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Texas Tech forward Jaye Crockett shoots against Baylor’s Gary Franklin (4) during the Red Raiders’ 82-72 upset win at United Spirit Arena last week.


MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Bob Huggins, for months tight-lipped about the academic travails keeping Elijah Macon and Jonathan Holton off the court, decided some good news was worth revealing Tuesday.

“They will be eligible (next season), by the way—they’re both on the dean’s list,” Huggins said Tuesday, before tacking on some deadpan sarcasm. “I would assume if you’re on the dean’s list you’re probably going to squeak through.”

When Macon and Holton are finally cleared to contribute, 2014-15 could signal happier times for WVU basketball. But as for this season, the Mountaineers are stuck with their current makeup: a perimeter-oriented team that lives and dies from 3-point range while struggling to defend and rebound.

That composition has produced a three-game losing streak, the last two of which have not been competitive.

“We played very well in a loss to Oklahoma State and we had a chance to win the game,” Huggins said. “But Texas came here and played extremely well and we just didn’t shoot the ball very well. With our team, we have to shoot it from the perimeter. Then the Kansas State game, they just took it to us and we struggled with our shot.”

Thanks to a Big 12 scheduling quirk, WVU gets a quick rematch Wednesday night against Texas Tech, the last team the Mountaineers beat 16 days ago. Juwan Staten was a force throughout the 89-86 overtime win, producing 25 points on 10-of-12 shooting to go along with five assists and four rebounds.

But whereas West Virginia has gone south since that night in Lubbock, the Red Raiders have won two of three, including an 82-72 upset of then-No. 12 Baylor that was Tech’s first win over a ranked foe since 2009.

“This group has been through a lot of adversity and three losing seasons,” Tech coach Tubby Smith said. “They’re hungry to improve so they can prove they’re deserving of winning.”

Tipoff: Wednesday, 8 p.m. in Morgantown (Big 12 Network)
Records: The Red Raiders (10-8, 2-3) bring in a record identical to WVU’s, though the Mountaineers won the first meeting 89-86 in Lubbock, a game sent to overtime by Terry Henderson’s 3 with 16.8 seconds left in regulation.
RPIs: Texas Tech is No. 113 and WVU is No. 98.
Coach: Tubby Smith (521-234 in 23 seasons overall) is aiming to rejuvenate Tech’s program after a six-year stint at Minnesota produced a 124-81 record, three NCAA bids and two NITs. Smith’s teams have turned 17 NCAA berths into nine Sweet 16s, three Elite Eights and the 1998 national title at Kentucky.
Texas Tech top players: Jaye Crockett (14. 2 points, 6.4 rebounds, 56-percent shooter) and Jordan Tolbert 12.1 points, 6.6 rebounds) are 6-foot-7 forwards who factored heavily into the first meeting. Tolbert finished with 18 points and 12 boards before fouling out, while Crockett added 15 points despite spending a chunk of the second half on the bench. … Dusty Hannahs, who sports the most touchable curls in the Big 12, scored 10 points in the span of 3:07 to lead a second-half charge in Lubbock, while Toddrick Gotcher added 17 points. … 7-footer Dejan Kravic, whose tip-in ousted WVU from the Big 12 tourney last season, has been a huge contributor the past two games with 26 points, 19 rebounds and six blocked shots. His passing has been crucial as well, with seven assists.
WVU roster notes: Eron Harris (17.6 points) ended an individual slump by scoring 21 at K-State, while Juwan Staten (17.3 points, 6.2 rebounds, 5.8 assists) suffered a season-high seven turnovers. Harris and Staten rank third and fourth respectively in Big 12 scoring. … Henderson (11.6 points) was invisible at K-State, going 1-of-8 for two points, ending a string of five consecutive double-figure games. … West Virginia has slipped to ninth in the league in field-goal defense (43 percent), but Tech ranks only one notch higher at 42 percent.
Line: West Virginia favored by 6.5.
Prediction: WVU 73-67
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  • shawn

    Serious question for Barry. Who would you like to see become the next football and basketball coaches at WVU?

    • stevewvu

      It definitely won't be Tom Izzo at Michigan St. Last week when they played Ohio St., ESPN showed him grabbing one of his players by the shirt and cussing him out. He also abruptly left the press conference.

      So based on that behavior, there is no way barry would want tom izzo to coach at wvu.

      • Barry


        You are right. There are things more important than winning (but I want us to win). I wish we could get another guy like Beilein. A winner with integrity.

        You accussed me of being a Marshall Troll. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Hopefully I will get to see those days again at West Virginia.

        Days where we win with integrity and class.

        • Steve

          You keep talking about integrity and class when it comes to Huggins. What's considered not having integrity and class?

          He's very well respected among his peers in college basketball. I figured you would know that since you seem to know everything about WVU athletics.

        • dbm

          You do realize that under Huggins WVU had had unprecedented success. In the Catlett years we were never in the hunt for the tournament. The fact that it is now expected just foes to show how far Beilein and Huggins have brought the program.

          730 wins and a proven track record buy you some time to correct things. Last year was the first year we missed the tourney since Huggins has been here.

          Talk of firing him is laughable.

          • Steve

            You're exactly correct. As WVU fans, we expect to be in the NCAA tournament every year as we have a track record if doing do. Expectations are--as they should be and I would t want it any other way. One thing that true mountaineer fans don't do is blame a hall of fame coach for one bad season. We should be thankful for the past and trust that he is doing everything he can to guide this young team to victory.

            Let's go mountaineers!!

    • Barry

      That is a question for the AD. Not me.

      All I know is we can do better.

      Like I said I hope Huggins does better because, thanks to Luck, we are stuck with Huggins for a while.

      • shawn

        Yea thats what I thought. You can give all these opinions but you cant come up with one candidate to replace Huggs. Your response speaks for itself. Good Day Sir.

        • mad hatter

          if i were getting paid 550,000 per yr, to go watch andrew play football, somewhere along the way, i could figure out who might be a better fit than holgerson and huggins

          • stevewvu

            the only thing you are getting paid is the amount on your welfare check

        • Barry

          Wow, I am humbled by your superior intellect.

          In what world does it matter who I think the coach should be? As a fan and American citizen I have the right to voice an opinion. Sorry you fascists don't think anyone should have an opinion different than your own.

          As I said before: "And, I am sure there is a long list of available coaches that could win 13 games a year at WVU." especially paying 3 million a year

          • Steve

            So Barry if you're point is that Huggins is a bad coach because he only went to the first round of the NCAA tournament in 2012 and had a losing record in 2012, then all I can say is that you are a compete idiot that is living in a bubble.

            Btw since someone on here pointed out the you are a Marshall fan, tell me how many years it's been since they played in an NCAA tourney game?

          • Barry


            I just stated some facts.

            You stated none

          • Steve

            Shawn--when replying to Barry don't use facts such as records, NCAA appearances etc. Barry is unintelligent and doesn't like facts.

          • tw eagle

            with 3 million / year to work with , I'm certain as a HC at WVU I could find enough opposing players willing to "take a night off" so that even a team of mine , schooled in nothing more than brawling tactics , could win enough games to break even each year . . . and think of the "dirty" money made knowing the outcome ahead of time . . .

          • Barry


            You didn't answer the question.

            I could say "Good Day Sir", but won't.

            11-12 we lost 9 of our last 13 somehow made the Tournament and got the poo beat out of us by Gonzaga. Not a good year to me. And notice the consistent decline in success.

          • shawn

            07-08 - Third Round
            08-09 - 1st Round
            09-10 - Final Four
            10-11 - 3rd Round
            11-12 - 2nd Round
            12-13 - Missed Tourney

            Not too bad huh?

          • Barry

            Honestly, I have no idea who could replace Huggins. The only team I watch is WVU. I don't scout potential coaches.

            Now let me ask you a question. Do you think the last three years for the Basketball program has been acceptable?

          • shawn

            I asked you a simple question. Since we all give our "entitled" opinions on here I thought maybe you would like to tell us who is the best replacement for Huggs.

            Now if you want to keep deflecting my questions and continue to act like you know everything there is to know about sports then by all means continue.

  • shawn

    I bet Barry has 1,000 pictures of Bob Huggins hanging up in his basement bedroom.

    • stevewvu

      There's no doubt about that. Look at his posts. He is absolutely and completely obsessed with Bob Huggins. A lot of marshall fans are especially since it looks like they will have to fire coach Heroin at the end of the season....that's if they can afford to on such a small budget as they do not receive very much revenue sharing from conference usa's television rights. MU is the poster school for the have nots in the world of college athletics

      • Barry

        I could care less if Marshall losses every game in football and basketball!

    • Barry

      No, just one of him getting blue lipped at a ref.

  • Master of One

    Who wins and who loses as a result of "Ollies Follies" ?


    Bob Huggins
    Dana Holgorsen
    Oliver Luck


    West Virginia University
    The State of West Virginia
    WVU Students
    WVU Fans
    WVU Players
    WV Radio Corp
    Metro News
    City of Morgantown

    Say what you will about Bob Huggins...

    Is his best coaching days behind him? YES
    Does he have personal issues? YES
    Will he ever win 20 games again? NO

    But you have to admire the man for negotiating the following contract:

    $10,000.00 a day (3 million a year) plus incentives for as long as he wants to coach.

    There are no performance clauses...in other words, he never has to win another game as long as he is coach.

    His own private bar on campus.

    All of the barbecue he and his friends can eat.

    He can never be fired and can coach until he is 90 or older if he so desires.

    Only has to work 6 months a year (If you call what he does work)

    No dress code and he can wear his sweatsuits and look like a slob when he coaches on the road or at home.

    Everyone in the media has to "humor him" and are not permitted to ask tough questions or they are out.

    Permitted to use language that is not permissible for other WVU faculty & staff.

    Granted permission for lifetime friend to travel with him and sit next to him on the bench. (That would be Billy Hahn who is not a coach but considered an "advisor".)

    And yet, there are many saps in here who feel sorry and sympathize for Huggins.

    I feel sorry for you not the Icon Bob Huggins.

    • cutty77

      Your wrong on Contract. If he beats K-JayHawks he gets 10,000 grand. lol

    • stevewvu

      Hey Lawrence Tomas...I thought I told you to stop posting on WVU articles. You are a self proclaimed Marshall fan. I think you are needed on the Marshall boards as their team has a losing record in the worst basketball conference in the country.

      • Barry

        No one brought up Marshall but you. Why don't you run along to some other sites and defend your boss there.

        • stevewvu

          Barry was I talking to you?

          I brought up Marshall which really struck a nerve with you. Since you are a Marshall fan posting on WVU articles, get ready to be abused...much worse than you were as a child you jealous marshall troll you!

          • Barry

            Dude, grow up.

            The only time I watch Marshall is when they play WVU.

            So quit with the Marshall crap.

        • shawn

          Fairweather fans need their own site.

    • Hop'sHip

      My sympathies to that One you Master.

    • shawn

      You know Bob Huggins?

  • wvrefugee

    Tubby has these guys playing well right now. I worry about the crowd tonite at the coliseum.

  • WV4ever

    Get ready cheer!!!
    Wait until next year!!!
    Yea! Yea! Yea!

    WVU battle cry for football and basketball!!!!

  • WVUinDE

    Lets Go Mountaineers!!

  • Barry

    I remember hearing how good the Mountaineers were going to be 2 years ago when Staten and Murray finally got to play. The next year we won 13 games.

    Don't count your chickens until they hatch.

    • The Wisetalker

      It's always...

      "Next Year"

      • stevewvu

        since you are a marshall fan and marshall hasn't made it to the ncaa tournament in 26 years, what's their battle cry?

  • 4WVUinKY

    Go Mounties! Let's punch the W column tonight. I'll be there to support you...driving all the way from KY just to watch and support my school.

    It is an absolutely awesome day to be a Mountaineer fan...once, always, and wherever!

    • wvrefugee

      Where from....the 'Ville??

      • 4WVUinKY

        Lexington. About 3 hours to go.

  • rob

    I wish we could use this board for somethimg besides what "William and all the other people he is." seem to like to use it for. But, what I would really like to see is if "he...they" had the nerve to stand in front of Huggs or those young, strong, fit young men and say those things to their face. My guess is that nothing but sweetness would flow from that mouth!

    • Barry

      I don't agree with William alot of the time, but I have never seen him put down the players. That is Bob Huggins' deal. If anything William takes up for the players while this "Hall of Fame" coach throws them under the bus.

      If you don't like freedom of speech then don't read other people's comments.

      • stevewvu

        Barry you're not a mountaineer fan....and if you are then you live in a box. last week tom izzo grabbed a player by the jersey and chewed him out on national tv...are you on their boards posting about their coach?

        just admit that you are a marshall fan that has nothing to cheer for when it comes to mu basketball so you enjoy watching and reading articles about WVU then posting hate filled crap while posing to be a mountaineer fan

        personally I think you are loser...right up there with the trolls like William and big larry who changed his screen name to master of one

        • Barry

          stevewvu, where did I post hate filled crap?

          I think you are a paid Huggins Suck!
          And that people like you continually attack others that have a different opinion than yours, call them losers, trolls and Marshall Fans. I am not the "Troll" you are!

          • stevewvu

            Get mad Barry! You sure like to dish it out, but you can't take it when someone brings up your beloved thundering Herd. 26 years since they've played in an NCAA tourney.

            Thankfully WVU has Bob huggins who has lead them to 5 ncaa tourneys in 6 years including a final four and a sweet 16!!!

            I now understand why you are so jealous of Bob huggins and wvu.

      • shawn

        How does he throw them under the bus?

        • Barry

          Do you watch the Post Game Press Conferences?

          • Barry

            Did you really just say that Huggins has fixed it?

            I think Bob Huggins is a bully and that is why there has been such a turnover with this program. All the players that left apparently didn't love Huggins.

            This 700 wins stuff is getting old. He has done a terrible job at WVU in the last 3 to 4 years. Those are the stats I care about.

            That being said. I hope Huggins turns it around because it looks like we are stuck with him for a long time.

          • shawn

            No i'm saying he's not going to be a pushover like most coaches today. He stands his ground and he makes ppl take responsibility for what they do. He said last year that he would fix things and he's done it. He cleared the team of all the problems and it shows through Statens attitude. If you want respect from Huggs then you show respect. The man has over 700 wins and you question him. Get real brother

          • Barry

            So you admit Huggins throws his players under the bus?

          • shawn

            Who plays the game? The coaches? He doesn't throw them under the bus, he is just brutally honest. He wants these kids to be the best and without criticism and tough love they wont get to that point. Ask Butler, Jones, ect how they feel about Huggins. They love the guy and they all know he made them into players.

  • mad hatter

    just how insane is o. luck in dealing out a contract like that to bob huggins for that many yrs,,,

    and the holgerson contract,,,, O Luck is just plain insane and a very poor businessman..
    how in the world did we get stuck with him,,, and he thought he'd actually get the texas job..
    he will be gone soon, he wants to run away from those idiotic contracts.

    • wvrefugee

      Not insane......incompetent!

    • Kevin F.

      Let's see here.......
      A WVU & Texas graduate
      Academic All-American
      Retired NFL QB
      Rhodes Scholar finalist
      Member of Academic Hall of Fame
      CEO of NFL Europe
      WVU AD
      President of Houston Dynamo

      Yea, he has no clue what he's doing. He makes more being an insane/poor business man by just rolling out of bed than you do on a yearly basis. Some people............

      • dbm

        Holgorsen's contract was a massive mistake. On the other hand, people criticizing Huggins are just clueless.

      • Barry

        Kevin F., Do you think that those contracts were a good deal for WVU?

        I know the future is yet to be seen, but right now things are looking pretty bad at Morgantown.

        I personally don't care what Luck (or Huggins for that matter) has done in the past. What matters is how bad things are now, and can we turn it around.

        • Kevin F.

          Barry, he possibly did make a mistake with Holgs. But what school in need of a basketball coach would NOT have locked Huggs down long term??!! Any AD out there in need of a coach would have done the same thing. While I agree somewhat with the Holgs contract, the man DOES need time to cycle in HIS recruits (which are looking better and better each year) and coach them up. If you keep turning over coach after coach after coach every 2-3 years there will never be any continuity. I'm willing to give him a couple more years. But in regard to Huggs, If Luck was dumb for making that move then so is every other AD in the country........And it was pointless for the poster to be calling Luck a "poor business man".......he's far, FAR from that.....

          • Barry

            No, I was talking about when he was at Cincinatti, when we lost 9 out of 13 of our final games in the Big East (including getting crushed by Gonzaga in the NCAA Tournament), when we won 13 total games last year, and when we win 13 games this year.

          • stevewvu

            From Barry:

            "Huggins won alot of games in a sub-par conference against sub-par competition."

            Are you talking about all those games he won in the 5 years WVU was in the Big East? Or are you talking about the competition he beat along the way to coaching two teams to a final four?

            You have proven that you are jealous and have hatred for wvu athletics. I think you need to go back to the basement and play video games.

          • stevewvu

            After Holgorsen lead WVU to a Big East conference champ and a victory in the Orange Bowl what would you have advised Oliver Luck to do?

            Not give him a raise so that he can jump to another team?

            Barry you think you're so smart, but you're no different than any other jealous marshall troll that watches all wvu games and reads all the articles and them poses as a wvu fan when posting on articles.

            what a troll you are..sorry that your favorite team marshall will miss the ncaa tourney for the 26th straight year

          • mad hatter

            a good intelligent businessman always has a ace up his sleeve and a back door open and ready.

            Luck just poured out the money to huggins, gave him no incentives , to achieve any set goals, and said here, build your house, get fat off of wvu and we really dont care if you win or lose. we just like you bobby

          • Barry

            I agree with your assessment of Holgorsen's contract, and I know that Huggins has had alot of success in the past, but I cant understand why you give a guy a lifetime contract. This was clearly a mistake. I think/hope next years bb team will be better, but what if it is not? What if we have a losing record for four straight years? What if it is 5, 6....? We can never get rid of this guy. I can't imagine that being good business.

            Huggins won alot of games in a sub-par conference against sub-par competition. He has never won a national title. I don't understand why WVU thinks that this is as good as it gets. We can't possibly do any better. We should sign this guy for life.

            I think we (Wst Virginia) are selling ourselves short.

  • steve

    You always hear about firing Huggs from all those who dont know what a basketball is. Who do you rplace him with? If you remember the Dakich incident when no one wanted it. Who would you consider? Let's hear names

    • Barry

      And, I am sure there is a long list of available coaches that could win 13 games a year at WVU.

      • Greg

        All the nut job fans down here in NC are calling for the head of "Deputy Dog" Roy Williams. His team has lost 3 straight too with a lot more talent than Huggs has available right now and in a far lesser league too. Perhaps we can replace one HOF coach with another? Not! If UNC can struggle I think we can live with a few losses while transitioning to a new league too. BTW, UNC is a member of college athletics' "The Five" along with WVU too. So we're in good company.

      • The Wisetalker

        They could have won 13 games WITHOUT a coach.

    • Barry

      I don't think it is the fans job to come up with a list of potential coaches. The ADs maybe, but not the fans.

  • mad hatter

    it seems every game is a must win for us, but i think this is going to be a lot closer than people would want, and ttu may just walk away with a win...4
    and really , if all you take for course work is phy ed couses , go swimming, take bb, golf etc,, if you can't make the deans list , shame on you.

    • Kevin F.

      Kentucky's basketball team cant make the deans list, UNC basketball team can't do it, Ohio ST cant..............name me one good, relevant team with a majority of their kids on the deans list.......you cant........yet all of these kids are taking the same type of classes, you have a few here/there majoring in Engineering or some medical field, but most are taking those types of classes nation wide........dont act like it is just WVU's kids

      • mad hatter

        all of those kids are not takng the same classes,, just ask the stanford kids, i could name hundreds that are taking real majors and not pe, or muscle management

        • 4WVUinKY

          Won't ask you to name hundreds, just give me 50...names, schools, exact classes, grades, etc.

      • OKANYDAY

        For a few; Duke, Stanford, Wake, Miami, VT, CUSE kids make the Dean's list last year.

        • Kevin F.

          by taking bonehead classes. that is my point. It happens everywhere. Show me a team full of Dean's List players that are on there for their grades in Microbiology or Aeronautic Engineering, doctor, lawyer, etc........the poster acted like WVU's kids are on the Dean's list for bonehead classes when it happens everywhere....

    • 4WVUinKY

      Back that up with some documented facts...please reply with Holton and Macon's exact class schedule and grade.

      • wvrefugee

        Holton isn't in class anymore. From a WVU instructor.

        • 4WVUinKY

          What's the name of the instructor?

          • Steve

            Hey wvrefugee name the instructor?

        • stevewvu

          Both Holton and Macon made the dean's list. I apologize if that makes you and all the other jealous marshall trolls mad.

          Why don't you go read about how great Marshall's basketball team is. Dre kane was a lot smarter than people give him credit for. He knew he could never be a star for such a small school that plays in such a pathetic conference. I easily see Canty doing the same thing.

  • Ole Sasquatch

    If were chasing on defense the way we have in the last 2 games, the game will be over after the first half. Our defense don't need to run around like a chicken with its head cutoff.

  • Hop'sHip

    Does anyone else wonder how Allan knows that Dusty Hannahs "sports the most touchable curls in the Big 12"? I heard Dusty had his curls cut. Is that true? I need a complete hair report!

    • Just Passing Through

      Yes according to TC on last night Radio talkshow he has had his hair cut...

      • Allan Taylor

        Having checked our photo service from Tech's recent two games, yes, Dusty has indeed trimmed back his shooter's mane. Now his 'do harkens back to Anthony Michael Hall from "Sixteen Candles."

        • Hop'sHip

          Well better that than Molly Ringwald's.

      • Hop'sHip

        I still nominate him to be the one who students pick on during the game, those students who show up.

  • William

    Only way to FIX IT -
    Fire "Sweatsuit" Huggins

    • Low Rider

      William...I think they should fire the "Screaming Munchkin" aka Tom Herrion at your alma mater as well. Actually I like Herrion, but I am tired of William who is green with jealousy opining on Huggins.

      • stevewvu

        I like him too...its an easy win every year for wvu while he is coaching there

    • Kevin F.

      and hire your mother!!

      • stevewvu


        William, master of One, Barry, mad hatter, and capt. obvious would rather you not bring up their moms or anything related to their childhood. They were all abused as children and live their lives in fear and filled with hatred, jealousy, and resentment. They can't help who or what they are. They are pathetic and on welfare of which hard working WV'ians like ourselves help to support.

        Please go easy on them for now on.

    • Capt Obvious

      He has a contract of 10 years at 3mil per. Even William can determine that ten time 3 equals 30.

      We can't afford to fire the sweatsuit Einstein!

      • mad hatter

        3 mil per yr thru 2022-2023 yr , or 2018 can assume a advisory role and make 50 grand per yr instead of coaching...

        guess what the dead beat will do