CHARLESTON, W.Va. — State workers would be paid every other week instead of twice of month in a bill introduced at the legislature.

The governor’s bill would change the current pay distribution system. State Auditor Glen Gainer said the change is long overdue.

“Wage and hour law in West Virginia actually requires employers to pay bi-weekly. However, when that change was made we did not have the ability with our existing payroll system to pay bi-weekly,” Gainer said.

State workers are now paid at the middle and end of months. Getting paid every two weeks would provide three paydays in a few months each year.

The bill only changes two words in current state law.

“We’re saying we’ll pay no less than twice a month, which will allow us to fall in comfortable with everybody else,” Gainer said.

The bill is currently before the Senate Government Organization Committee.


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  • John McCullough

    A long, hard look needs to be taken regarding the bi-weekly pay proposal. The real impact on many state employees could be far more negative than positive, especially in terms of actual monthly take-home pay. For the majority of months, that take-home pay will be less than under the current system. Any change in the system should benefit the employees who are served by it; this proposal will not provide any real benefit.

    • State Worker

      For me personally I will have $300 less per month than I have now for 10 months out of the year. Yes the extra payday for the 2 months will be nice, but I really can't afford to take that much of a pay cut for the other 10 months of the year. For most state workers a $300 difference is a lot. Maybe not for those who make the decisions, but they never have the little guys best interest at heart anyway.

  • Gigi

    Will it require more people in the Auditor's office? If so, I am for it - maybe I can get a job working for Mr. G. We need to hire more people to work for the government.

    • Cindy

      That's not how the state works. Every state agency I've worked for has required us to do the same amount of matter how many people are there to do the work. The people leave & they only replace 1-2 when it's gets to the desperation point of drowning after months. If it does require more work...they don't care. Get 'er done. That's their motto.

  • okay

    I really like this idea as a state worker. People are whining about having to re arrange their bill payment schedule- all you have to do is call the company to change it.

    I think this will make it easier in the long run, I would rather have more pays a year than the current system.

    And be glad that you have the job that you have! So many people don't get the great benefits that we get working for the state. (Though I do feel for folks who work at the DMV, that has to suck. I'm sorry.)

    • syd

      Wrong. It makes it impossible to set up. If you have your mortgage and car payment (for example)automatically taken out on certain dates, you can set that date so one comes out from the first paycheck and the other from the second.

      You can't do that with biweekly pay periods. The dates you get paid will change every month.

      • State Employee

        So you're saying mortgage and car payment companies have no option for payments made every two weeks? Your full payment cannot be split and have two due dates? Or, pay your first payment in full, then start sending money every two week. They wont send it back, they apply it to your account and you pay off your loan earlier.

        That's how I got out of credit card debt.

      • okay

        So people with normal jobs with bi-weekly pay can't pay their mortgage or car payment?

        • State worker

          Sure they can. That is because you know when you are going to get paid. State workers have set them up based on how we are paid now. What if your company decided to go to a different pay date. You would complain too.

    • Less Money

      Do you realize that 10 months out of the year you will be bringing home less money? Example: If your current salary is $24,000 /yr, your salary $1000 / pay period.

      With the new proposed pay system you will still make $24,000 / yr., however your monthly total will fall to $923.07 / pay period for 10 months out of the year. Yes you will have two months when you will draw this amount 3 times, however, can you afford a $77 /per pay period decrease for the other 10?

      • WhgFeeling

        WOW Mr. Mathmatician your brilliant. You will recieve the same amount of money throughout the year. Get over it and be thankful for the job you have.

      • Aaron

        You'll be paid 26 times versus 24.

  • WhgFeeling

    Wow after reading many of the comments I see why state employees get such a bad wrap for not being the smartest.......

  • Cindy

    I work for state as well. I'd like to know if they'll continue to take health insurance out of one pay check or if they'll take it out if every paycheck. My check that it comes out of takes a hard enough hit as is without it being a smaller check to begin with. That's s my problem with it. I can change my bill schedule around.

    As for the pay know what will happen now...that $21 extra a pay will go towards the health insurance premium raise that will more than likely happen in July. That's usually how it works.

  • John

    Can we get our retirement checks delivered every two weeks? You know, we only get paid once a month. Governor and Mr. Gainer, we old senior citizen would sometimes get paid 3 times in one month, too. But again, who cares for the retirees? WV won't even consider a COLA as most states do for their retirees.

  • blackwater boy

    You can keep your new pay schedule!! How about giving us a decent raise. It is pitiful that state employees ( most of us anyway) are working poor. That "raise" you just decided to give us $504.00 a year, What a joke!! after you get done taxing it we will be lucky to see a $2.00 increase in pay. How about a cost of living increase, like you give the teachers? I know teachers are important but are they more important than the rest of us?

  • So

    I don't want smaller paychecks even if you do get two more pays a year.

  • Plopaganda

    This is long overdue. I used to work a state job and hated the pay date system. While I worked there, they changed the dates to submit time sheets to be every other week but kept the pay schedule the same. It was ridiculous.

  • State Worker

    That is just great. Most state workers have their bills set up on the current pay day system. This will cause a major headache to change them around. Also your paycheck will be smaller. I like it the way it is. Just another way to screw up state workers!!

    • Jonesy

      26 paydays vs 24 paydays a year. Been doing it for years. Before that I got paid weekly (52 paydays). It's not that hard. Considering a near 14% U-6 unemployment rate, which is still in the top 20% of income in the world, be thankful.

    • Aaron

      Perhaps you should seek employment in the private sector.

      • syd

        And maybe you shouldn't whine when you get lousy service from a state employee making minimum wage.

        • Aaron

          Am I to believe with added pay, public employee rudeness would be eradicated?

      • The truth

        Many do just that everyday.

  • WV Worker

    I will be glad to get paid every other Friday. Sometimes its almost 3 weeks between paydays and it makes it harder. I hate months with 31 days, get pay on the 16th and 31st. Very long month. Also working 40 plus hours and having to take time of is not right. This way at least some will get a little extra, not much but some. The yearly pay will be the same just divided up differently.

  • Monty

    Dale, most employees are on direct deposit, those that aren't will be soon.

    Think of the accounting nightmare now, some months have 30 days, some 31 and Feb bounces between 28 and 29. The number of hours in a pay period is always changing when you pay twice a month. With this change, a pay period is 2 work week, 80 hours always. Things just got a whole lot easier. With the state switching over to the new ERP system, the time is right for this change.

  • Dale

    It will cost to process extra checks not to mention the extra accounting.

  • William

    I think it is time the government starts playing by the same rules it enforces on private industry. My wife works for the county/state and if she works more than 40 hours a week she gets "comp time" why is that fair?
    I have to pay employees time and a half.

    • Aaron

      Tell her to file a complaint with the Department of Labor.

    • desperate

      It's especially not fair when the DOH gets paid overtime.

      • Beekeeper

        Not everyone. Some DOH workers also get comp time.

  • Dale

    Good grief. What's this gonna cost tax payers?

    • Bill

      The employees should really like this, every two weeks is a lot better they twice a month. Getting paid every two weeks means your pay check will always be the same amount, unless there is overtime pay included in the pay period. With direct deposit there should not be any, are very little cost associated with the move.

    • The truth

      Nothing, do you seriously think they would do anything to help state employees. The already small checks will just get smaller.

      • Why

        You still receive the same amount of money in the end. The checks might be smaller but you get more of them.

        • The truth

          Yes, but I have my bills set up to pay in a certain way. I can tell you not much is left over for most state employees.

          • Why

            I am a state employee and I look forward to every 2 weeks. At least I know what my check will be now. Plus those long months will not be quite as hard making ends meet.

          • Jephre

            You might need to make some adjustments, but overall it's much better to know you'll be paid every 14 days instead of having some pay periods be 17 or 18 days. It means you'll get 26 slightly smaller paychecks per year instead of 24. Bottom line will be the same.