MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — The family of Rachel Shoaf released a statement Friday after fellow teen Shelia Eddy pleaded guilty to participating in the murder of their University High School classmate Skylar Neese.

Shoaf, 17, previously pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in connection with the July 2012 stabbing death. Shoaf was expected to testify against Eddy had the case gone to trial.

Morgantown attorneys John Angotti and David Straface released the statement on behalf of the Shoaf family:

“We continue to grieve over this tragedy. We acknowledge that Shelia Eddy has finally admitted her involvement and accepted responsibility for her actions in Skylar’s death.

“Her death is consistent with the prior admission and statements made by Rachel Shoaf and will help to bring some closure in this matter for the Neese family without the necessity of their having to endure the pain and heartache of a trial.

“We continue to pray that we will all find peace in our hearts and the strength to move forward.”



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  • Robin

    Not enough. These girls are scum and should never be released.

  • Laura

    They should die for bringing these little psycho monsters into the world.

    • Amy

      I am by no no means defending Shiela or Rachel this is a horrible horrible crime. However the parents were not the ones who committed the crime. From what I"ve heard anyway.. no one said the parents knew their daughters could do something like this.

  • Alice Fraley

    Dave and Mary, you are in my thoughts and prayers . Praying you can move forward . My deepest sympathy , During this difficult time, may the comfort of God's loving arms carry you through the quiet moments, and bring you peace.

  • ashley reckon

    These girla have been threw hell n back n yes they deserve to be behind bars but I also believe since it happened they shouldve been tried in juvinile court since they were when it happened seems like you are only wanting one side of story theres no excuse for murder but its not your place to judge

    • Robin

      Rubbish, 16/17 year olds know exactly what they are doing. These girls are scum and should never ever be released.

    • pink44

      @ashley reckon...

      Are you freaking kidding? No, can't be... even a comedian wouldn't be that ridiculous.

      You said, "These girla have been threw hell n back"

      Seriously? These girls have been through hell? They come from there. They murdered a 16 year old "bestfriend!" They planned out a cold and calculating attack on the supposed "friend." They assassinated her for no reason. They even bragged on twitter by saying "we really did go on three" and "it was genius." Shelia even boasted about how she 'loved being smarter than everyone and a step ahead of them,' and posted on Twitter, "no one on this earth can handle me and Rachel if you think you can you're wrong," and that was 5 months after they left her lifeless in the woods for animals to reduce her from a body to remains.

      The day after she murdered Skylar, Shelia Eddy slept in Skylar's bed beside Skylar's mom, pretending to be tormented by her missing 'friend.' She walked door to door, passing out fliers, to aid in bringing Skylar home, knowing fully that it was impossible. She post messages on Skylar's page continuously saying how much she missed her, loved her, etc., even saying stuff like 'please come home, we aren't mad, everyone will understand,' as if she was trying to blame Skylar's disappearance in a way to blame skylar. And Skylar's dad, Dave, replied with "she'll be home soon. I love you shelia" to everyone of her fake concern post, and she replied "I love you too Dave" to them all. You know why he told his daughter's so-called friend he loved her? Because they were best friends for so long that she was like their second daughter. He took up for her and asked the police and community to stop harrassing her, because she was grieving her missing friend. The two were so close that they went on each others trips; In fact, it was soon after skylar went on a beach trip with Shelia's family that they killed her.

      Onto your next ridiculous statement...

      "yes they deserve to be behind bars but I also believe since it happened they shouldve been tried in juvinile court since they were when it happened"

      Ok first - It did not just "happen!" They murdered a 16 yr old girl with her entire life ahead of her. For no reason. They don't have a reason aside from, "we didn't want to be friends anymore."
      Next, they may have been juveniles when they killed her but they were grown enough to drive a car, quit school, get married in some states without parent consent, and they can petition the court for emancipation- meaning they could ask the court to have adult rights without parental guardians. Most importantly, they were grown enough to plan, execute, clean and cover up the murder of their "friend." In the end though, the important factor of if a minor is tried as an adult, boils down to the crime and the intent as well as the level of understanding they have. Would they have been any more mature a year later? Nope. How do we know this... they continued acting the same as a year prior. Had they confessed right after while under stress from their actions, they may have been seen as juveniles. But since they spent 6 months and a year covering it up, better than most adults, they are considered adults.

      Would you really had preferred see them be released to the general population after a year or 3? Is that your idea of justice?

      Finally, you said...

      " seems like you are only wanting one side of story theres no excuse for murder but its not your place to judge"

      No we don't want one side of the story. We want all sides. But they will only say "we did it" without any futher explanation. All other info we have is tgrough investigations, formal and personal, so what exactly is your point? How the hell can we get another side of a story when the only side not being told, is the side of the victim? The victim's name is Skylar Neese. She will not graduate. She will not go to college, get married, have kids, or celebrate another day. Thats her side. And quite frankly, when it comes to premeditated murder of a teenaged child that was senseless by all accounts, no other side matters!

      And you can say all you want that is isn't our place to judge and if that's what you believe, so be it. But when it comes to crimes on this earth against innocent people, we shall and will judge the evil that is responsible, as we see fit! If you don't like it, who cares? You want to defend murderous girls who kill for fun like a wild animal - go live with them.

      I know you're young or at best, incredibly naive, but your judgement is skeewed, and I believe you need a reality check. When you have children, imagine for a moment that it was your child that was exterminated by his/her "friends" then come back and let us all know about it.

      To anyone else reading this, Im sorry for the rant but her comment boiled my blood.

  • ashley reckon

    I believe she had fair sentencing and she realizes what she did was wrong. And I do not believe in death penilty n never didI understand everyones upset but these girls are paying for their actions

    • Jessika

      Yes, they are paying for their actions at tax payer's expense. They are fed, and housed, and clothed, despite the fact that they viscously murdered an innocent girl who had a bright future ahead of her. They showed their "best friend" no mercy, why do they deserve any? I'm not saying we go around executing everyone in jail, but for cases like this, where there is proof beyond doubt that they purposely ended someone's life, there is no logical reason to keep them alive. As for her remorse, it is too little too late. I will not look upon someone with pity because they feel bad about a murder they spent months planning. This was not self-defense or even passion; these girls planned how they would do it and even counted down, like it was a game. I do believe they deserve the death penalty, but a lifetime of shame and regret will have to do.

  • WVU_93

    While we all like the eye for an eye mentality, there is a ton of garbage in public parks and on the side of the roads so bring back the chain gangs.

  • Unioncarpenter

    Seems some of you believe your paying to keep killers fed and housed. Seems some of you enjoy wasting your money for this and some of you hate it. If there's no doubt of guilt give them what they gave. Too many bleeding hearts.

  • griff

    Just one more incident that begs for the death penalty to be reinstated. Neither Shoaf or Eddy deserve to live. They are nothing but cold blooded KILLERS. Why should my tax money keep these scumbag killers in jail.


    What's wrong with killing some one who has murdered another person ?

    • Guardian

      I have no problem whatsoever in putting to death a TRULY guilty person. But if there is the slightest doubt, or a case is purely circumstantial, then I have a problem.

      In the case of these two young women, they confessed - freely confessed. Add to that, the state had a preponderance of evidence that would have supported a murder conviction. If we had the death penalty in WV, then I'd have no issue with signing their execution order.

      But because in far too many cases, there may be enough evidence to convict, there is still some small, lingering doubt. In those cases, I would absolutely NOT sign an execution order.

  • Guardian

    Even one mistaken execution - and they have happened over the years - should give pause in reimplementing the death penalty. Picture yourselves wrongly convicted and facing the death penalty with all of your appeals exhausted.

    What's wrong with the penal system is essentially the lack of hard work. Able bodied prisoners should be working every day for their food and upkeep. Yes, bring back chain gangs. We have potholes from one end of the state to the other - let the prisoners patch them, pick up litter, clean out the drainage ditches, repair signs & guard rails. Heck with the ACLU claiming protection under the cruel and unusual punishment clauses in the Constitution. There is nothing cruel and unusual for working for the food that goes into your mouth or the roof over your head.

    Lastly, I do feel sympathy for both the Shoaf and Eddy families in this ONE respect - they too are suffering and they never intentionally raised their daughters to behave in this savage manner. I say to all of you, the day you say the words "my kid would never . . .", is the day you tempt fate. None of us TRULY know for a certainty what one of our kids will do or not do.

    • Tabby

      Even if chain gangs are too risky, by having criminals out and about, I am sure we could manage in house work to lower the economic damage that prisoners cause. We buy so much stuff from China, so why not have prisons making it instead? Or put them to work picking fruit, veggies, raising livestock, etc., to pay their way, and help starving kids here. Surely we can find a way to punish them without us footing the bill of their 10, 20, 70 yr prison terms.

    • Hillbilly

      I HAVE imagined a false accusation landing me in prison under a death sentence - with no way out. Luckily it usually takes over 20 years to execute someone.