WINFIELD, W.Va. – Putnam County students will not meet the required 180-days of classroom instructional time this school year.

Karen Nowviskie, a spokesperson for the school system, said at this point they’ve missed four days due to the water crisis and another seven due to weather. With the time left on the calendar, the best they’ll be able to do is 179 days of instructional time.


Putnam County schools will likely end the year the second week of June.

Putnam County students started class August 22 and were supposed to end the school year May 30. With so many missed days, Nowviskie explained, they’re going to have to get creative with the calendar. That means using up outside of school, continuing education and instructional support and enhancement days set aside for educators.

“We don’t want to, but if we have to we’ll do that because it’s more important to have students in school than it is to have time for meetings,” according to Nowviskie.

As for that projected May 30 end date. That is out the window.

“It is possible at this point that students will go through the end [of May], the first week of June and possibly into the second week of June. It really depends on whether or not the state superintendent and the state Board of Education OK our calendar revisions,” said Nowviskie.

In the meanwhile, there’s going to be a lot of noses in the books, making up for as much missed time as possible. Teachers will be doing some remedial instruction for kids in elementary and middle schools. High school students move on to their spring semester classes.

“It will be almost like coming back after summer break. You have to review what you’ve done and then move from there.”

As for field trips and extra activities that take away from class time, those will be limited or non-existent.

Nowviskie stressed the county’s main priority is making sure that when the school year is over, each student is ready to move on to the next grade.

“We just want to get on with business as usual!”

If Putnam County has to cancel school for additional days that will eat into the 179-instructional days.

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  • richard

    What I find amazing is the fact that, in Mason county anyway, they build days into the system just to cover missed snow days. For example, the kids in Mason county are scheduled to attend exactly 1 Friday in the months of March and April. What if there were no snow days in a year? I mean, we wouldn't want the kids to learn too much so we'll give them off every Friday in the spring. What a joke.

  • wvfreys

    Have any of Putnam people heard of Saturdays?
    Go to school 1 Saturday and you will be fine.
    I predict they will be lucky to get 170 days of instruction in after they call off for more snow days every time it clouds up

    • Todd

      I couldn't agree more. Make these days up on Saturdays. Problem solved.

  • Dont sit on your brain

    Do the meetings on the snow days. Make the. teachers report

  • longbeards

    To: That Guy Over There,
    Yes instruction does happen after WTest,,,sounds like your children didn't have a teacher that pushed them to meet and achieve their goals,,,sorry,,,former wv teacher

  • Mom

    this is why we need year-round school! More flexibility!

    • Jephre


  • ThatGuyOverThere

    WHenever the WestTest is this year...It will be just like every other year...As soon as it is over there will be no more instruction...There never has been, and there never will be.

    • richard

      You are exactly right. Several of my son's friends were at our house yesterday, and they all said the same thing, "It doesn't matter about snow days anyway. As soon as westest is over, we do basically nothing the rest of the year."
      This education system is a total joke!
      Maybe the teachers can do their "snow dance" for the rest of the year, and they won't have to get out of bed til August.
      Sorry to the few good teachers out there. There are still some left, and they are just as frustrated as the rest of us are with the poor teachers.

  • Aaron

    With next years extended calendar that increases the potential time schools can use to achieve the 180 days of instruction from 43 weeks to 48 weeks, this shouldn't be a problem in the future.

    Of course another way to fix it would be for schools that are closed throughout the week due to bad weather opening on Saturdays or allowing extended hours make up for lost time.

    At any rate, the goal should be instructional days, not meetings, field trips or continued education.

  • Jake

    What do they expect when school is canceled for flurries or the temp. gets below 32?

  • Funny

    HHAAAAA, shorting spring break, you say?

    They tried that several years ago and the teachers THREW A HISSY FIT!!

    Spring break is a sacred cow now. It will never be used to give the students the required educational days.

    • Just me

      It was not so much the teachers throwing a "hissy fit" but the attendance was overwhelmingly poor, thus not meeting the requirements of an instructional day.

  • Jephre

    Is there any consideration being given to eliminating or shortening spring break to make up for part of the missed days?

    • Myron

      Any change to spring break and teachers will not be happy. All we do is give, when do we receive?!

  • bulldog95

    Dont add days to the end of the calendar. That last week of school is usually filled with "watch this video" and adding to it will likely just make the last 2 weeks "watch this video."

    • richard

      Correction, bulldog95, In Mason County, they do nothing for the last 2 weeks. Every kid will tell you that. We all know that nothing gets done on these 2 hr delay days. And since you are out of school Monday - Thursday for "snow days", there is no point in going on Friday so we'll just take that off too.