BECKLEY, W.Va. — A Raleigh County woman was sentenced to two to 13 years in prison Tuesday in connection with the death of her son.


Brandy Smallwood

Brandy Smallwood, 28, pleaded guilty last October to felony child neglect. She left her 2-year-old twin sons with her new husband James Green on Feb. 8, 2013 while she went to pay a drug debt.

Prosecutors said before she got home one of the sons was dead, the other severely injured. They had been beaten by Green. He has pleaded guilty to the death.

The couple had gotten married earlier on the day of the incident. Prosecutors said they sold a car for $2,000 and spent the money on oxycodone.


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  • crazy nate

    She is so hot! Another good one taken away! The system is just so harsh, the system should give her probation, she should be thought of as a "crime stopper", that's one product of a couple of pillpillys , that won't be around to steal/drop out of school/get on the system for being (slow.....due to pill headed sperm donors) .....she is a hero I tell you!!

  • Darren

    Certainly tragic. The husband obviously should be jailed for life. but how can u prove "Neglect" charges when she leaves him with her husband. Does this mean that every drug addict could be sentenced for neglect. On second thought, not such a bad concept.

    • Additonally

      Darren, my guess is the murdering husband had a history of abuse of which she was fully aware.

  • WVgirl

    Why do we need a license to cut hair, but not to have kids?? hmmmm.... Hope this lady and her "husband" burns in hell!


    She's a waste of humanity !

  • knows

    Just legalize the stuff....let them overdose if that's what they choose from overuse and let them weed themselves out society. Obviously law enforcement is overwhelmed. It would save $$ too b/c we would need less cops

  • wvtd

    I hope she does the whole 13 years. the kids never had a chance. drug addicts can not take care of themselves let alone children. drug test welfare recipients with kids and give the kids a chance with a family that loves them.

  • 19WVU76

    T-totally blowed out of her mind in this pic. Assuming this is the booking photo, I see no evidence of tears or remorse.

  • chasmo

    All I can say is : BEYOND BELIEF !!!

  • mauldawg

    Because of her one son is dead and the other son hurt. She gets 2-13 years for the death of one son. How does this happen. I guess the life of the unborn baby means nothing why should the life of a baby mean any thing more. How sad is the WV court system.

  • nobody

    So sad. I hope she spends a long time in jail.