POCAHONTAS COUNTY, W.Va. – It couldn’t happen at a worse time. But Friday morning 6,100 Mon Power customers were without service on one of the coldest days of the year.

Todd Meyers with Mon Power said they were dealing with two separate outages in different parts of the state. The first outage was in Pocahontas County. The power went about midnight to Snowshoe Resort and surrounding communities.

Crews were able to reroute Snowshoe’s system into another electric source and return service within two hours. However, 3,200 customers in Marlinton remained without electricity Friday mid-morning.

Meyers stressed it was difficult finding the source of that outage because of the conditions.

“Because there’s so much snow we had to bring in one of our snowcats from Elkins,” explained Meyers.

They were able to locate a static line on top of a pole that is used to protect the system from lightning strikes.

“That wire came down and dropped into the energized line and that’s what’s caused the trouble.”

Meyer said a crew of six went out in the snowcat and they should have the repairs complete by early afternoon.

Meanwhile, in Monroe County 2,200 customers in Gap Mills and Union were without power as well.

“There’s a fuse in a substation on the transformer that’s blown. So we need to change that fuse out,” according to Meyers.

Crews are also checking to make sure no lines are on the ground that could also be impacting customers in Monroe County.

“It was negative 9-degrees and the wind was howling at Snowshoe. I don’t know how cold it is in Monroe County,” said Meyers. “The cold like this is hard on the system.”

Meyers stressed the goal is to get their customers back on line as soon as possible.

“It’s hard on our customers and we realize that and we know we need to get out there very quickly and make these repairs,” stressed Meyers

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  • Realist

    Used to brag about how good Mon Power's service was. Then First Energy bought them. Before First Energy, I do not remember the power being off for more than a couple of hours, since I have lost power for at least 12 hours 6 times.

  • Watching

    Does it really take 4 hours to replace a fuse?

  • mtmanstan

    Has it ever occured to any of the people complaining on here that the closing of several coal fired plants has severly weakened the overall grid and the overall grid can no longer handle even a minor shake up?
    When 1 company alone goes from 21 plants to 4, bad things are going to happen. Don't blame the workers, they didn't shut the plants down. You might want to start with Washington D.C.

  • dog man

    Thanks to power company workers. To manpower ceo and board of dictators if you would do a little bit of preventive maintance this would not happen.

  • grannybuzzard

    and now we all have frozen water to show for it. I don't know about the pipes yet. last tine one burst. on top of that my power bill was 300 dollars just trying to keep the pipes from freezing.

  • cutty77

    These people need to buy Generator's . Its the best money you have ever spent,because its going to continue to happen.

  • Melanie

    We have a second home in Marlinton and now it seems every time there is a storm there is also a power outage. It's a problem since if we are not down there the water can freeze. Thank God for good neighbors who are watching out for us. But ever since the derecho this has been a huge problem. I hope Mon power can do some clearing this year to help prevent further problems.

  • Maxeer

    Ive been without but wanted to say THANK YOU to the men and women that battle this cold weather to help up stay warm...Hat Tip folks!!!