CANAAN VALLEY, W.Va. — A new lodge and a winter for the ages has the ski enthusiasts loving life at Canaan Valley Resort in Tucker County.

“Mother Nature didn’t cooperate all that well in December, but in the last few days it’s whitened up a good bit and we’re enjoying the snow,” said Resort General Manger David Herscher.

The new resort at Canaan Valley opened last fall, but is only now being fully discovered.

“We are a destination and if we were anywhere else we wouldn’t be the destination we are,” said Herscher. “We have new roads going in and will bring more guests from the DC area and it’s definitely a destination worth visiting.”

The resort was wrought with struggles during construction.  Weather delays slowed the process considerably.  Finances were another matter, but the legislature is debating legislation creating a new source of emergency funding for the state park system from lottery revenues. A large chunk of that money is specifically aimed at operating the new Canaan Valley lodge.

“It’s going to help to supplement us as we move forward,” he said. “There havebeen a number of different ways we provide excellent service that our repeat guests have come to know and the new ones will enjoy.”

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  • mook

    The state parks have not been touched since they where built. Blackwater camp ground has electric hook ups on wrong side of sites . Spaces for 20 ft. camper's from the 60's, can't hardly put new 30 ft. into space's. Camp fire ring rusted and bent up,can't use for cooking. When ask employee what the problem they say no money or park super will not do anything.

  • shepherd

    What are people talking about? That area has some great places to eat. Muttleys and Siriannis are two very unique resturants with food that is second to none.

  • Mtneer001

    The state definitely needs to finish Corridor H. That would be a big boost for tourism in the state.

  • thornton

    Sad to hear of more development.

  • Ken

    When the Lottery was voted on in the State of West Virginia, some of the proceed's was suppose to go to the Senior Citizens in the state, and not to bail out and support business . How many seniors have received a check from the Lottery ? Just asking !!!

  • Glenn

    I make several overnight trips a year to Thomas, Davis, Canaan, Timberline or elsewhere around Tucker Co. Last time we were up there, we were told over and over and over by business and restaurant owners that they were having a hard time operating because there aren't enough folks willing to work. Of course I would guess that low wages could be a big part of that problem.

  • northforkfisher

    A little more places to eat would be nice, and would add jobs in an area that could really use them.
    Finishing corridor H will help. The direct route to DC area will be a real plus. Then it will only take 3 to 4 hrs instead of 4 to 5.

  • Mountain Man

    Until Tucker County joins the program, one visit is all it's worth. No restaurants (except lodge food and a pizza place) or grocery store unless you travel a distance down the road. Then it's very sparse.

    • bill

      No problem for in the eating business, I bring my own chef with me!!

    • WV Man

      The food at the lodge is first rate and you go to Tucker County to escape the bright lights and bistros and enjoy the wild side of life.

  • Dr G

    Now if they could just get some folks to open up a few decent places to eat in the area.

    • bill

      Bring your own chef, its great!!

    • Ski Dude

      There are several good restaurants in Davis and Thomas. You must not have dined at any. The Flying Pig, The Purple Fiddle, The Blackwater Brewing Company, and Hellbender's Burritos to name a few. McDonald's does not count amass fine dining or good food. When was the last time you were there?

  • WV Man

    Beautiful and all new, it's a real credit to the WV park system.