MetroNews listeners share images of the snow in their neighborhoods.

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  • Mike

    The bird pics are real.. There are two of them that seems to be from the same person, Probably has a good camera and does this as a hobby or even professionally. That is what a good camera and expertise will get you. GREAT PICTURES!!

  • griff

    But the cardinal pix at least is a nice pix

    • Sandy

      Why would they publish such bad pics of WV Snow?

    • Ron "from Morgantown"

      Ya if it were real but it jus can't be , because its too perfect .

      • wow

        There is snow flakes between the bird and the person taking the pic. That is what a male Cardinal looks like. Why take shots at some ones picture of a bird in a tree. Its a good pic and not hard to find. wv has both trees and male Cardinals.

  • Ron "from Morgantown"

    My guess is that the photo of the cardinal can't be real - its too perfect . Probably a photoshop of the cardinal into the picture .

    • dw in wv

      A mail cardinal is a beautiful bird. God made them perfect. Come on, it's the state bird.

  • Hop'sHip

    Thanks. I'm stuck here in the office and you have me wishing I was home feeding the birds. As if I wasn't depressed enough.

  • 19WVU76

    Is that Christmas lights that are still up? The goat is like..Baaaaah, are you kidding me? Maybe the gub'ner will declare another state of emergency. Uncle Sam dollars come in handy around here.