CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The bitter cold is expected to continue in West Virginia through the workweek.

After Wednesday temperatures failed to make it out of the teens in many areas, “There’s going to be a reinforcement of cold air that will keep us in the single digits for, probably, the next few nights,” said Andy Roche, National Weather Service meteorologist.

Temperatures were below zero in some areas on Wednesday, with wind chills plummeting toward minus-15 as snow from Tuesday remained on the ground.

Roche said about 3 inches of snow fell in counties along the Ohio RiverĀ and four to six inches of snow were seen in West Virginia’s lower elevations, while the higher elevations, including the state’s central mountains, saw between 8 and 10 inches of accumulation.

More snow was in the forecast for Wednesday night. “It’s not going to be widespread. It’s going to be more confined over the eastern mountains,” said Roche.

The forecast said it could be Saturday before temperatures rise above freezing in some parts of West Virginia.

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  • WV Bud

    Hampshire County always has been the sorriest place in the world when it snows.Roads are always worse than anywhere else.Ask any truck driver.

  • WV Man

    Randolph County road crews are on the ball and get 'er done.

  • Rick P

    We may be working on the river in Charleston. Is it freezing or expected to freeze? Any ice on the river will kill our job.

  • Roswell

    Salt destroys your car body and should be used as sparingly as possible. Use cinders or limestone chips as much as possible. I can't afford to pay $ 25,000+ for a new car only to dissolve it in brine over the next six years.

  • me

    If you don't live near Charleston you don't get squat. Hampshire county is one of the biggest in state and has more miles of roads then any other in the state. And these roads here are horrible. They can't hire anyone and the ones are retiring or already have. Its a joke. If they can't handle all these roads then contract it out. If you want s contract you have to pay them,the state 150-175 a year just to be on their list to be considered.

  • Magic Mike

    What is up with the state of WV not putting salt on the roads? Has the governor gone like MA and started low salt program on roads. The roads from last snow storm were horrible.

    Hey gov we live in the Mountains were it harder to drive in snow.

    • The bookman

      Salt doesn't work in extremely low temps, and environmentally salt is frowned upon. But don't worry, soon we'll have the climate of South Carolina...just be patient!

      • MGD

        Good call Al Gore... bring out that hockey stick graph again. Maybe you can make another 100million dollars from it.

        • Alum

          Be sure to truncate the data again.