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West Virginia and Eron Harris (10) hope for some payback Saturday against Markel Brown and Oklahoma State at Gallagher-Iba Arena in Stillwater.


STILLWATER, Okla. — From inside historic Gallagher-Iba Arena, West Virginia faced a tall task against No. 11 Oklahoma State, which led the nation with a 19-point scoring margin.

Of course, the first time they met in Morgantown the margin couldn’t have been any smaller, and Saturday’s rematch was another close one.

Read the recap of the live-game updates from throughout the afternoon:

West Virginia has a chance to tie during the final minute, but Nate Adrian can’t sink a 3 from the right wing. Phil Forte seals it at the foul line for Oklahoma State, making six straight in the final 36 seconds. … Staten finished with 19 points, and in a weird twist, each team wound up hitting 25 free throws.
OKLAHOMA STATE 72, WEST VIRGINIA 67 (3:25 second half)
Two Eron Harris 3s draw West Virginia to within 70-67, but then he picks up his fifth foul with 3:35 left (trying to defend Markel Brown driving the lane). There wasn’t much contact and last season that isn’t a foul, but with these freedom-of-movement rules, well. Harris jogs to the bench, arms outstretched—his day finished with 21 points on 6-of-7 3-point shooting.
OKLAHOMA STATE 68, WEST VIRGINIA 60 (6:24 second half)
Le’Bryan Nash now has 29 points after back-to-back and-1s (sandwiched around Gary Browne’s fourth foul as he tried to clear space in a trap and knocked down Smart). He’s making up for Smart’s abysmal 0-for-6 game.
OKLAHOMA STATE 60, WEST VIRGINIA 60 (7:34 second half)
Remember the brutal free-throw differential that favored Oklahoma State in the first half? Well, it has flipped in the second half, as West Virginia attempted the first 15 free throws before Nash went to the line at the 9:05 mark to finish an and-1. … The Pokes are just 4-of-20 from 3-point range, while WVU is 5-of-13. … Henderson is 1-of-7 from the floor tonight, leaving it to Staten (18 points) and Harris (15).
OKLAHOMA STATE 51, WEST VIRGINIA 50 (11:50 second half)
Harris’ hot streak is suspended when he picks up his fourth foul at the 15:05 mark and heads to the bench. Meanwhile, Markel Brown delivers a whirling 360-degree dunk and drains a 3 as the Cowboys reclaim the lead. … Marcus Smart has two points and three fouls so far today. If he remains quiet, WVU has a chance.
WEST VIRGINIA 46, OKLAHOMA STATE 44 (15:58 second half)
Harris scores nine straight points as West Virginia shows guts to open the second half. Staten hits two free throws and it’s an 11-2 Mountaineers run, sucking some of the energy out of the arena.
The can’t-miss stat: OSU went 15-of-21 from the foul line in the half as WVU committed 18 fouls. The Mountaineers were 8-of-10 at the stripe as Okie State was whistled for 11. … Staten led WVU with 12 points on 5-of-8 shooting, but committed four turnovers (part of WVU’s 11 overall). Nash scored 18 for the Pokes on 6-of-9 shooting from the floor and 6-of-11 from the foul line. … WVU led in rebounding 19-16.
Remi Dibo wedged home a 3-pointer (nice backspin) at the 2:24 mark, but that was the end of the good news for WVU in the half. OSU went on a 10-0 run, closing with two dunks in the final 18 seconds to give this game a drastically new complexion. The final flurry was huge, beginning with Markel Brown’s putback dunk. Then Dibo inbounded toward walk-on Tyrone Hughes—making a rare first-half appearance because of WVU’s ridiculous foul situation—only to have Phil Forte knock the ball loose and make a diving tip-save in front of Huggins. The ball wound up in OSU’s hands and found its way back to Forte, who fed Nash for a dunk right before the buzzer. Huggins left the court shaking his head, but not before glancing up at the scoreboard and mouthing a “wow.”
OKLAHOMA STATE 32, WEST VIRGINIA 30 (3:45 first half)
After Staten loses the handle on the wing—boy, coaches hate live-ball turnovers—OSU gets into transition and Le’Bryan Nash drives for a layup while Gary Browne tries to too late to draw a charge. That’s No. 3 on Browne, No. 14 of the half on West Virginia and the Cowboys have their first lead.
WEST VIRGINIA 26, OKLAHOMA STATE 26 (6:15 first half)
Officials whistle a double foul as Harris defends Smart in the post—that’s costlier for Oklahoma State, because it was the second on Smart. But just a few moments later, Harris is hit with his second foul while trying to box out on the offensive end. Markel Brown his two foul shots to tie it.
WEST VIRGINIA 23, OKLAHOMA STATE 17 (8:09 first half)
Devin Williams was victimized by Smart’s gamesmanship—that’s the polite description—and picked up his second foul as the All-American guard knifed inside tying to rebound a missed free throw. It looked like Smart took a dive after tangling with Williams, but it’s the WVU big man who was whistled for his second foul. West Virginia’s facing a world of foul difficulty at this pace. … Remi Dibo has surfaced after not playing in the win over Texas Tech.
WEST VIRGINIA 14, OKLAHOMA STATE 8 (11:56 first half)
Brandon Watkins and Gary Browne become the second and third WVU players with two first-half fouls, so Bob Huggins’ game-management skills could be tested. Eron Harris is 2-of-2 from 3, but Terry Henderson—coming off his 28-point detonation against Texas Tech is a scoreless 0-for-3 from the floor.
WEST VIRGINIA 9, OKLAHOMA STATE 4 (14:28 first half)
The Mountaineers are out front because OSU has made only 1-of-7 to open the game, that includes an 0-for-3 start for Marcus Smart, all on 3-point tries. … Staten has four points and one assist right out of the gate, and WVU is outrebounding the Cowboys 9-6. Meanwhile starting forward Kevin Noreen picked up two quick fouls on the defensive end and went to the bench, replaced by Nate Adrian.
Oklahoma State won last year’s game here 80-66, but don’t forget that West Virginia built a 13-point lead before the thing came unraveled. Cowboys sixth man Phil Forte scored 26 points to spark the home team that day. Meanwhile, the Cowboys are 9-0 at home this year, including a 13-point win over Texas and a 21-point beatdown of Memphis.
There was a somber pregame remembrance as the Oklahoma State athletic department paid tribute to the 10 staffers killed in a plane crash back on Jan. 27, 2001. The plane crashed in a snowstorm en route back from a game at Colorado.
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  • mad hatter

    our record stands at 11 wins 6 losses and 3 moral victories,,,not that shabby my friend

  • mad hatter

    we are this close to being really really good, i mean final four good... I really don't see anyone else matching up with us in the big 12,, we're too big , too fast, too smart and greater passers and dribblers to allow anyone in this conf. beat us...
    It's up to our HOF coach to throttle back just a bit so we don't show our entire hand but vegas will look hard at us for final four consideration.

    • Ole Sasquatch

      I knew you would come around.

  • Bobby

    Adrian is a good player, but he should not have to shoot that far out. they are big man away from being a much better team. go eers

    • mad hatter

      it was a great coup signing him at wvu, i understand all the biggies wanted him as their 3 pt shooter and rebounder..all american honors will be coming his way either this yr or next.

  • 4WVUinKY

    Making the case for our Mountaineers...

    Look at today's stats:
    FGM-A: WVU 21-57 36.8% - OKS 26-59 44.1%
    3PM-A; WVU 8-20 40% - OKS 4-24 16.7%
    FTM-A: WVU 25-32 78.1% - OKS 25-34 73.5%
    REB: WVU 41 - OKS 36
    Points: WVU 75 - OKS 81

    Game 1 stats:
    FGM-A: WVU 24-58 41.4% - OKS 27-60 45%
    3PM-A; WVU 8-21 38.1% - OKS 8-20 40%
    FTM-A: WVU 16-19 84.2% - OKS 11-16 68.8%
    REB: WVU 35 - OKS 38
    Points: WVU 72 - OKS 73

    2 Game Totals:
    FGM-A: WVU 45-115 39.1% - OKS 53-119 44.5%
    3PM-A; WVU 16-41 39% - OKS 12-44 27.3%
    FTM-A: WVU 41-51 80.4% - OKS 36-50 72%
    REB: WVU 76 - OKS 74
    Points: WVU 147 - OKS 154

    Today we lost by 6 and a total of 7 for both games we have played the 11th ranked team in the country. Both games combined have been decided by 2 or 3 made FG's and a FT here or there. I know...when the buzzer sounded, they had more points then we did. That said, this team has hung tough in this particular match-up...again, against the 11th ranked team in the country and as the top sentence in Allen's article points out, against a team that leads the nation with a 19 point scoring margin. I wish I had the time to match up OKS's other opponent's against these same stats...I'll bet a bottle of Grey Goose that WVU has played OKS better than any of OKS's other opponent's.

    Looking at these stats, I see tremendous potential. It takes time, game experience, player development, and making the right decisions in real-time while on the court. Yes, Huggins needs to recruit better...that's on him...but we have what we have and yes, we may lose all but 2-3 of our remaining games this season but with stats like the above, I see the possibility of a few surprises still ahead this year.

    It's an absolutely awesome day to be a Mountaineer...once, always, and wherever.

    • RJ

      4WVUinKY, makes no difference when it comes to standings, a loss is a loss. There are NO moral victories in losing. Whether you play a good game or whatever, it all in the standings is a LOSS! Being a coach that is just the way it is. Face up to it! Good teams always find a way to win but WVU is a mediocre team. Need to schedule many cream puffs so we can impress maybe NIT officials. It is what it is!

      • 4WVUinKY

        1. I understand a loss is a loss.
        2. Never mentioned anything about a moral victory.
        3. Please edit your postings..."it all in the standings is a LOSS!...what does that even mean?
        4. I'll take you at your're a coach. That said, I disagree, a "good" team does not "always" find a way to win. They certainly keep playing to the very end to win, but that doesn't mean that as a result, they always win. Remember, the other team, I'm assuming, and you should know from your coaching experience, that the other team is also trying to win and perhaps they too are a "good" team.

        Final a coach if you are not reviewing the progress of your team through making statistical comparisons to your opponents or YOY results, then I would say, from my humble opinion, you are not using a very valuable tool to help motivate both you and your players. Reread my post...I noted that OKS had more points than we did, thus they won. I acknowledged the lack of recruiting visa vie Huggins cleaned house from some of his own mistakes. I laid out, with limited space, the "facts" about how well we have done against the 11th ranked team in the nation in many categories. I also challenged anyone to lay out the "facts" about how well OKS's other opponents have fared against them vs. how well WVU has. Hey, I am willing to toss in a precious bottle of GG. Finally, I see potential in this team. It makes no difference to me if you do or not...that is your choice.

        One more thing...not sure at what level you coach but should you humbly want to share your career that I can verify through outside sources...I would be interested to see how many "good" teams you have coached that have "always" found a way to win. That would mean you won every game...

        It's an absolutely awesome day to be a Mountaineer...once, always, and wherever.

    • mad hatter

      there is just no stopping this yr,,, the sky is the limit and with a tad of luck, we win the big 12 easily

      • 4WVUinKy

        They say that unwarranted sarcasm is the sign of an azz-whole...I think I see a sign in you...

        • 4WVUinKY

          Oh, I know how to spell...just getting in your head...and I'm question and then a correction. Question - do you know when to capitalize a word in a sentence? Correction - you know that asshole is one word...right?

          I call that bold talk for a one-eyed fat man...

  • leroy j gibbs

    Valuable experience growing pains for next year

  • Curmudgeon

    I don't get all the negativity from some of these comments this year. This team is fun to watch and never gives up. If these kids keep positive and don't listen to some of the coach wannabes on this website WVU will pull out some of these games. One can definitely, with the exception of the Texas game, see improvement.
    By the way, Texas might not have been as bad a loss as we thought after they beat Baylor in Waco today.

    • Wirerowe

      Curmudgeon I agree buddy they are fun to watch and they are relatively young. Who knows what the future will bring but if they get a little tougher on defense they will be competitive this year. Staten is a warrior and a leader

      • mad hatter

        next yr? ,, no one wants to play us this yr.. we're just too much of a power to be ignored,,, the big 12 is so happy they took us over louisville, and i am so glad we didn't accept offers from the sec ,acc and big ten

  • mark

    Staaten got a T for looking wrong at a guy the other day, but Smart can bitch and moan, run around the floor, kick his bench, and leave the bench area for extended periods of time..... and NOTHING is even noticed. We really needed Terry Henderson to step up today, but he disappeared.

  • Ole Sasquatch

    Willaims & Watkins need to react like lightning with power when they get the ball underneath the basket and realize the point is to put the ball in the basket. They should not linger around drawing a big crowd. Adrain made a lot of mistakes but he plays because he hustles. Dibo hustles. If those 2 were just a little stronger. They both need to know how to stay in front of their men on defense . Terry was just off on his shooting today. Noreen played like a man. He is a force on defense. A lot of the reason we played close was due to Noreen. Neither Noreen or Willaims backed down. Ole Sasquash appreciates that. Harris still needs some discipline in his game. Again Willaims despite the mistakes along with Staten are the most consistent players. Not bad, for not a single senior on the team. Yes, we are getting there.

    • mad hatter

      those two ought to get at least second team all american this yr,, they are that good, and potential oozing out all over the reason why we can't win a national championship next yr,,, this yr, maybe a final four , next yr,, all the way eer/s

  • mad hatter

    i call this a moral victory, that's good enough for me,, we played hard competed, what more can we ask for,, pass the kool-aid.

    from what i saw, the refs pretty much decided from the beginning that the oakies would win this one, so we really didn't get beat by oakie, the refs robbed us once again.
    i can't stand games like this where we should have won, were the better team and the refs simply took it from us.

    • Brian

      "Gee whiz mommie - do we get cake, cookies, ice cream and a GREAT BIG ol' Trophy because we learned to wipe our arse after seventeen tries?".

      Gawd hatter, I had hoped you we're merely joking/sarcastic until I read posts further down the board!!

      This isn't your kids YMCA league buddy ball!!

      These are ADULT men, playing for an ADULT coach (who, by the way, makes more per game than most WVians make in YEAR!!). Show me where we win even 3 more games this year - and I'll show you a Winged-Leprechaun in your wife's underware.


      Cry me a river.

    • RJ

      mad hatter even coaches will tell you there are no moral victories in loses. Yes the refs were bad but good teams find a way to win but mediocre teams do what this team does. Huggs/Luck needs to schedule more Fairmont St. caliber teams then we can have a wonderful win loss record.

      • Troll

        I disagree about the refs it was a good game, they just made a couple more baskets than we did. Fouls where close WVU 25-32 and OSU 25-34, WVU even out rebounded OSU by one today. It was a good effort they just lost.

  • Troll

    Good game, very even stat wise just Oklahoma St hit a couple more shots than WVU did. Hang in there guys and let's get ready for the next one.

    • Alex

      Troll I agree a somewhat with your post but the officiating was partial and they called fouls about the same but here's one key thing the timing and when they made the calls... The Big 12 officiating dose not ever in any game last year or this favorite West Virginia...T.C. On the Radio and many times through the talkshows makes remarks about the officiating of the big 12... It is difficult to figure out sometimes...At this rate WVU will not win a close game this year...

  • RJ

    This is a classic mediocre ball club. Tired of excuses of young, inexperienced, it is what it is a mediocre ball team. Just can't win against good ball teams. Play tough but no cigar.

  • Chris1529

    If WV wins any more than one more game this year, I will be surprised.

  • Billy

    If a WV player had kicked a chair like smart did he would have gotten a technical foul and been ejected

    • Alex

      Yea Billy I was thanking the same thing... West Virginia does not have an All-American named by the media yet Smart he is classified as an All-American he could do what he wants to. I can give the officials some credit they did fowl him out right before the game ended ...hooray hooray ha ha ha. Big deal. I thought he committed fowls that could injure some of our players and didn't get called for...

      • mad hatter

        fowls means birds doesn't it,, so they birded him out of the game

  • James

    Right where his butt belongs, right on the bench, terrible shot, huggins must owe his parents favors, or they donate money to the program, this is ridiculous

  • James

    Besides for Devin Williams, the rest of our big men are horrible, Noreen can't score, Adrian is wet behind the ears, I'm still not sure how he got a scholarship, Watkins looks lost, mo tournaments this year, be lucky to finish 500

    • mad hatter

      more likely, we will be lucky to win two more games, heck with 500,,, but moral victories are the same as W's , and that's good enough

      • The Wisetalker

        This was another one of those great "moral victories" and we should be happy with them.