Three-star offensive tackle Josh Krok made an official visit to Kentucky last weekend and switched his commitment from West Virginia on Thursday.


MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Gigantic offensive tackle Josh Krok, a West Virginia commitment for more than seven months, flipped his pledge to Kentucky on Thursday, just days after concluding an official visit to Lexington.

The 6-foot-8, 308-pounder from Niles-McKinley (Ohio) High School, a three-star recruit Rivals ranked as the nation’s No. 39 tackle prospect, promptly canceled this weekend’s official visit to Morgantown, according to numerous reports.

Though the Mountaineers’ 2014 class still includes five other offensive line commitments, Krok was the highest-rated of that group and his reversal less than two weeks before signing day smacked of a lost investment for WVU.

“Truthfully it does, but it’s just part of the game in recruiting, especially this time of the year,” said Rivals senior writer Keenan Cummings of “You never want to see commitments come off the list, given how difficult it is to fill those spots, but it’s just the nature of the game.”

Krok had made three unofficial visits to WVU, the first coming last June and leading to his commitment. At the time, McKinley High coach Brian Shaner predicted Krok was finished listening to other programs: “He is so West Virginia right now and so glad that this process has come to an end. This is as solid as it can get.”

Krok returned to WVU for fall’s Texas Tech and Texas games, but he waivered in recent weeks as Kentucky head coach Mark Stoops and assistant Vince Marrow made a concerted push to bring in Krok for a visit. The Wildcats—despite back-to-back 2-10 seasons and four straight losing campaigns overall—currently have the country’s 13th-rated class, and by the time Krok toured UK’s campus last weekend, recruiting analysts speculated he was on the verge of switching.

“In the end, the major factor was that Krok believed he could get on the field earlier with the Wildcats,” Cummings said.

“West Virginia would have liked to keep Krok in the fold, but if there was a spot that WVU could afford a possible loss, it was on the offensive line.”

One junior college signee, Sylvester Townes, has enrolled at WVU and another—Justin Scott of Pierce (Calif.) Community College— appears ready to sign with the Mountaineers on Feb. 5. Three high school offensive linemen also remain committed: Jamie Herr (Elkton, Md.), Walter Rauterkus (Avon, Ohio) and Amanii Brown (Morgantown).

“It’s never a positive to lose guys,” Cummings said, “but I think West Virginia should be good in this cycle given what’s left on the board.”

West Virginia’s 2014 class, which features 19 commitments so far, was ranked No. 44 nationally by Rivals late Thursday.

While the Mountaineers won’t necessarily reallocate Krok’s scholarship spot toward the current class, other targets are being evaluated. Those include Miramar (Fla.) High lineman Yodny Cajuste, a 6-foot-6, 270-pounder who played only one season of high school football but has the athleticism to make power-conference programs curious. Florida and Oklahoma State recently offered Cajuste, who’s high school coach, Damon Cogdell, was added to WVU’s staff this month.

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  • k smith

    Will someone explain to me what a commitment is good for .All players can change their minds numerous times. Obviously, it must be an advantage, but, somebody explain the importance of it, please.

  • Frank in Ohio

    For a Left Tackle, he has no muscle in his arms. So he wouldn't start his Freshman season. Heck he wasn't even more than a 3 star on any recruiting board. I'll take an Average Lineman from South Florida, before I'd take an Average Lineman on a bad team in Eastern Ohio!

  • Aaron

    If you watch enough college football you see a slew of "mammoth" tackles backpeddling, trying to block defensive ends who are 40 pounds smaller and much quicker, particularly in an offense like the one WVU runs.

    What they find is they can't move quick enough laterally and they can't get low enough to be an effective pass blocker so they get beat a lot.

    If they can get an "athlete" regardless of how many years he's played big enough, 6'2 is plenty that they can "weight" up to around 285, they might just find the next Dan Mozes.

  • Ike

    This kid had been to WVU numerous times and had seen the talent in front of him. He saw the writing on the wall and was not confident he was good enough to play for a while. He just chose the path of least resistance. Sounds like he has multiple commitment issues and not to just WVU. Enjoy the blue grass and good luck to you.

  • Skeptic

    Kentucky? HAHAHA! Good riddens.

  • steve

    So much for recruiting...............

  • Charles

    The kid didn't flip to uk. Wvu pulled his offer. The kid lied in an in home visit with wvu coaches. Sooooo. Dana pulled his offer. End of story. So he didn't have a choice. Wvu pulled their offer. Uk was what he had left.

  • mad hatter

    our recruiting at wvu is in the gutter,,, we are now 7th in the big 12,,,, keep drinkin that kool-aid and we'll be last before holgie leaves... what a total loser he , oliver and huggie have turned out to be.

    • Skeptic

      Kool-aid drinking applies to football now? By the way, the drink was "Flavor-aid" that Jim Jones fed his followers to kill them.

  • ThatGuyOverThere

    Kentucky football hasn't had a relevant football team in over 30 years...Who in their right mind would want to play for them? Basketball...thats another story. WHy anyone would want to play there is beyond me.

  • BigEerFull

    If the truth was to be told, I'd say he probably got some S pecial E ntertainment C ash during his visit to UK and promptly reversed his solid commitment. Everybody in the country knows that it is rampant in that conference but because it's the good old boy system, it will continue to thrive and flourish.


    One player lost does not stop the program. We need to move on and get another good player. However, I do think in the back of some of these kids minds they do not think Holgorsen can turn around our program. Time will tell, but I think we're stuck with the Dana for longer than we wish.

  • Barry

    who cares if he wants to be a loser

  • stevewvu

    In other news, Oliver Luck just announced setting in motion $50 MILLION in facility improvements. It's nice to see the athletic dept. being ran like a business, and looking strategically towards the next 12 years.

  • mad hatter

    scout has wvu 7th in the big 12 in recruiting,,,

    this is absolutely unacceptable, and the coaches responsible for this should be fired.

    at this point, i don't ever see wvu anything morethan a bottom feeder in bb and fb .

    we have a HC and AD completely lost on this level... lack of experience and knowledge by both Luck and holgerson, are the problem.
    i am so disillusioned with these two , let alone huggins robbing wv, that i refused to donate or attend any wvu athletic events.,

    • scott

      great...thank you so if you just stop posting your BS it would be a really great Friday for everyone.

  • stevewvu

    This certainly wasn't a surprise. WV Rivals had been reporting for months that he might flip to Kentucky. Luckily for WVU they already have 5 other offensive lineman committed. I am more interested in finding out if WVU will be able to flip two wide receivers with verbals to Miami and FSU. I heard their visits last week went very well.

    Let's Go Mountaineers!!!

    • mad hatter

      we are ranked 7th in re cruiting in the big 12,,, don't say this doesn't matter,,,,, there is a reason why we won only 4 games this yr, and will most likely win fewer next yr..

      just keep drinking the kool -aid and we'[ll look like kansas state in one more yr.