CHARLESTON, W.Va. – Builders and city leaders cut the ribbon Wednesday on the Four Points Sheraton, capping a $15 million renovation of the hotel that opened in 1966.

During the past year, the 12-story structure formerly branded as a Ramada Inn was remodeled from top to bottom by BBL Carlton.

“About the only thing that is original to this hotel is the concrete,” said Keith McClanahan with BBL Carlton. “The floors, the ceilings, the furniture—all new. Elevators, all new HVAC systems.”

McClanahan said the company was determined to keep the hotel open and operating as normally as possible while the building underwent a massive overhaul.

“There were times with the construction going on, it was a little disruptive,” admitted McClanahan. “Overall I think everybody is happy, everybody is pleased. I know I am.”

The Four Points Sheraton sits across the street from Haddad Riverfront Park, has 176 guest rooms, conference space and the restaurant Recovery Grill. BBL will soon begin work on the top two floors of the hotel which will become condos.

McClanahan stressed the architects wanted to bring the former Holiday House back to its glory days.

“All those months, of saying ‘We’re going to get there. We’re going to get there.’ We are here,” said McClanahan.

Despite the single-digit temperatures Wednesday morning, McClanahan joined Charleston Mayor Danny Jones and representatives from Sheraton cut the ribbon outside the hotel.

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  • Frank & Helen Tsutras

    Good luck and best wishes for a successful project, hopeful that when fully operating it will bring in many "outside" dollars, create many jobs for our people, and provide many tax dollars for to keep governmental folks happy. and including a profitable conclusion.
    Frank G Tsutras, 6264 Glenwilton Lane, Williamsburg, VA. (Hometown-Williamson, Mingo County)

  • Ed Wouldn't

    The exterior is still 1960's nothing special.

  • BH

    BBL Carleton did an excellent job. The hotel needed a complete overhaul. I attended a conference there 3 years ago and was shocked at the deterioration of the facility. Including the food and service. This is good for Charleston.

  • Rob

    I remember the Top of the Inn many years ago. My parents would take us there for our birthday and let us drink a Shirley Temple. Great times.

  • Mason County Contrarian

    Nice hotel, bring your own water though.

  • Jephre

    Best place in town to see the Regatta - when there was a Regatta.

  • Joe

    It was the Holiday Inn Charleston House.......never ever was it referred to as the Holiday House! geez

    • Mike

      Thanks for saying it Joe. How hard is it to correctly get a fact as basic as that? Oops, sorry, I just saw who wrote the story. As you said....geez!

  • Todd

    Hope they got the blood stains cleaned up from the shooting our new years eve.