BARBOURSVILLE, W.Va. – Two men are dead, a third behind bars charged with murder in a Saturday afternoon shooting.

Sixty-three year-old Rodney Black called 911 saying two men were trying to break into his outbuilding and that he had shot them. When deputies arrived on scene at the home on Old Crow Drive, they found two men lying in the snow next to a pick-up truck dead.

Black allegedly used a scoped rifle to fire the shots out a window of his home.

Investigators determined that the outbuilding did not belong to Black and that the men had every right to be there.

The victim’s names have not been released.

Black was taken into custody and charged with 2 counts of first-degree murder. He’s being held at the Western Regional Jail without bail. Investigators said Black has been cooperative.

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  • Ms Cat

    After reading a few of the comments, I say, for the most part you need to have the facts before viewing your opinions. Who said they were pillbellies or drugies ? Because that is your opinion, maybe it should be kept to yourself until you KNOW the facts.My opinion says maybe he didn't want them moving his neighborhood. No pillheads or drugies , just real hard working people who deserved to be [live] where they choice.

    • crazy nate

      So ms cat, you know the facts? Your able to state your opinion, but I can't. Bet mine is closer to the fact, (pillbillys/crack heads/druggies) than your opinion that they was just looking around, thinking of buying the joint!!! Now stop taking up for the lowrents that are the problem, and go give that shooter his gift card!!!

      • niki

        Honestly, the report says the building was not his. So that speaks volumes. We own many guns and have three young men but do not teach them to just shoot someone. Have you ever considered the people he shot owned the building? We shall see when they release the names. I am just thankful he was not my nieghbor.

      • BH

        With that logic your neighbors should be very concerned.

      • Truth

        Actually these men were not pill heads or druggies at all. I knew them both.

      • Brian

        Actually one of the men had just bought that property and was showing it to his brother. The degenerate shot them bc they are black.

        • Jason412

          I'm clearly not a lawyer, but my understanding of WV as being a "Castle Doctrine" state is that "there must be a belief the attacker or intruder may kill or cause serious bodily harm to oneself or others"

          Someone breaking into your shed isn't a direct threat to your life.

          If someone is breaking into your house you obviously have reason to believe they may kill you, but if someone is breaking into your shed and you're in your house they really have no opportunity to kill you or harm you.

          Would this not be murder even if the guy had owned the shed?

          Brian, where are you seeing that these guys were black guys?

  • GregG

    Granted this report could be way off, but if this WASN'T his building and the two men HAD every right to be there, then this is just another example of why some people shouldn't own guns. Maybe this info isn't correct, time will tell I guess.

  • Fox News Commentator Guy

    This is all Obama's fault. He saw this coming and did nothing about it!


      This is proof NO ONE should have a gun!! This crazed killer was a T-party supporter he hates black people, gays, Mexicans, immigrants and wants us all to die without healthcare. He retired from Halliburton had 60 gazillion dollars in an off-shore bank account and hates Obama because Obama is Black. And it's all George Bush's fault....

  • Andy

    You're an absolute moron. What's worse, you represent everything that is wrong with some attitudes/beliefs in the great state of West Virginia and the nation at large. While I certainly don't condone illegal drug use, B&E, or any other crime, simply entering a shed (legally or not) does not justify murder. It's a simple facet of rule of law that shouldn't be very difficult to grasp.

    • Oh Please

      It may not justify murder. However, people need to stop trespassing and entering private property, period! You don't own the world, and you surely don't own every inch of property, buildings, and belongings located in those buildings. Stop acting like you do! Property owners are getting sick and tired of these thieves, and the laws are not present to protect the property owners (only the thieves.) If you don't protect your property and belongings, no one will, period!

      • cb

        People do needed to stop trespassing. However in this case and story it clearly says the victims had every right to be there!

        • Brian

          Article makes it seem likely the murderer was actually trespassing on the victim's land by using a storage shed that was actually on the victim's property. The lot had probably been sitting vacant prior to the recent purchase by the victim, and the murdering trespasser took it upon himself to make use of the shed which he almost certainly knew was not his property.

      • Jason412

        Can you not read? It clearly says they weren't thieves. And the shooter didn't own the property.

        If you went to check your shed you're so protective over, and someone shot you, I'm sure you wouldn't be saying the person that shot you did the right.

        It's one thing to protect your property, another thing to be a trigger happy murderer.

        • Jason412

          That comment was directed at Oh Please not CB.

        • I'm with you

          @ Oh Please... I completely understand what you are saying. Although it doesn't pertain specifically to this story but enough is enough. There are by far too many thieves roaming this state. Hardworking citizens should not have to worry that some thief is going to break into their property, what ever that may be: home, garage, outbuilding, and steal their stuff. It's ridiculous! Many own ATV's, side-by-sides, tractors, etc. at the cost of thousands, and these thieves sell them for $500 or so. It's insane! Grand larceny used to be punishable by death...

      • Agree

        I agree with the two posters that the thieving needs to stop. I know it's not relevant to this story in particular, as we all know that Mr. Black did not own nor have possessions in the shed (and the shed was not even on his property. Which brings up more alarming questions regarding the mental state of Mr. Black.)

        However, commenters are so lenient on the subject of protecting one's actual property. Apparently, some of these commenters have never been victims of theft or they're thieves themselves. One has to wonder! And, yes, grand larceny used to punishable by death. Wonder who changed that? Hmm? A thief???

    • crazy nate

      Andy is a "ra-tard" fact 1). has the highest amount of pill overdoses than the other 49 states. 2). One of the highest drop out rates. 3) number two in "big boned" a.k.a overweight people. 4) high taxed 5) non-business friendly 6) tons of bad people in charge...check the news in hamlin/Logan/Gilbert......too much to list! Bottom line, the people with a I.q larger than their shoe size are feed up, and you sir, must wear a size 6!

      • Brian

        Says the illiterate, backwoods racist, trigger happy murder applauder.



      Then what does justify shooting someone? And remember, a lot of people have somehow forgotten police are in fact Citizens On Patrol--- COP... I can shoot anyone legally for the same justifications as a "COP" can..

      • Jason412

        A police officer is not a Citizen On Patrol. Citizen's on Patrol are usually an organized group of volunteer citizens, not people who are trained and paid.

  • Whatamoroon

    When is force justified? The word everyone should remember is "IMMINENT . Only when your LIFE or the Lives of those in your immediate vicinity is in imminent danger of being ended by someone else are you justified in using deadly force. Breaking into a shed is not an example.

    • trout fisherman


    • Oh Please

      "Breaking into a shed is not an example."??? Excuse me, but I work extremely hard and earn my paycheck to legally purchase my personal belongings that are stored in my "shed". My shed may not be my "castle"; however, it's MY PROPERTY containing MY BELONGINGS that I BOUGHT with MY OWN MONEY. I will protect it from POS thieves who are too lazy to work and prefer to steal and pawn!

      This state needs the same law as Texas: Deadly Force to Protect Property - A person is justified in using deadly force against another to protect land or tangible, movable property.

      • crazy nate

        This guy has it right! Po-po are no help! Their best us later and will give you a number to give (your) insurance! And you can pay (your) deductable! While the pillheads are off to pawnshop or pillville to trade in (what was your goods) for more pills! I say let's have bait sheds!!! Bait 4wheelers!! Hook up the 220volt, and get ready to post some good stuff on YouTube!!! And if the "victim" a.k.a pillhead/druggies.....has any drugs in their system, po-po would be forced to give real victim, a gift card for more copper wire & help with power bill. I still can't find a downside!!!

        • BH

          The way you jumped to conclusions and immediately defended these killings is disgusting. It's now being reported the 2 brothers were looking at property they OWNED.

          • Uncle Unctuous

            In fairness, Nate's screen name does disclose that he is crazy.

      • zero tolerance

        So applying your logic, should Law Enforcement be permitted to use deadly force for a thief they see attempting to break into a car?

      • Teufel

        I'm with you on this one.

      • Brian

        Even if they were trying to break into his shed, it is outrageous to think that justifies deadly force. However, one of the victims owned the property and was showing it to his brother. They were shot because they are black. Of course, some of you probably think blackness justifies deadly force.


      As any smooth talking lawyer could prove; You are wrong-- and just as easy; any smooth talkin lawyer could prove you are right

  • jay ziehm

    waiting for more information on this issue. But I do smell something fishy

  • cb

    Well let's go secret the real source of the pill problem. It isn't the pillhead but rather the pill pushers. To many doctors hanging pills out like candy.

    I have seen good people ruin their lives with these things. What would surprise most is I bet there are more people over 40 that are hooked than any other drug and I bet it rivals the number of 20 year olds.

  • cb

    It says in the story the men had the right to be where they were. I guess the shooter in the Columbia mall was shooting a shop lifter..... even if he was being robbed, I think murder may be a bit bigger of a sin. An eye for an eye would even be better than murder.

    Before you start any accusing of me being a liberal gun taking Obama supporter, I have my concealed and carry daily. I own 8 rifles a couple shotguns and no one will ever come and take them from me. I just hate when untrained people use guns to carry out the law daily. Had they been posing any threat of bodily harm to any of them then absolutely he would have been right. Idiots like this are what give responsible gun owners a bad name.

    • Mason County Contrarian

      Well said, cb. I couldn't agree more.


      Did you vote for Obama? Are you a democrat? Be honest.

      • Uncle Unctuous

        "Carney" guy? As in circus folk? Nomads? Smell like cabbage? Small hands?

  • Chef Camille

    I think this is a hanging offense. Let's string him up that will teach him a lesson.

  • doogie houser

    This older gentleman would hang out at the beech fork shooting range everyday and he would pick up all the brass from spent she'll casings. Very quite easy going guy never seemed to bother anybody. It's such a shame this happened I'm just guessing but I bet he had dementia.

  • WV Patriot

    Burglars beware...scoped rifle...the guy proved he could hit his target..

    • Brian

      It was totally unjustified murder.

    • thornton

      As a gun owner, I very often hate to be identified with other gun illustrate precisely why.

  • Longbeards

    Guess they will not be robbing anyone else!

    • Brian

      They weren't robbing anybody, jackass.

    • Uncle Unctuous

      And you will not be winning any reading comprehension contests.

  • In da stickes

    Jethro, hold my beer and watch this!

  • Big Dawg


  • Fentanyl Bomb

    Scoped Rifle.

    Is this the new media scare tactic?

    Without more information, this guy sounds like a coward.

    Most of us have guns, but feel no compulsion to use them at the drop of a hat.

    Protection of your property does not equal the protection of your life.

    Waiting for more information, like everyone else.

    • Randy

      Terminology when there is a shooting is usually interesting, but it's not easy to determine why a reporter uses certain terms. I do wonder, with so many shotguns used in recent school, business, and mall shootings, how will Biden backtrack on his comments and how will the (only against assault weapons) anti-gunners react.

      • wvrefugee

        Another WV idiot comment! "Fight the Power"!

        • Shadow


        • Shadow

          A very sad story. Something like this can only occur when there is mental instability involved and that is a problem that we have not solved.


      Yes, we all know scoped means the same as "Assault" weapon... and then we will slowly link it to "deer" rifle--- there is a reason for our madness.....

    • Brian

      I think mentioning it was a scoped rifle serves to further illustrate what a cowardly murder this was. He ambushed them from a distance without any notice, without making his presence known, and without asking any questions. Had he approached the men and asked them what they were doing, he would have been in no danger and would have learned that they were well within their rights and had no bad intentions. It would not surprise me at all to find out that he already knew who they were, though. I suspect he knew a black man had purchased the neighboring tract and was out to make sure there would be no black neighbors. This man is a cowardly thug, not a poor old mentally ill nice guy with dementia. These degenerate, pill popping, disability milking, meth-head, inbreeding, non-bathing, toothless, tobacco sucking, racist, redneck, cowardly thugs from the holler are destroying our state, and the only solution is the death penalty for all of em. That'll learn em.

      • who's the racist here?

        Brian - everyone of your post have made mention of the victims were black. If you dont have factual information about the shooter being a racist then you should stop playing the race card here.