RICHWOOD, W.Va. — A Nicholas County man was arrested Tuesday for allegedly stealing drugs from the Richwood Police Department’s evidence room while he was a police officer.

State Police charged Gerald Tinney, Jr., 42, of Craigsville, with breaking and entering, entering without breaking and delivery of a controlled substance. It’s alleged Tinney and another suspect went into the evidence room on the day after Christmas and stole 30 hydrocodone pills. Troopers said Tinney was a Richwood police officer at the time.

Tinney is being held in the Central Regional Jail. The arrest of a second suspect is pending.

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  • mango county boy

    they were probably going to distribute them to people that couldn't afford them for Christmas.

  • Larry

    This is probably the reason Richwood disbanded its police dept.

  • Dale

    You're so right Jeff. What would we do without them? Folks that constantly criticize are the first to cry for help!

  • Mountain Man

    Another crooked cop......there is at least one in every department......more in others.......


      One in every department? In this case it was probably 50% of the force...

    • Jeff

      There are crooked people in every profession. Why is it no one praises the overwhelming majority of good cops?

      • Mountain Man

        Because crooked people in other professions don't give people tickets or put then in jail.