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Myran Copley, 19, of Lenore with the giant buck he killed December 3, 2013

LENORE, W.Va. — Myran Copley didn’t have a lot of confidence ahead of the 2013 bow season. His family had lost their hunting lease after a coal company exercised their rights and started up a mining operation late in the year. Myran was left scrambling for a place to hunt. Desperate, he picked an old standby on family land along the edge of an old family cemetery in Mingo County. The property bordered the Laurel Lake Wildlife Management Area.

“I really didn’t have anywhere else to hunt,” Copley said in an interview for Ram Trucks West Virginia Outdoors. “I’d been in there quite a bit and knew there were some good deer in there, but I didn’t know there was going to be anything that big.”

Copley,19 and a 2013 graduate of Tug Valley High School, is now calmly referring to the massive non-typical buck he killed at the peak of the rut.  He wasn’t so calm that day.

The morning of December 3, 2013 didn’t start the way he hoped.  Copley overslept and didn’t make it to the woods until just a bit after daylight. He hadn’t been in the area to hang a tree stand so he quickly deployed a ground blind. Things started to weigh on his mind when he’d had no activity by 10 a.m.

“I figured I messed up the day because I overslept,” he said. “It was almost 10:00 and I was getting ready to leave and had all my stuff packed up.  I looked down a four-wheeler road and saw the nine-point I was after was coming up toward me.”

Copley prepared himself to stick the nice nine pointer as it drew near, but he suddenly caught sight of more movement further down the trail beyond the buck he was watching.

“I was getting ready to shoot him, but I looked and the bigger buck I wound up killing was following him,”  Copley said. “It took 20 or 25 minutes for him to get up there. I’d set up on a scrape line and the nine point was working the scrape line. I guess it was the bigger buck’s scrape, he grunted and ran him off.  Then the big buck came up to work the scrape.”

The monster buck walked within ten yards of Copley’s blind.  With his heart pounding in his chest, Myran explained he knew he wouldn’t have any room for a mistake.

“There was one tree between him and me where I had a chance to pull back my bow back and he would have been ten yards away,” Copley said. “When I pulled back I guess he heard it because he stood there for about a minute until he stepped out and gave me a good shot.”

The minute seemed like an eternity to Copley. He had taken a few nice bucks in his young life, but this was something special.  The buck stepped from behind the tree and stood perfectly still. Copley loosed his arrow and watched the broadhead disappear into the buck’s right shoulder.

“When I shot he took a big leap and went down into a little drain about 40 yards away,” Copley explained. “I saw him trying to come up the other side and then I watched him fall over.”

Most bow hunters don’t get the luxury of seeing their buck fall, so no trailing was necessary.  When Copley got to his buck, it was an amazing experience.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Copley said. “I was thinking any minute somebody was going to slap me and wake me up.”

The buck was estimated to be five and a half to six and a half years old.  It still needs more drying time for the prescribed 60 days before it can be officially scored under the Pope and Young Scoring System. The green score was a whopping gross of 192 5/8 and after deductions the net score was 180 4/8ths.  It was the largest non-typical buck killed in West Virginia in 2013.


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  • cindy

    great day for myran . love you .

  • Outdoor Man

    Well done Myran!

  • Wayne

    A great story and good example of what our youth can and will be. The story shows he had patience, acute awareness of the situation and steady follow through. I am a fisherman and not a hunter. Good job Myran and Chris.

  • Cory Boothe

    Congrats. It's amazing what can happen when a deer gets some age on him.

  • leroy jethro gibbs

    great deer, they dont let them live that long up north

  • Hollowhunter

    Has anyone confirmed the giant buck hit by a coal truck in Gilbert is true ?

  • andrew

    It is nice hear an awesome story like that. I am an avid hunter and can only dream of killing a buck that big. Most of the bucks here in the Eastern panhandle are either killed young or poached. I am very happy for you! WAY TO GO!

  • Woodchuck

    Nice job. It's good to see the real version of buck wild.

    Nice article Chris

  • Hollowhunter

    SWEET !! Love stories like that

  • D Rudy

    Great job! I am a Pope and young measure It looks like the real deal congratulations!!!!

  • The Harvester

    Thanks everyone I appreciate it! Thanks Sandy!

  • Sandy

    Awesome kill! Congratulations to a fine young, dedicated and determined hunter!

  • wow

    Very nice, congrats. Truly a Buck of a lifetime.