CHARLESTON, W.Va. — West Virginia School Building Authority Executive Director Mark Manchin told MetroNews Monday he expects to become the next school superintendent in Harrison County.

“I understand that Wednesday evening the offer will be made,” Manchin said. “And if the offer is made Wednesday evening I will accept.” 

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Manchin took offer at the state SBA in 2006.

The Harrison County Board of Education is scheduled to meet Wednesday evening.

Manchin has been leading the SBA since 2006 when he left the superintendent’s job in McDowell County at the urging of his cousin then-Gov. Joe Manchin. Before McDowell County, Mark Manchin was school superintendent in Webster County.

Manchin said he’s loved his job at the SBA.

“We made a difference. We built nearly a billion dollars worth of schools during these last seven years and we’ve made schools safer.”

Manchin added his work isn’t done. He plans on being around for the next round of SBA funding this spring. He said another $55 million will be allocated to county school projects.

Manchin could begin in Harrison County around June 1.

“I’m excited about the opportunity and my love has always been directly with the children, the students, teachers and working with the service personnel, the community. That’s something I’ve been trained in and enjoyed,” the Marion County native said.

Manchin’s father was former statewide officeholder the late A. James Manchin. His mother still lives in Marion County.

Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin would be charged with appointing a next executive director at the SBA.

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  • Jeff

    Make sure to vote OUT Sturm, Gorrell, and Hamrick. Harrison county does NOT need their cronyism, politics, and ego! Thankfully the ring leader of this circus (mike queen) is gone, and God willing, will never hold another position anywhere.

  • PMQ

    Is anyone else as sick of the Manchin family as me??? Unbelievable...........

    • Larry

      No, the more Manchins the better. They are the most honest, hardworking, and dedicated cradle-to-grave career politicians and Democrat party bureaucrats that ever lived.

  • Jesse's Boy

    Did John Raese try to run for this spot as well? Open office seat in WV politics, thought Raese would have been all over it.

    Good luck to Mark, last name aside, he has a solid record and hopefully will do well for the best of the children.

  • Fairport

    Read the local social sites and read how Mike Queen is bragging about getting rid of Collins and how the choosing of Manchin was not political. Makes a fair and decent man want to throw up his dinner!

    • Realist

      Have you met Colins!? I promise you that she needed to be gone. Was there some politics being played here? Sure, but she was the disgrace to Harrison County. And before you start the "She won superintendent of the year argument," it means absolutely nothing...She only won that award because of the people who work in the county her own record and merits had nothing to do with it.

      • I'm honest at least

        I would say most would prefer a monkey over a Manchin so the ousted super would have to be really bad. Also I wouldn't even stand in the same room with Mark Manchin... Only because when that swelled head explodes I want to be in the clear.

      • Jeff

        Really, a disgrace? Her experience and rapport with education, teachers, and the community will be unmatched by whoever these miscreants can conjur up. Queen making it to any position is a disgrace and a failure by the people who got him there. You must be brain dead.

    • Woodchuck

      This is a disgrace to Harrison County!u

  • Nana294

    I cannot believe how shameless these board of education members have behaved. The board said that harrison county would be proud of their choice. It's just not true, especially since it is obvious that appointing Manchineel was a "done deal" before Mrs. Collins' contract was even voted on. I would never vote for mike queen, the bully of bridgeport, nor would I vote for any of the board members. They behave like the worst politicians I have ever seen! Transparency? Yes, I see right through them.

    • leroy j gibbs

      Typical for clarksburg and Harrison county

  • liberty4all

    Can anyone tell me how he did while superintendent in McDowell and Webster Counties? That matters more to me than who he is related to. And who else was considered? If you are going to get rid of a superintendent that won awards for the job she did, you should have at least conducted a thorough search and vetted numerous candidates for the replacement.

    I am saddened for my relatives who attend school in Harrison County. It would appear that one man's ego (Queen) allowed him to end the tenure of a fine superintendent only to immediately resign and run for higher office.

    I disagree with Mr. Gibbs earlier post. With a resume short on accomplishment and high on ego/polarization, I do not think he stands a chance of winning the state senate seat. Switching to the Republican party so that he could survive a primary is not going to endear him to the voting public either.

    • leroy j gibbs

      I hope you're right about him not getting a Senate seat. Will have to wait and see

      • The bookman

        I couldn't agree more. Queen has had it in for Collins from the beginning and made life difficult for her throughout her tenure as the Super in Harrison. Queen is a divider, and as much as I would like to see Republican gains in the senate, and as I am a registered Republican, he would never get my vote. In listening to him pontificate on the radio participating in basic rumor and innuendo, I have always found him to be at the very least unprofessional. Harrison is a great school system with many dedicated professionals, and Manchin will do well in taking advantage of being in a district with resources. I wish him well.

        As for Queen, hopefully this is his exit back to private life. If Romano defeats Cann in the primary, and the race in the general is between Queen and Romano, that will be great entertainment. Either way, can't see Queen winning regardless of the opposition.

  • cutty77

    Mark has a Bigger Ego than Joe,and thats a Bunch. Just to say he is going to be offered the job this Wed evening is pretty strong.I feel sorry for Harrison Country.Mark would blow up a Chain Link fense under water.

  • mook

    How much of the 55 million is harrison county going to get? You pat my back I'll pat yours!

  • Sad-state

    Does this family have no shame?

    • wvu999


  • Woodchuck

    This is absolutely wrong and a terrible reflection on the Harrison County Board!

  • leroy jethro gibbs

    i bet queen will be elected to the senate too

  • Longbeards

    I will not ever vote for a Manchin again,,,,his stand on Gun Control convinced me. I belive there is more to this story then is being told as their is no comparision in jobs!!

    Sort of like the old saying,,,WHY leave a half time job with full time pay for a full time job with half time pay!!

  • leroy jethro gibbs

    now it makes sense that they fired a perfectly competent superintendant to make room for yet another manchin. business as usual in west by god virginia!

  • I'm honest at least

    Good riddance.....we need a few more of the family to hit the trail.

    • Mountain Man

      +1, wholeheartedly agree. Statewide cronyism and nepotism at its finest. Could be a textbook or dictionary definition with illustrations.

  • Scott

    Between Joe,Gail,and Mark we watched communities tore apart as they forced consolidation on many schools.If you bucked they took over local boards with the state.Fence straddling Joe hurt our state in so many ways during his governorship.I don't know that we will recover.But on the bright side his daughter got given a free education and a very nice job.

    • mikeyd

      How true , manchin destroyed the workers of wv when he gave his buddy greg burton millions of dollars to start brickstreet , the Free master degree was just a bonus for the family