

    Internet and pictures are made for one another. Let's give it a try, shall we?