WASHINGTON, D.C. — U.S. Senator Joe Manchin said Thursday the storage tank facility owned by Freedom Industries in Charleston should be torn down.

Manchin said that would help restore confidence in the water system.

The following is Manchin’s full statement:

“After speaking to people directly affected by the spill, it is clear West Virginians are still very concerned about the quality of their water and the potential long-term effects of the water contamination. The first step to restoring confidence in our water system and ensuring West Virginians that their water is safe is to tear down Freedom Industry’s facility and completely remediate the site. We need to start from scratch. In addition, I will continue to work at the federal level to pass legislation that will fix the problems that allowed this disaster to happen in the first place.”


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  • Barry

    Is this the same Joe Manchin that chose to ignore the report when he was Governor that this site and others like it needed more oversight? Seems he didn't think inspections were necessary when recommended by independent experts as long as he was getting contributions from the owners of this and other facilities. For just once I would like for him to admit when he screwed up instead of swooping in to the rescue after. When will the WV media call him out on this??

    • Playa

      Not until he puts an "R" after his name...WV media is little different then the national media... Democrats in government tend to do as they please.

      • bulldog95


  • PMQ

    BloJoe, you are UNREAL. I think many of the recommendations by EPA and others to remediate this site and fix it, were during your tenure. You are great at pointing fingers, but nothing else. Please go back to DC, New York or where ever....no one here cares what you think or say.

  • George

    Too late Mojo. You had your chance. This looks like desperation, but unfortunately smells like licorice. Go back to DC where you so desperately wanted to be.

  • dodge

    I think more than ONE water intake is what will restore confidence in a water system this big.

  • The bookmen

    go get em joe

  • Fentanyl Bomb

    Whoa. Whoa. Whoa.

    There is a lot of nuance here and very little of substance. Who pays for this?

    "The first step to restoring confidence in our water system and ensuring West Virginians that their water is safe is to tear down Freedom Industry’s facility and completely remediate the site."

    That property had a value. It may still. But, unless Freedom Industry steps up and renovates the property, it should be their problem.

    The taxpayers should in no way be beholden to cleaning up this place, even if it is in the public interest.

    "We need to start from scratch."

    And replace it with what? Another tank farm? Aquaculture? Greyhound training facility?

    Enough with privatizing the gains and socializing the losses.

    • Dave

      We'll said

  • mook

    Why did he not have it torn down when he was in office? OOP's let's jump on the band wagon and make noise to get reelected.

  • Wowbaggers

    Just how many times did Joe drive by the site as a legislator, Secretary of State, and Governor and did nothing?

  • cutty77

    Joe to the rescue.

  • Skutor1

    How does this become the coal industries issue,these are chemicals stored by a chemical company! In no way is this the fault of the coal industry that they were not held to the standards to protect the streams,as a matter of fact the DEP makes no less then 3 drive thurs @ the mining site I work @every week, not to mention they have been 36 inspectors @ our mines this year alone already! Put the blame where it belongs on the backs of these company's who are responsible for the storage of these chemicals!

  • jss


  • gwb

    75+ years of democrat rule

  • HHH

    ...but....but....that might hurt the coal industry!! God forbid!! When will politicians in West Virginia EVER do ANYTHING to make the coal industry do the right thing??

    Remember Buffalo Creek!!!!

    • Playa

      Go hug a tree,,, and make it a prickly one

    • Shadow

      What is the "right thing" that you want done? My thought from the comments is to shut down and go away and take their people with them.

    • wow

      You can't blame the coal companies for Freedoms lack of upkeep on the tanks. If you want to look at it that way, you are part at fault, if you use energy created by coal. If you hate coal so bad turn off you electric in your house, that way you won't be supporting coal.

      • HHH

        I have nothing against the good coal miners who work hard for a living. This was not their fault. But, again, I have little faith in the state government, or for that matter, our representatives in Washington, to stand up to the coal industry (or any chemical industry hand in hand with the coal industry). What happened endangered a quarter of a million people.

        Again, remember Buffalo Creek.

        • Playa

          Again, remember the Great Depression--- No jobs, no food, no luxuries. Shut all the jobs down and live as one with nature..

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