CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Winter refuses to loosen the tight grip is has held on West Virginia for the past week. 

Forecasters at the National Weather Service in Charleston said Friday although we haven’t set any records like we did during the Polar Vortex, the most recent dose of arctic air has been consistent and lasting.

“The cold air is really pretty much entrenched across the eastern half of the nation,” said Meteorologist Nick Webb. “We have a blocking pattern set up where things are pretty much staying in place for a while.”

Very little of the snow which struck Tuesday has melted. Rarely have temperatures climbed to double-digits this week. Webb said that isn’t going to change much for the foreseeable future.

“We’ll have a decent snow come in Saturday, mainly the first half of Saturday,” Webb said. “Two to four inches for most of the state.”

The snow will arrive with gusty winds and create blowing and drifting snow conditions. Webb said travel early Saturday looked to be rough. Temperatures will possibly rise above freezing for a brief time Sunday, but Webb said don’t get used to it.

“That Arctic front will come through Sunday night and early Monday with a narrow band of gusty snow showers,” he said. “We’ll go back into the Arctic deep freeze so to speak Monday night, Tuesday, and Wednesday.”

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  • whywork

    Funny weather is nice on weekends--teachers unions must control the weather also.

  • Ole Sasquatch

    Just curious, are those who believe in global warming feeling as motivated to protest against it now - as they would had been before this cold spell? I am asking objectively.

    • ShinnstonGuy

      Just in the last few days there was a report about how Americans (specifically) base their opinions on climate change versus the conditions of the day. Climate scientists produce findings on global warming based on years worth of research, which has shown the temperature across the board has increased by degrees over the years. So yes, many enlightened folks believe that climate change has occurred despite the current cold spell.

    • Jason412

      Not real opinionated one way or another on global warming but a lot people who believe in climate change would say this cold spell is a result of it. Something to do with more ice melting annually in the Arctic I think is what I read.

  • Rodney Hytonen

    Hilariously redundant and trivial.
    "It'll warm up and then get cold again."

    But my all time favorite WVMetroNews headline is,

    "Shooting incident ends in gunfire."

  • Ron "from Morgantown"

    If I have to go through this its only fair that the Super Bowl suffer with a serious snowstorm . I decree that will move immediately to April (due to time constraints we move to further action in the 4th Q).