BARBOURSVILLE, W.Va. – Two men are dead, a third behind bars charged with murder in a Saturday afternoon shooting.

Sixty-three year-old Rodney Black called 911 saying two men were trying to break into his outbuilding and that he had shot them. When deputies arrived on scene at the home on Old Crow Drive, they found two men lying in the snow next to a pick-up truck dead.

Black allegedly used a scoped rifle to fire the shots out a window of his home.

Investigators determined that the outbuilding did not belong to Black and that the men had every right to be there.

The victim’s names have not been released.

Black was taken into custody and charged with 2 counts of first-degree murder. He’s being held at the Western Regional Jail without bail. Investigators said Black has been cooperative.

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  • Pinklady

    1. Man shoots two men dead from his window.
    2. Man did not own shed where the two men were located.
    3. Man is an idiot.

    From the comments I have read, the two men were black. I am saddened to think in the year 2014 people are still identified by their race! The killer shot in fear. Fear of what? The color of their skin?! Who should we be afraid of...the white man with the rifle or the two black men looking at a shed?! No brainier if you ask me!

    To the family of the two men.
    I am so sorry you lost your loved ones. Your lives will forever be changed. I am sorry there is stereotyping/racism in this world today. I pray you can find peace in all this madness.

    To the family of the shooter
    I am sorry your family member made such a horrific decision. Your lives will be changed forever.

  • 2XLPatriot

    Why does the media feel the need to add a description to a weapon? "A scope rifle?" What ever happened to "A rifle?" How about an "Unscope rifle?" It doesn't make sense. A scope does not make a rifle any more or less lethal nor does it change the fact that 2 men were killed. The shooter obviously has something not right in his head for him to feel this was right or justified in any way. Seriously, if the media is going to report these incidents, at least have a clue about what you are reporting. And, whoever the numbnut is who coined this term "scope rifle", you need a basic firearms lesson. Stop demonizing the weapon and start blaming the people who commit the crimes.

  • Tinch

    People, it doesn't matter who's property it was, or what they were doing. You can't legally shoot someone for trespassing on your property. Even if they are carrying gold bricks from the outbuilding. The only time it is legal to use deadly force is if one is entering, or has entered, your dwelling, and you feel your life is in danger. Period, end of story.

    • 2XLPatriot

      (c) A person not engaged in unlawful activity who is attacked in any place he or she has a legal right to be outside of his or her home or residence may use reasonable and proportionate force against an intruder or attacker: Provided, That such person may use deadly force against an intruder or attacker in a place that is not his or her residence without a duty to retreat if the person reasonably believes that he or she or another is in imminent danger of death or serious bodily harm from which he or she or another can only be saved by the use of deadly force against the intruder or attacker.

    • 2XLPatriot

      Not true. You need to read the law. They do not have to be in your dwelling. You have to prove that you were / are in fact in fear of your life. It can be in your yard, at a gas station or anywhere in the state. If you believe your life is in danger, the perp does not have to be in your dwelling.

  • M.R. Tincher

    I hope they jack the jail up and put him under it. People need to know when it is legal to use deadly force. No persons life is worth something stored in an outbuilding.
    And believe me, I'm not anti-gun. I believe in the right to bear arms to PROTECT myself and my family. But I also know there a lot of wimps that get a big S on their chest when they have a firearm. Just dying to have an chance to shoot someone in order to feel like a man and get even because someone stuffed them in a locker when they were in high school.

  • griff

    the way I see & hear this story is that the shooter didn't own the building. It was on property one of the other 2 men had purchased. This another example of why WV needs to re-instate the death penalty. What I don't understand is why people have to make stupid & rude comments. It is like they are arguing. please stop before the comment section is turned offf

  • flossrancher

    The man saw two strangers on an adjacent piece of property--not his own property, but a piece of land one of them had bought--and he shot and killed them both with no warning and no questions asked. When someone kills a spouse or parent, or a drug dealer kills another drug dealer, or a rapist kills his victim, or a bank robber kills a guard, there is some twisted motive for the killing. This man is far more reprehensible than any of these, because he killed two innocent people without the merest hint of any reason.

  • jfk

    never heard of a scope rifle maybe it was a rifle with a scope on it or maybe a sniper rifle either way its a tragedy.

  • Debra

    Ok here's a good question. Let's say the shooter has Dementia or something. Then what? As our population is aging, millions of elderly people will develop Dementia. How and when do you decide that it is no longer safe for a law abiding elderly person to keep their guns? Just asking. Food for thought.

    • flossrancher

      61 is far from elderly, although dementia or mental illness can happen at any age.



    Then what does justify shooting someone? And remember, a lot of people have somehow forgotten police are in fact Citizens On Patrol--- COP... I can shoot anyone legally for the same justifications as a "COP" can..

    • Jason412

      A police officer is not a Citizen On Patrol. Citizen's on Patrol are usually an organized group of volunteer citizens, not people who are trained and paid.

  • james

    I don't know what a scope rifle is. Could the reporter possibly be referring to a scoped rifle, or a rifle with a scope?

  • JT

    As an avid gun owner and property owner here is my opinion... If it is in fact true that the shooter did not own the outbuilding and the two men did have the right to be there then this is a clear cut homicide case. Pill heads, not pill heads has nothing to do with this case. That being said, if the man did own the building and they didn't have the right to be there then you have every right to defend your life and property however shooting is was probably the right response in this situation.

    • JT

      As a correction, meant shooting was probably NOT the right response in this situation.

  • rwh25559

    can you guys not read. It was not his property. The property had been recently on the market to be sold. It was an empty lot with the exception of the building that stood on it. The same building the guys were looking at. The guys that were shot had every legal right to be on the property (and i think you will find out soon enough one of the men shot had purchased the property and the other was his buddy) He shot them sniper style out of an open window from his house. I live in this neighborhood and it is very scary to think that this guy would do this. Kids would sometimes play in this empty lot or cut accross it as a short cut. The shooter has a reputation of being an odd individual, not the type you would suspect of doing this but a little off.

    • rwh25559

      wsaz just confirmed everything i wrote. It was a 60 year old man that just purchased the property and was showing the property to his brother. They were planning on starting construction on a house in a few weeks.

      • thornton

        I assume that if this is true, the Crazy Nate character will find some way to still feel good about his responses here.
        Probably, there a diagnosis that explains why he does.

  • Larry

    Sooooo what you're saying is it makes it worse cause it was a scoped rifle. So it would a been ok if it was an open site rifle,,,,,,, oh yea I can see your reasoning . Jason I think the zombies already ate your brain

  • crazy nate

    Andy is a "ra-tard" fact 1). has the highest amount of pill overdoses than the other 49 states. 2). One of the highest drop out rates. 3) number two in "big boned" a.k.a overweight people. 4) high taxed 5) non-business friendly 6) tons of bad people in charge...check the news in hamlin/Logan/Gilbert......too much to list! Bottom line, the people with a I.q larger than their shoe size are feed up, and you sir, must wear a size 6!

    • Brian

      Says the illiterate, backwoods racist, trigger happy murder applauder.

      • Michael

        crazy describes nate well

  • thornton

    Might want to wait for further investigation and a mental evaluation....and to see if Old Crow was involved.

    The second trigger pull is really the one to consider in the matter...hmmm.

    Shame that two folks died....almost more of a shame that the pro-gun folks will take sides against the anti-gun folks(and vice-versa) as that is how commonsense is shoved to the furthest corner when agenda trumps all else
    Both sides of the aisle are most often dolts of the first water.

    • BH

      "Almost more of a shame"? No, the death of 2 innocent people minding their own business is much more tragic.

      • thornton

        True, but that Them Vs. Us thinking only leads to more problems than to stabs at solutions.

        In the long run....that attitude is a killer.