CHARLESTON, W.Va. – Calling Freedom Industries greedy and shameful, Charleston Mayor Danny Jones criticized the company’s response to a chemical contamination that impacted the city’s water supply.

Some 12 days after an above-ground tank at Freedom leaked at least 7,500 gallons of the chemical MCHM into the Elk River. Freedom Industries president Gary Southern claimed Tuesday he didn’t know the chemical PPH also had been mixed into the MCHM as an additive.

The chemicals flowed down the Elk into West Virginia American Water Company’s supply at the Kanawha treatment facility and then carried through the pipe system to 100,000 customers in a nine-county area.

Jones said Wednesday that Freedom doesn’t seem to know what it’s doing.

“I’m not sure they knew. I wonder if they knew,” Jones said. “I wonder if those renegades that are on that property know exactly what they have or they even care!”

Almost two weeks after the spill, many across the region are still afraid to drink the water.

Jones said Freedom seemed more interested in protecting their assets than the health of 300,000 people.

“I think (Freedom) is interested in one color and that’s green and to hell with the people that are affected by it,” he said.

Like MCHM, few studies have assessed the long-term effects of PPH. However, chemical experts said it is less toxic than MCHM.

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  • William

    This kind of an incident happens all the time in every state. Water supplies are ruined and people's lives are ruined and also their health,not to mention the children who are born with birth defects. Camp Lejune in N.C knew for decades the water was full of radioactive poisons but chose to do nothing and that is a branch of the Federal Government.
    Love Canal in New York is the most famous case with Lois Gibbs as the spokes person.
    Corporate Greed is the Cancer of society!

  • Gary Karstens

    It is pretty much out there that once Jones is done as mayor he will be hosting "Political Line" 8AM-10AM on Metronews stations. He loves and has always loved mic time. Get ready for heard it hear first.

  • Jethro

    Danny Jones provides good leadership for Charleston because Danny is all about doing what is best for Charleston.


    and just like Kent Carper people vote him back in year after year after year

  • GregG

    King Danny User Fee Jones calling someone greedy? REALLY?! What a piece of work! Well to hell with you Hypocrite Jones, you pompous ass.

    • Todd

      I couldn't have said it better myself.

  • Michelle Bowers

    The passing of the buck is interesting. Not just from the mayor (because frankly it's not his job to write, pass, or enforce environmental laws). While Freedom Industries is certainly to blame for the spill, what about the lack of laws and regulations and oversight? I suppose companies like Freedom were to write and pass those as well? There are laws in place, you say! Abide by them, you say....HMMMMM well, who's their watch dog? Who is making sure that the regulations are checked? I suppose you could point the finger at the EPA. Truth is, they don't make or pass laws either. From the New York Times Article written in 2009, it researched the oversights and how members of the EPA were fired when they tried to put teeth in the laws. So, when the officials stamp their little feet and point fingers, the people aren't fooled! Everyone knows that without teeth in the laws and people regulating these companies,they will and do run amuck and break laws --those which are currently in place, that is. How many years has Charleston been called Chemical Valley? I think the politicians should state what preventative measures were taken in the first place. Then, who is ultimately responsible for the oversight. To say...uh oh, how could that happen, is in fact unacceptable, not just from the company, but from all parties involved from the top down. The shame is on the lot!

    • The environmetalist

      Hold on just a second. Apparently you don't live in a more rural area of Kanawha County.. The county already has the authority to regulate where a storage tank can be placed in relationship to fresh water supply--- If you don't believe it-- deal with the county on putting a septic system in..

  • PMQ

    Dollar Danny is amazing. Points fingers at Freedom for not knowing what they had. Seems like Dollar Danny had drugs and cocaine inside his own house from his son, did he not know? Could he not fix that? What's up with that. Glass Houses Dollar Danny, Glass Houses......

    • Rich

      Even though your post is not at all related to the story, and is instead a personal attack on Jones, it seems to me he stepped up to the plate when his son was arrested. He let him sit in jail. He got him the help he needed, and he caused his son to take responsibility for his actions.

      • PMQ

        Hi Rich, yes my post is relevant to Jones. My point is, I do not support Freedom at all, but I am sick of politicians coming out after the fact though. Jones indicated how could something happen under their noses; his own sons "issues" seemed to happen under his nose for quite a while, without him noticing or correcting it. Also it seems a lot of the recommendations by EPA and others, in 2007-2010 timeframe, were under King Manchin's watch also.

  • WVU86

    Just wait everyone, the Daily Mail (better known as the Daily Mayor) will have over-the-top coverage of his press conference tomorrow. I agree with all, Jones is a hypocrit but I do find one aspect of this whole affair amusing. Kent Carper, who never found an issue he didn't try to capitalize on for self-serving egotistical purposes, remains deftly silent. Maybe cause his law firm is suing but maybe because the county - on his watch - was caught looking just an inept at this situation as the state and feds and he can't talk his way out of this one.

    • Clown

      You're exactly right. Kent Caper has been strangely silent. The man never misses an opportunity to grandstand. I'd hide too if I were him.

  • Todd

    Dollar Danny should know all about the color green. He shakes down everybody who works in the city of Charleston that doesn't reside there. Who is he to call anybody else greedy?

  • Craig

    Poor ole nanny jones. He is truly the sorriest excuse of a man I have ever seen. This man can sit and piss all over people rights and then all of a sudden he is a damn expert and all knowing hero. I agree someone shut this fool up.

  • bulldog95

    All they care about it is the color green? User fee Danny Jones has room to talk. Someone do me a favor and tell the man to shut his mouth.

  • Gary Karstens

    But Danny knew some of these individuals that ran the company. Put the pieces together and you will know how he knew them.

  • Dollar Danny Says

    How long before you go to the City Council and propose a hike in the city user fee to cover the city's losses?

    You're known as Dollar Danny for a reason, Mr. Pot meeting Mr. Kettle

  • cutty77

    Thats funny Danny,you like The Color Green too.