Three-star offensive tackle Josh Krok made an official visit to Kentucky last weekend and switched his commitment from West Virginia on Thursday.


MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Gigantic offensive tackle Josh Krok, a West Virginia commitment for more than seven months, flipped his pledge to Kentucky on Thursday, just days after concluding an official visit to Lexington.

The 6-foot-8, 308-pounder from Niles-McKinley (Ohio) High School, a three-star recruit Rivals ranked as the nation’s No. 39 tackle prospect, promptly canceled this weekend’s official visit to Morgantown, according to numerous reports.

Though the Mountaineers’ 2014 class still includes five other offensive line commitments, Krok was the highest-rated of that group and his reversal less than two weeks before signing day smacked of a lost investment for WVU.

“Truthfully it does, but it’s just part of the game in recruiting, especially this time of the year,” said Rivals senior writer Keenan Cummings of “You never want to see commitments come off the list, given how difficult it is to fill those spots, but it’s just the nature of the game.”

Krok had made three unofficial visits to WVU, the first coming last June and leading to his commitment. At the time, McKinley High coach Brian Shaner predicted Krok was finished listening to other programs: “He is so West Virginia right now and so glad that this process has come to an end. This is as solid as it can get.”

Krok returned to WVU for fall’s Texas Tech and Texas games, but he waivered in recent weeks as Kentucky head coach Mark Stoops and assistant Vince Marrow made a concerted push to bring in Krok for a visit. The Wildcats—despite back-to-back 2-10 seasons and four straight losing campaigns overall—currently have the country’s 13th-rated class, and by the time Krok toured UK’s campus last weekend, recruiting analysts speculated he was on the verge of switching.

“In the end, the major factor was that Krok believed he could get on the field earlier with the Wildcats,” Cummings said.

“West Virginia would have liked to keep Krok in the fold, but if there was a spot that WVU could afford a possible loss, it was on the offensive line.”

One junior college signee, Sylvester Townes, has enrolled at WVU and another—Justin Scott of Pierce (Calif.) Community College— appears ready to sign with the Mountaineers on Feb. 5. Three high school offensive linemen also remain committed: Jamie Herr (Elkton, Md.), Walter Rauterkus (Avon, Ohio) and Amanii Brown (Morgantown).

“It’s never a positive to lose guys,” Cummings said, “but I think West Virginia should be good in this cycle given what’s left on the board.”

West Virginia’s 2014 class, which features 19 commitments so far, was ranked No. 44 nationally by Rivals late Thursday.

While the Mountaineers won’t necessarily reallocate Krok’s scholarship spot toward the current class, other targets are being evaluated. Those include Miramar (Fla.) High lineman Yodny Cajuste, a 6-foot-6, 270-pounder who played only one season of high school football but has the athleticism to make power-conference programs curious. Florida and Oklahoma State recently offered Cajuste, who’s high school coach, Damon Cogdell, was added to WVU’s staff this month.

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  • Jim WVU Fan

    WVU will get someone just as good ....Something for Big Larry, and William, Madhatter and all his other names too get down on WVU about. But the truth will come out someday on Big Larry and all his names some time soon ..

  • Tim C

    Kentucky is the cellar dweller of the SEC.....this ain't basketball.

    • dbm

      We are Big 12 cellar dwellers thanks to DH. What's the difference?

  • jay ziehm

    the recruit probably made the best choice for himself. will get better publicity at Kentucky than at WVU WHO WILL BE A CELLAR FOR YEARS TO COME unless WVU puts more attention to its athletes rather than the almighty dollar recruiting top quality athletes will be a problem for sometime to come. they could start with sending Oliver Luck down the road. He still probably hasn't got over losing out on the Texas A.D. job anyway. I believe had he got the job he would of took Dana with him.

    • Billy

      Well stated. I keep wondering, wheerees ollie??? Is it true he is hiding in the basement or under a blankie??? I don't know, just asking. It must be lonely at the top, when the top 2 sports are scraping the botton.

      • cutty77

        Well Oliver is getting ready to spend 50 miliion to upgrade WVU Football,Basketball and all other sports. I'm sure this Big Tub of Lard will never be heard again after he signs with the perennial loser Ky in Football.

  • WV Grad

    So now go out and sign the biggest, toughest lineman in this year's WV high school graduating class--unless Doc gets there first

    • Sexy Blue Genie

      They are not Big Enough or good enough

    • Ron "from Morgantown"

      Josh Jenkins was a High School AA and it took him several years to make a difference , same with Spain . Actually the best offensive lineman in the state Jacob Fieler ( went to Parkersburg South , the Fort Union ) gave Va a verbal .

      • cutty77

        First of all Josh never lived up to his Billing. He stayed hurt almost his entire time at WVU. He may have made it through one year if that. Now Spain is a Different story. He will play in the NFL very soon. Donny Barclay has done very well with The Packers.

      • Jason

        Josh Jenkins is from Parkersburg High (AAA) and won the Hunt award 2 times in hgih school and I am pretty sure he started about every year at WVU (except when he blew his knee out)...I think he started half way through is freshman year..but definitely by soph year he was a starter.

      • Ron "from Morgantown"

        Correction , Fork Union

    • tw eagle

      very sound reasoning . . . and I'm sure there is at least one W Va son out there that is at least 6'2" tall ,has a big wide frame , and has good lateral agility . . . I'm sure there would be at least one every year . . . to be nice to the WVU coaching staffs , i'll let them off the hook & pretend that they think the W Va boys will all walk on . . . that is why they do not even bothering to look at or interview them . . .

    • dan

      not any out there worth signing

  • Brian

    There HAS to be an "under-the-radar" 2-3 star QB out there we can pick up! Most of us would like another High school kid that can develop and give Crest some long term competition.

    Childress is gone.
    Millard is NOT D1 material.
    Trickett is too small/injury prone. (Will he ever really buy-into Holgs O-scheme anyway?!?!?)
    Crest is a COMPLETE unknown and needs to be red-shirted.
    Howard looks good on highlight tape against glorified high school talent - but can he play B12 ball?

    If there was EVER a time to get a diamond in the rough at QB - now is the time!!!

    • Art in Ohio

      I have said to many of my friends that the 2014 season will depend on the QB. I hope Howard is the answer. Think about this--if Major Harris or Pat White were on last years team would we have won more that four games. I believe the answer is yes. You are completely --right on the money--in your statement.. Hope Howard is the diamond in the rough

      • Webb

        You know what, I bet if the 49ers had Montana and Rice on Sunday they would have beaten the Seahawks too.

      • Webb

        Art, that has to be one of the dumbest statements I've heard. I mean really?!?! You mean that if we had Pat White last year we would have won more than 4 games!?!?! Wow, that must have taken a lot of critical thinking to come up with that one.

    • tw eagle

      William crest is the real deal . . . I hope he doesn't flip for another venue . . . you , me , and millions of WVU fans are hungry for the football team to return to respectability . . .

      Trickett's surgery , coming this close to spring ball almost rules him out for the fall if his recovery lags . . .

      I'd have to guess that the O coaches have been revamping the O to accommodate the incoming QB's . . . I gotta believe we will see Moore at QB , at least for the spring - just the lack of QB bodies says so . . .having Quack Quack learn a new system ,sad that it's his senior season , but it will be better teamwise to change QQ than convert the new guys to a pocket type O . . .

      as an "enterprise " , WVU needs to have Crest play right away - not starting the season (unless he earns it) but building experience & confidence going forward . . .

      if Crest bails on the Mountaineers , my hopes both short & long term for WVU will hit the lowest ebb I can ever recall . . .

      • dbm

        Crest is talented, but to play him now would be setting him up for failure. He barely completed 50% of his passes last year in high school.

        Truth is that we are stuck with a QB with a body type closer to Olive Oil than a D1 Qb and 2 former walk ons at Stephen F Austin. Yet some think DH is the future. Hopefully he gets fired after next season. We need a fresh start.

  • Tom

    Must have been the shiny helmet.

    • SamWVU304

      Yep...U can see it was the helmet."". duuurrrr..i. gike dis one magh..i ken c myself in it...guk guk.(chuckles his gut) offence to the kid. But he just wasted how much of our beloved programs $$$$.you think? Go on buddy be GREAT down there...Good luck n good rid..

      • jwg66

        He's just a kid who has a right to pick his school & coaches. Better to have this happen now than after year one. This is why I like the mid year enrollees. They commit, qualify, enroll and get a spring/summer of development before the start of the season. Also, if we loose a player, there is time to recover.

  • Playa

    Lexington or Morgantown--- LEXINGTON!!

    • Brian, that would be entirely incorrect!
      Neither city is exactly a shining example to urban development - but Lexington floods constantly, always smells like horse schite, and is PURELY a basketball town.

      I'll take Motown in the Autumn ANY day!!!

    • SamWVU304

      Yea..have fun fighting that winter traffic. Go play where u are watched by highschool sized crowds week in an out n the visiting teams fans show up in bigger numbers.That'll get your blood pumping Ol stoops had more girls on his visit?. (Dana n co.) you have to take these guys to the Tilted Kilt.. on visits.

  • tw eagle

    long term it hurts a little bit . . . best cycling in O linemen is signing four HS kids per year . . . twelve practicing & playing and four being redshirted . . . even with injuries , nine athletes should be available week in and week out . . . add an extra HS'er or JC if you have the kids leaving early for the pros . . .

    at a 13th rated class , I'd say there is probably a goodly amount of leverage ($) being applied to the UK football program. . .

  • Frank / Moundsville

    Who wants to compete with Holgorsen's JUCO turnstyle?

    • Mike

      You're an idiot Frank. All major programs bring in JUCO players. Do a little research before you get diarrhea of the keyboard and mouth. WVU is about the middle of the pack when it comes to D1 schools in regards to amount of JUCO's on the roster.

  • 65mustang

    Allan, do some research and check the Scout and Rivals rankings. He was not the highest ranked offensive lineman being recruited.

    • Ron "from Morgantown"

      Krok reminds me of Big John Ray from Charleston. Of course Ray honored his commitment and had a great career at WVU . Nobody hated Pitt more than Big John who went on to play in the NFL with the Colts .

  • Allan

    Good luck to you Josh. It's not an easy decision and we thank you for considering WVU. Kentucky has a good recruiting class this coming year and maybe Kentucky can move out from the bottom dweller status and surprise some of those elite teams they will face.

    • don

      Karol apparently thinks Kentucky will escape the cellar quicker than wv. That will be a close call as both schools are in over their head. At least Kentucky doesn't have to take 1500 mile trips for every away game. I won't be at all surprised to see an exodus of top recruits as signing day draws near.

    • Ron "from Morgantown"

      Crook couldn't keep Krok , don't know what that says about him . Kentucky's success in Ohio has helped their recruiting immensely. Stoops is a familiar name with high school coach's in Ohio . ( Meyer is doing a great job at Ohio State but I thought Bob Stoops would have been a better hire given his Ohio roots ). We need to get into Ohio more because it produces so many D1 players .

  • Bob Goode

    Not sure what WVU seen in him any way. Very soft player.

    • Gen Kemp

      And what does that say about WVU when it was their top recruit?

    • dan

      you are right he switched because he never really thought he would see much playing time at wvu

  • wvajoker

    If you can't take the heat of competition, then you don't need to be where it is cooking

  • ut oh

    Me either, Gen Kemp whart team are you switching to, good luck dogging your next team!

  • Gen Kemp

    Don't blame the kid...

    • Troll

      It's not really a blame game however it is all on the kid, it's totally his choice where to go it's not like the coaches can make him come. Anyway hope it all works out for the young man and hopefully WVU can get another.