MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — On late Friday afternoon Monongalia County teenager Shelia Eddy pleaded guilty to first-degree murder of high school classmate and former best friend Skylar Neese.

Click above to watch over 20 minutes of exclusive coverage from today’s proceedings.

Click below to hear from Monongahela County Prosecutor Marcia Ashdown who shares more insight into the state’s case.



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  • Amy

    The murderer was too cowardly to even beg for forgiveness.

    Her attorney whispers: do you want to say I'm sorry to the Neese family?

    Killer: I don't want to say anything I think.

    Rot in prison!

  • Judge Judy

    Life with no parole, please.

  • Dave


    Leaves me wondering though what the real motive was.

  • nank

    Dave and Mary Neese will be at the 15 year parole board which doesn't guarantee they get out them. They have a lot of changing to do in that amount of time. And believe me they will have a lot of time to think about this all...There will be a day of reckoning. Just sayin

    • Amanda

      Day of reckoning? What do you exactly mean??

      • Judge Judy

        It means Nank will be there on their release date, hammer in each hand (to dole out the ole' hillbilly justice).

      • AML

        By "Day of reckoning" I do believe they mean THEY WILL GET THEIRS!

  • JL

    Great job by your staff on this story.

  • pt

    Put this c-rag in jail for life. In fact, electrocute that c*nt.

  • Shocked

    How sad and appalling that a cold blooded sociopathic murderer gets only 15 yrs. before she is eligible for parole. May she rot until then...

  • delta

    Thank you for posting the video. It's unbelievable listening to the prosecutor run through what happened that night near the 11:15 mark is just heartbreaking and sick.
    I can't imagine two people stabbing someone at the same time like that, and a so-called friend.

  • Jennifer Lowe

    Thank you so much for putting this video up Justin!