STILLWATER, Okla. — West Virginia coach Bob Huggins shares his postgame thoughts after a hard-fought 81-75 loss at No. 11 Oklahoma State on Saturday afternoon.

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  • Bill C

    Time after time the opposing players go in for a layup and WVU players just bumps them and the result is "the basket plus 1" , if your going to foul make it count and impossible for them to make it a 3 pt. play, these little tic-tac fouls are killing WVU.

  • Will

    Why are these reporters so scared to ask him real questions?

  • Dave

    Marcus Smart is a cry baby. I'm glad the Mountaineers shut him down.

  • Alex

    Huggins knows WVU got the short end of the stick when it comes to the officials in yesterday's game, if he says anything or complains about it in public he could get fined or suspended . The timing of the calls and what they are is very important in the basketball games. Knowing that no team plays a perfect game but fairness should be fair for both teams and West Virginia didn't get it yesterday , they won't get it probably the rest of the year. I realized they may not have won the game but be consistently is all I'm asking big 12 officials.

    • wvrefugee

      My guess is if/when Huggins stops complaining about EVERY trip down the floor we may start getting some calls! I mean, come on! He complains about every call! Did it in the Big East too! Barking dog syndrome!

  • William

    "Sweatsuit" Huggins has not beat a good teams in over TWO years.
    How bad does it need to get before he is FIRED?
    Last 18 games against good teams - WVU is 0 - 18
    It's a sad time to be a Mountaineer fan wherever you may be!

    • Jon

      William you are classless and an idiot. Your family must be very proud of you. No one wants to hear your BS. Could you do us all a favor and go root for someone else? We dont need you in Mountaineer Nation nor do we want you in Mountaineer Nation.

      • William

        @Jon -
        Is "Sweatsuit" Huggins a class act?
        Does "Sweatsuit" Huggins have GREAT CHARACTER?
        This coach has been a big failure and an embarrassment to the fans of WVU!
        Does the TRUTH HURT?
        He should have been FIRED for what he said to the ref. last year
        Hope he gets fired and leaves Morgantown and take his baggage with him.

      • wvrefugee

        At least you didn't call him a Marshall fan! FAIL!

    • Aaron

      Huggins will not be fired.

    • Allen

      Yet again Willy is lost in his own world of hate.