CHARLESTON, W.Va. – It’s been nearly a month and a half since a $1-million Mega Millions ticket was sold at the Belle 7-Eleven and still no one has come forward to collect their prize.

The Mega Millions drawing on December 17 was worth $636-million. The winning numbers were 8, 14, 17, 20, 39 and the mega ball 7. There were two winning ticket holders who shared that jackpot. There were also 20 winners of $1-million prizes.

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The jackpot hit mega millions status on December 17, 2013

Nikki Orcutt with the West Virginia Lottery said so far, they haven’t heard a peep from the owner of the $1-million ticket purchased in West Virginia.

“We don’t know if someone either has the ticket or has thrown it away on accident or is just simply waiting for the right day to claim the prize. It is still outstanding,” according to Orcutt.

Orcutt said they’ve heard rumors the owner of that $1-million is just biding his or her time to come forward.

“Sometimes you just have people who want to plan and prepare for receiving the amount of money they’ll get at one time. Maybe they’re just developing their plan of action,” explained Orcutt.

But then again, the ticket holder might not even know they have a $1-million prize. Orcutt said it’s impossible to know until the 180-day claiming period is over.

“Unless we receive a call from a player with the actual serial number on the bottom of the ticket to validate it over the phone, we would have no way of knowing who the ticket was sold to,” stressed Orcutt.

The lottery is hoping that person will come forward and collect their prize. If not, the money will go back into the unclaimed prize fund.

As for the store where the ticket was purchased, the 7-Eleven in Belle, the owner will receive the retailer bonus for selling the ticket. However, they won’t get that money until the ticket is claimed or the 180-days elapses.

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  • Paul

    Probably someone who rarely plays the lottery and only played due to the large amount. They noticed the powerball didn't hit and threw the ticket away.

    My guess anyway.