NEW MANCHESTER, W.Va. — Three teenage students at Oak Glen High School died in a weekend car wreck.

The three teens, all 16, were in a car that collided head-on with a New Manchester Volunteer Fire Department vehicle headed north on state Route 8. The crash happened near the entrance to Tomlinson Run Park at about 9 p.m.

Police said firefighters were responding to a chimney fire when the victims’ vehicle attempted to pass a slower vehicle and collided with the fire department truck.

The driver, Krystyn Butcher of Newell, and passenger Kaylin Rice of Chester were killed instantly. The third person in the car, John Snow III of New Cumberland, died Sunday in a local hospital.

Three firefighters were transported to the hospital, treated, and released.

An investigation into the crash continued Monday.

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  • Matt & Lisa Sodergren

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. God Bless!

  • Jon

    Very sad. That road is very lots of WV roads. For the people questioning it...the visibility is likely limited on roads that have lots of curves...if you take a car passing another car and a fire truck responding to a fire...they were likely both traveling at high rates of speeds which would make a collision that more imminent. I see people pass all the time with little room to spare and have witnessed some close safe!

  • Rich

    Prayers for the families.

  • jenny

    We hear every day about turning kids loose with a drivers license. this is what happens more often than not. Kids can never go fast enough & sometimes adults

  • Kelly

    So horrible. I know this road is kind of winding as I went to school at Oak Glen as a kid. But I wonder if the driver was distracted. Te fire truck would have had it's lights on if responding to a fire and likely their siren.

    Please students keep the radio down, put your phone up and just drive. I hope the families can find comfort in their lose. It's just so tr.agic

  • jay ziehm

    my prayers go out to the families of the students killed, Its a shame this had to happen. was any violation involved with t
    these students driving after dark. I hope not god bless all involved.

    • Crystal

      No disrespect intended, but if you're passing a car and you hit a fire truck head on, that's a pretty egregious violation. Does it matter if it was after dark or not?

      • ron "from morgantown"

        There will be plenty of time to sort out the details. Now is time to pray for the grieving families who lost love ones in a terrible accident . I can't imagine the heartache that those families must be going through . One day you have your children and in a moment they are gone. So sad .