CHARLESTON, W.Va. – Next time you head to the post office, you’ll be paying more for that sheet of stamps. Starting Sunday, the price of a first class stamp went up three cents. They are now 49-cents each.

That’s a 10-cent increase in the past decade. The U.S. Postal Service said it’s necessary in order to keep up with its rising costs and dwindling business.

“We’re looking for these increases to probably generate about two billion dollars in annual revenue for the Postal Service. Something we that we really need, because our financial situation has been very challenging these last few years,” according to Sean Hargadon, a spokesperson for the U.S. Postal Service.

Some people were prepared for the price hike, but others like Ray Dodson of Charleston didn’t realize it was happening until Sunday when it was too late to purchase stamps at the old price, of 46-cents. He said that’s not going to deter him from posting his mail.

“The post office is a pretty good service. It doesn’t matter. I’m happy to make them more solvent,” said Dodson.

The Postal Service reported a net loss of $5 billion in 2013. In 2012, the agency reported nearly $16 billion in lost revenue.

A Charleston woman who was at the Charleston Post Office Monday told MetroNews  she understands why the postal service is upping their stamp prices but that doesn’t mean she has to like it.

“Three cents doesn’t seem like a lot but when you’re selling 100 of them, you get a little bit here, you get a little bit there.”

Another Charleston resident said the price increase wouldn’t be a big impact.

“Most people need stamps, although our need is going down cause we’re doing more [business] on the Internet,” she said.

It’s not just first class stamps that are going up. These are across the board hikes.

“Letters to all international destinations are going up to $1.15, that’s for one ounce,” explained Katina Fields with the Postal Service. “Postcards are going up one cent to 34-cents.”

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  • 1hillbilly

    Hey , you have got to pay up if you want the postal workers to maintain their six figure salary's , my mail man say's he makes in excess of $ 100,000 .

    • Jay

      Your mail man is lying.

    • GregG

      I bet he also has an ocean front home in Braxton County.

  • Joe

    You could just mark it refused return to sender, put it in a mail box and let them pay postage both ways.

  • john

    It seems to me that the price for mailing that third class advertising junk mail is what should be increased. My mailbox is full just about every day with junk that is nothing more than a waste of paper. It goes straight into my trash can where it belongs.

    • Jay

      Amen to that!

  • Common Sense

    Why not just raise it to .50 and get it over with? I wish we would just get rid of the penny's already.

  • Jake

    Ending Saturday delivery and closing some podunk post offices would be a good start, but the only solution is to subcontract out the entire postal service.