CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Members of Charleston City Council’s finance committee will meet behind closed doors Tuesday evening to discuss possible legal action the city may take in connection with the recent water emergency.

Mayor Danny Jones said city leaders need to decide which way to go after an estimated $120,000 in tax revenue was lost because of the chemical spill that resulted in the water emergency.

The full council could discuss the issue after the finance committee meeting.

Kanawha County Delegate Meesha Poore gave her fellow House members a big thank-you Monday in connection with the crisis.

Poore said the delegates stepped forward with lots of supplies to help residents.

“The question has been answered about West Virginia,” Poore said. “What are we doing for others? And you’re helping all West Virginians and I want to say thank you,” Poore said.

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  • Barfly

    When the bottom feeders finally wrap up their class action suits, each plaintiff will be awarded around 97 cents each and a free bottle of water.

  • Richard L.

    Double Down Danny needs to save us all some time and jump off of the South Hills Bridge

    • BH

      Apparently the Mayor's concern was not public health but rather B and O taxes. Priorities.

  • Mr. Clean

    Danny Jones has never met a fee he wouldn't like to increase or a new tax to impose on the citizens. Danny Obama Jones.

  • cutty77

    Hey Charleston, you have already said your not going to give your Loyal Customers a break on their sewage bills. When are you going to Man Up like The Rest of Us,and Do The Right Thing. With this kind of leadership its no wonder Charleston is always broke. Its always me,me,me First.

  • Aaron

    They can sue but what will be the end result. Freedom has already filed bankruptcy and given that they have set liability insurance policy, I'm sure that money will be accounted for quickly, likely by WV American Water Company.

    As for WV American Water, given that they abide by public utility rules they are allowed to recoup any cost they incur from the public thus any suit against WVAW will be passed back to customers.

    The question that needs answered is did WVAM do something for which they should be punished and if so, how much culpability do they have.

    I do believe they should have a back up intake the Kanawha and that should have known what was above the current intake and tested for it but to be honest, I don't see how WVAW has acted in a way that thousands of citizens should profit from them as a result of this incident.

    • mark

      exactly right ! can't get blood out of a turnip

  • mike

    If they sue, then explain to all the local business's of St. Albans and Nitro who they should sue after taking an eleven month bridge outage. Eleven months, not eleven days. Where was the financial aide to these business's? Did they get any help?

    You know, stuff happens. We all need to work together to move forward. In this sue-first economy (and other business's are watching our behavior) nobody wants to help. It's circle the wagons, pull your head in, me first. God forbid that we would just pull together and fix the problem without worrying who was going to sue us first.

    Unless you have ever made a mistake in life, you have no idea what Freedom Industries and Am-Wv Water are going through right now.

    Lets fix it and move on, learn from it and try to prevent it from ever happening again. Let's leave the crosses on the ground for now.

    • Cigarman

      I agree Mike

    • Plopaganda

      There's a world of difference between having to find an alternate route and not being able to have clean water. One is a matter of convenience, the other is vital for life.

      • Charleston

        I was thinking that very statement, Plo!

  • Steve in GA

    Apparently Ms Poore doesn't know her home state very well. That question had been answered years ago. Since I was a kid growing up in WV, I've always known how West Virginians go above and beyond to help those in need, both at home and around the world!

  • rick

    Everybody will be suing the water company and the chemical company.

  • Dollar Danny Says

    Perfect excuse to raise the user fee. Again.

    • Dollar Danny

      I've drank worse in Vietnam.

      • Chucktown

        I heard your drug addict, criminal son won the Rough and Rowdy Brawl, you must be beaming with pride.

        • Dollar Danny

          Watch how you talk to me! You'll pay 3$ instead of just one.

        • The Fix Was On

          I was at rough and rowdy, Drug Jones lost two different fights. Somehow, our taxpayer money paid the judges off.