CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Forecasters said the change in temperature would be drastic, but few could have predicted the speed of the change Monday morning.

“Charleston officially went from 48 degrees a six o’clock to 28 degrees at seven o’clock ” said meteorologist Tom Mazza of the National Weather Service in Charleston. “Most fronts are not quite this sharp. This is an event when you get this quick of a temperature drop.”

The plummeting temperatures quickly changed light rain into snow that intensified and began to coat roads. Kanawha County deputies shut down parts of I-77 because of slick conditions until the DOH could get on the scene to put down materials.

Dozens of West Virginia counties had already closed school for the day because of the weekend snow. Kanawha County sent kids Monday but later announced they would dismiss schools an hour early.

The temperatures weren’t expected to rise until midweek. Forecasters said temperatures Monday night and Tuesday night would hit the zero mark again and in many places go below zero.

“We’ll have a fourth below-zero night of the month tonight,” said Mazza. “We have temperatures across the state 0 to five-below in the lowlands, 0 to 10-below in the northern lowlands and around 10- to 12-below in the higher elevations.”

Temperatures could moderate by late Wednesday.

The winter weather seems to have thrown just about every punch. On Saturday night the thunder snow phenomena took place when lightening and thunder accompanied up to three inches of snow in some central and southern counties.

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  • knows

    I got an Alaskan news website on my favorites list and it says they have cancelled a couple sled dog races and temporarily closed akin slopes at 1 resort due to unusually warm weather and not enough snow

    • Hop'sHip

      Alaska is not part of the globe. I'm pretty sure Al Gore told us that with global warming, I would never be cold again. I'm cold. Thus global warming is a hoax.

  • Paul

    Everyone be verwy verwy quiet this morning. The teachers are sleeping.

    Shhhh, they've worked so hard the past 6 weeks. Those 4 days they put in has to have worn them out.

  • 1hillbilly

    People , people , please stop driving your cars and send all of your money to other countries to help them fight global Warming . Thank you Al Gore .

  • Medman

    Those global warming nuts are shivering and still blaming it on the rest of us for heating up the Earth.

  • Chumley

    Metro News, thank you for a headline story that is NOT about the water crisis. Believe it or not, (a) some people weren't affected by it and (b) Kanawha County isn't the center of the universe.

    • cutty77

      You me you don't know it all Danny Jones?

    • Uncle Unctuous

      The residents of the eight other affected counties probably beg to differ with your Kanawha-centric overreaction to the phenomenon of local news media reporting local news.