CHARLESTON, W.Va. — State Adjutant General Jim Hoyer said he anticipates water sampling in the West Virginia American Water system will last the rest of this week.

The Guard is part of an inter-agency technical team that’s been testing the water throughout the system impacted by the Jan. 9 chemical spill that resulted in a 9-county Do Not Use water order. The team has been testing for levels of Crude MCHM and more recently PPH.

Hoyer told state lawmakers back on Friday the water is being sampled at 10 parts per billion.

“It will probably take another week to ensure we’ve met that criteria throughout the entire system,” Hoyer said. “We’re running 24-hour 7-day a week shifts since we came onto this and we will continue to do that.”

Recent testing has shown only trace levels of MCHM in the outer areas of the 1,700 miles of WVAWC water pipes. The intake and outtake of the company’s water plant in Charleston hasn’t shown any sign of the chemical for several days. The state has also announced retesting of earlier results also have shown no detection levels for PPH.

Hoyer said 425 members of the Guard are supporting the inter-agency effort.

“I’m saying a lot of extra prayers because I’ve got young men and women out in the middle of the night in sub-zero temperatures with black ice who are working their damndest to make sure we get this done as quickly as possible for the benefit of the citizens of this state,” Hoyer said.


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  • Hillboy

    What is an outtake?

  • I say

    I live in Charleston and my water still smells like licorice. Out of habit, I accidentally filled up a glass yesterday instead of filling it with bottled water and immediately noticed it tasted and smelled funny. I looked at the bottled water to see what I drank, then realized it was tap water.

    I have a 3 household family. We have taken numerous showers and tons countless loads of laundry. So, yes, it should all be flushed out by now. It's not.

  • GW

    I'd like to thank myself for gathering water at all hours to keep my family safe and healthy. Kudos to me for driving out in snow and ice to procure drinking water. I have actually funded a well-drilling project using my own funds to provide safe drinking water for my family! Had they shut the intake off when an unknown chemical was in the water, all this would have been unnecessary.

  • SAresident

    This whole thing has been a mess but thank you Adjutant General Jim Hoyer and the men and women from the WV Army National Guard for all the hours, effort, and time away from your families to help with this entire process. It is greatly appreciated!